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79 Ideas

79 Ideas
I love Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays because unlike Christmas the spring is already here and the weather is warmer, or at least it should be. In my country Bulgaria where the people are mostly Orthodox Christians we don’t hide and seek eggs but instead we fight with them. Opponents smash their eggs into each other with the egg left unbroken proclaimed the winner. The winning egg is kept until next Easter and is a sign of good luck and health. So today I’m planning to paint my eggs and make them beautiful.

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Posie Gets Cozy Stitching is just plain good medicine. Put on your coziest clothes, turn on the twinkly lights, make some tea, find a good movie or your favorite music, get a full-spectrum spotlight (that's the one I have) for those dark nights, call your puppers or your kitters or your friend to your side, thread your needles, and stitch your heart back together. If yours feels good but you know someone who could use some love, stitch one for them. Even if cross stitching is not for you, I sincerely encourage you to find one of the needle-arts that appeals to you and make something sweet and simple by hand this season. This one, of every cross stitch kit I've ever designed, is probably the easiest. It's fairly small (the design area is about 9" wide by 6" high), fairly simple, doesn't have too many colors, and has elements that connect just enough to make counting fairly easy.

my ideal home HomeExploreRandomAskmy blogcontactspinterestbloglovinTwitter My ideal home is your daily source of interior design, architecture, home ideas and interior inspirations facebook instagram google plus soft bedding & vintage desk (via Alvhem) The Makings of a Closet Inch by inch, I’m making progress in my office. Since I’m painting all of the walls, I had to do some rearranging of furniture. As I mentioned in another post, this little nook in my entryway is going to become a prop closet of sorts. Instead of installing wall mounted shelves, I’m using two metal shelves that I previously used in the gift shoppe for holding merchandise. They fit perfectly! I’m actually a huge fan of these shelves.

Atelier Decor Si tienes poco espacio pero tienes altura… pues, hacia lo alto! ~ Tá sem espaço mas tem altura? Pois vai pra cima! ~ If you have a small space but a great height… then upwards! by Michelle Vasconcelos greige Isn't this fun??? What a great kitchen. Can you tell when I have a certain thing on my mind. I am working on a kitchen project of course! image from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles elephantine Enjoy any good books lately? Here's four I've recently read and would recommend: a dystopian novel, a strange and luminous collection of short stories, and two books for writers: the first because it contains a superb collection of excerpts, and the second for all of its advice from great writers. Snippets from the four books: De la couleur et du vintage dans un ancien atelier La designer Caroline Gomez a utilisé les couleurs pour créer des zones différentes dans son appartement d’une centaine de m², situé dans ce qui était autrefois un atelier de juke-box et flippers construit dans les années 30. Photos : Julien Fernandez Color and vintage in a former workshopThe designer Caroline Gomez used colors to create different areas in her apartment of a hundred square meters, located in what was once a workshop of jukeboxes and pinball machines built in the 30s. Photos: Julian Fernandez source : Klikk

Spanish shoes for men and women made in Spain Welcome to Labella, we are a Spanish shoe company based in California, USA. Our shoes are handmade in Spain and they are the results of a centuries-old tradition. They're quite fashionable as they have designed them to meet the demands of today’s fashion world. belle maison Hello and Happy Friday! Today I'm excited to introduce our newest Premiere Sponsor on Belle Maison: Mattie Luxe, "Where Style Meet the Dinner Table." Andrea Hrcnir is the founder and creative genius behind Mattie Luxe.

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