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The Towering Genius of Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen’s extraordinary talent was not just limited to creating clothes: the man also knew how to put on a spectacular show, quite unlike any other. In this post I am going to look back on McQueen’s fashion career. Of course I will by no means be able to cover everything, and when I say ‘look back’ I don’t really mean it literally: I sadly never attended a single McQueen show, and I am ashamed to say it is only now that I have properly discovered some of his most amazing shows and collections, many of which took place long before I was really aware of fashion. Still, this will hopefully imbue the post with something of an optimism: not so much looking back, but rather looking into, and looking forwards at, the incredible legacy which Alexander McQueen leaves. Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow in the early days (image from The Telegraph). McQueen and Isabella Blow pose for Vanity Fair (image from Vanity Fair).

World Cup Philosophy: Germany vs France This comic is an homage (or perhaps ripoff, if you are feeling less generous) of Monty Python's classic skit, "The Philosophers' Football Match". Sartre's "radical freedom" is explained in the notes on comic 17. Similarly, Derrida's joke is explained in the notes of comic 23. Hey, I have a limited subject matter, I'm going to reuse jokes, get used to it. Foucault was best known for his critiques of power structures, and for hyphenating words. Camus thought the world was "absurd".

Men’s Hair Style: The Quiff & How To Style It The Quiff…The Daddy Of All Male Hairstyles With the popularity of the QUIFF and many new men’s hair styles that look like they may need a little more than a quick towel dry, the time has come to hone your hair styling skills. After getting the cut, keeping the style looking right at home is crucial for this particular attention seeking hair style – and don’t worry because with practice it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes from start to finish.

María Félix "Maria de los Angeles Felix" redirects here. For a telenovela, please see Maria de los Angeles. For the actress’ filmography, see María Félix filmography. María Félix (April 8, 1914 in Álamos, Sonora, Mexico – April 8, 2002 in Mexico City) was a Mexican film actress. She is considered one of the most important female figures of the so-called Golden Age of Mexican cinema. On Terminal Goals and Virtue Ethics Introduction That was an impossible-to-resist pitch, and I saw the movie. The thing that resonated most with me–also the thing that my friend thought I had in common with the main character–was the idea that you could make a particular decision, and set yourself down a particular course of action, in order to make yourself become a particular kind of person. Tris didn’t join the Dauntless cast because she thought they were doing the most good in society, or because she thought her comparative advantage to do good lay there–she chose it because they were brave, and she wasn’t, yet, and she wanted to be. Bravery was a virtue that she thought she ought to have. If the graph of her motivations even went any deeper, the only node beyond ‘become brave’ was ‘become good.’

Grace Coddington Early life and modeling career[edit] At the age of 26, she was in car accident that left her disfigured (she lost her eyelid). She later had plastic surgery to have it reconstructed. Beards Are Over By Peter Lawrence Kane It’s suddenly possible to see past the beard, because the beard is everywhere. It’s found its way onto the chin of just about every cultural context out there: Hollywood A-listers, Orthodox rabbis, organic farmers, Goldman Sachs CEOs, faux-lumberjacks, actual lumberjacks, television duck hunters, daddy bears, al-Qaeda jihadis, baseball players, and Matt Lauer. Once a rare, religious adornment that also had an extreme anti-establishment vibe, a beard can now be anything you want it to be. But the beard’s days are numbered, at least in terms of any badass quotient.

Fall Fashion Grace Coddington Perhaps that old adage about never working with animals and children didn'tmake it to the fashion world. Or perhaps the fashion world, typically willful, just chose to ignore it. Whatever the case, the creative director of Vogue, Grace Coddington, and photographer Arthur Elgort seem blissfully unworried as they corral four children under the age of 12 and one palomino into their remake of Annie Get Your Gun. Re-creating theWild West at an East Hampton horse farm, Vogue's version of the musical stars models Carmen Kass (as Annie Oakley) and Patrick Sullivan (as Frank Butler), a Buffalo Bill look-alike (whose method acting extends toturning up in an Annie Get Your Gun T-shirt, circa the Bernadette Peters years), and racks and racks of Ralph Lauren clothes.

Giveaway: Win tickets to the inaugural Not Dead Yet Fest Giveaway: Win tickets to the inaugural Not Dead Yet Fest In just over a week, ten killer bands are taking over Thee Parkside for the inaugural Not Dead Yet Fest. Marking the first event in a series of mini festivals dedicated to uniting and championing the Bay Area’s intricately woven music community, NDYF will feature 10 bands–including Strange Vine, Cellar Doors, and some very special guests we’ll call Theee Rock Wolfz–for only $10! As if paying a dollar a band wasn’t a sweet enough deal, we are giving away four pairs of tickets to the party.

trickle Originally posted by store favourite Ghostpoet on his tumblr, A Yellow Man: 3000 miles of youth deserves to be listened to. If you come down to Highbridge today you’re in for a big surprise…Our shop window is looking a bit different for tonights launch, thanks to Courtney Mc by Sam Mc for doing this. Oh and we have a sale on in store and online, check it out here. The 10-Minute Exercise That Will Help You Decide What To Do With Your Life I hated Manhattan when I came home. It seemed a desk job purgatory. I had just spent two years riding a bicycle around Eurasia and working as a journalist, and even the most glamorous jobs the town had to offer seemed boring. The thought of working in a midtown tower made me depressed. The insane focus and ambition with which my friends hurled themselves into those office buildings made me even more depressed.

Discount Mens Shoes 1-36 of 1555 results Sort by Display (Men's) The Best Brunches in San Francisco - Where to Boozy Brunch in The Mission, Marina, Castro and Other Neighborhoods - Thrillist SF If there's one thing that unites all San Franciscans -- whether they're engineers or baristas, hipsters or Marina bros, gays, straights, and everything in-between (except that one lady who married a bridge, that's weird) -- it's bottomless brunch. To make sure you never miss out on one ever again (even if you're in... Sea Cliff?!?), we've kindly assembled all 58 bottomless boozy brunches available in our fair 7x7.

International Shoe Size Conversion Charts/Converter Tables for Shoes Sizes Adult, Girl's and Boy's Shoe Sizes Conversion tables for American, Australian, British, Canadian, European, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Russian, Ukrainian, New Zealand, Inches, Centimeters, Mondopoint shoe sizes If your little piggies are going to market, these shoe size conversion tables can help. You can use them to convert from the shoe size used in one country or region to the shoesize used in another country or region. However, store and manufacturer practice varies widely. Having studied many published shoe size tables on the net, I would not trust any of them.

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