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Zendaya schools the world on cultural appropriation

Zendaya schools the world on cultural appropriation
In a new interview Zendaya has weighed in on the heated subject of cultural appropriation. It’s a topic that keeps rearing its head, both in the media and on Twitter – whether it’s a conversation about M.I.A.’s new video or Kylie Jenner’s cornrows. Speaking with Nylon, the 18-year-old singer and actress stressed that there’s a difference between appreciating and appropriating other cultures. “You can go about it as cultural appreciation or cultural appropriation,” she said. “You have to be very careful. Some things are really sacred and important to other cultures, so you have to be aware, politically, about those things before you just adopt them. “I urge people to take the extra step of knowledge and learn about things,” she continued. It’s not the first time Zendaya – who is of mixed heritage – has entered into the race debate. See Zendaya’s full response to Giuliana Rancic below:

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A Quick Word From Lucifer On Cultural Appropriation  Greetings and salutations my sweet minions of darkness, my spicy little cornichons of cruelty and malevolence. As much as I'd like to lash your bodies with spiked leather and pierce your flesh with scalding pokers warmed by the the immortal fires of hell because you've done such a lovely job of degregating one another in sadistic ways even I, the Sweet Prince of Darkness, could never have dreamed up, you've really gone off the rails this Halloween. You don't deserve my sadistic love and so you shall not have it. You have gone too far. Did you truly think I would never find out? That my winged servants of the night wouldn't catch wind of your transgressions?

25 Women Designers Who Changed Fashion Forever The upcoming Costume Institute exhibit and Monday's Met Ball honors two of fashion's most beloved women designers: Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. But what about the other female names that have helped to change fashion forever? Recently,'s Nicole Phelps noted that in New York fashion today there is a surprising lack of big-name female designers, which begged the question: "Is it easier to succeed in New York fashion as a man?" Phelps certainly has a point: After all, in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund's eight year history, the prize has only been awarded to women designers twice. The dearth of female designers in New York is particularly disheartening, when you consider the important role women have played in shaping fashion's past and present.

Emily Weiss: Blogger to Social Brand Builder NEW YORK, United States — When Into The Gloss blogger Emily Weiss launched Glossier, her digital-first beauty brand, last October, she knew she wanted to ground the business in feedback from consumers. Over the past year, Weiss has gleaned plenty of insights — from Instagram comments, emails and online surveys — that she has been able to leverage as she develops her brand, product offering and customer experience. Take, for instance, consumers living outside of the US, who were unable to order products. “The number one question we get is about international shipping,” Weiss says. “It pained me.” So much so that Into The Gloss published a post explaining why international shipping was so difficult to operationalise.

Japan zoo makes wild fashion statement A Japanese zoo has taken the catwalk to a wild new level, using some of its fiercest inhabitants to rip and claw jeans to a fashionably distressed look. The facility northeast of Tokyo has unveiled 'Zoo Jeans', styled by the fangs and claws of lions, tigers and bears. Zoo officials said the material held up well, all things considered. 'We wrapped several pieces of denim around tyres and other toys. Once they were thrown into the enclosures, the animals jumped on them,' said zoo director Nobutaka Namae, adding that the pieces were later patched together to create the finished product. 'The denim was actually much tougher than we had thought, and it turned out nicely destroyed.'

How to Dress as a Trans Person for Halloween  It's my favorite time of year again. Halloween. I love everything about it. 10 Influential Fashion Designers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It’s curious to wonder why some designer’s legacies are preserved and others fall to the wayside. Is it the lack of PR, no heir to the design house or were they just bad designers? While certain designers of the past are remembered today for their ingenuity or are attributed with the "invention" of a particular garment, such as Mary Quant and the miniskirt, scores of designers--like Redfern, Lucile or Mainbocher--who were widely influential in their time have seemingly been forgotten.

Asos Chief to Step Down 15 Years After Founding Fashion Retailer LONDON, United Kingdom — Asos Plc, the U.K.’s largest online-only fashion retailer, said Chief Executive Officer Nick Robertson will step down, 15 years after he co-founded the business. Robertson will remain with the company as a non-executive director, London-based Asos said in a statement Wednesday. His replacement as CEO will be Chief Operating Officer Nick Beighton. ‘Bionic model’ will strut down New York Fashion Week runway with prosthetic arm During fashion house FTL Moda’s New York Fashion Week show at Grand Central Station’s Vanderbilt Hall on Sunday, model Rebekah Marine will strut down the runway with one of the most unique accessories — a bionic arm. Philadelphia-based Marine, who was born without a right forearm, was fitted with an i-limb quantum earlier this year. The i-limb is one of the most advanced prostheses available, and with it, Marine has quickly become one of the most visible faces in a fashion world becoming increasingly more inclusive to models with disabilities.