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Valentino Resort 2016 Fashion Show: Runway Review

Valentino Resort 2016 Fashion Show: Runway Review
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Christian Louboutin: The World’s Most Fabulous Shoes, Channel 4 - TV review - Reviews - TV & Radio - The Independent These objects of desire are not designed with commerce or comfort in mind, but they are supposed to make the wearer happy. Louboutin revealed that a picture of Princess Diana looking sadly at her feet was the inspiration for the very first pair of shoes he designed under his own name. “It would be nice to have something to make her smile, when she looked at her feet.” Luckily, you didn’t have to be overawed by Louboutin’s creative process to find this year-in-the-life snapshot amusing. Toast of London’s Tracy-Ann Oberman delivered the need-to-know info in a voiceover as arch as the angle of those famous red soles: he goes everywhere on a Vespa accompanied by Safquat, his Bangladeshi butler. Not that Louboutin’s customers are complaining.

Luxury Brands, Social Networks and Building Communities «FMM Luxury Brands and their adoption of social media is the topic du jour. The conversations are noisy, speculative and highly theoretical. Every self-proclaimed social media expert seems to have the answer, but their strategies have massive disconnects. Why? Because they’re not working in luxury. Thankfully, as the fashion industry adopts new methods of marketing online, seasoned luxury marketers are speaking out and becoming voices of reason. At the heart of luxury branding conversations are questions related to community. No, not if implemented correctly. The words Exclusivity and Luxury have always been synonymous. A great example of a luxury brand building and developing its own community is Burberry. Burberry, in launching ArtOfTheTrench, wants to create an experience outside the environment of mass market social communities. “If Art of the Trench focuses on pictures of customers in Burberry coats, one might then ask, “What’s the sustaining attraction?” Articles Referenced:

Why Fashion Week Is Important, And How It Could Be Better - NYFW Spring 2014 This New York Fashion Week went off with the usual highs, lows and PR drama, but it started on an unhappy tone. Fern Mallis, the former doyenne of Fashion Week at Bryant Park, along with other fashion world insiders, took to the New York Times the day before shows to rain on the NYFW parade before it had even begun. Over grumbles about the media circus, packed schedule and commercialization of the event, people are asking: What is the true value of New York Fashion Week? Photo by Driely S. "[NYFW] is a nice celebration of the industry and all of the art that goes into it, the creative minds and the talented craftsmen," Whitney Pozgay, the designer behind contemporary line WHIT, told Racked. "Fashion week really brings that to light, whereas when you take [collections] to market, it really is so commerce driven that I think that gets a little forgotten. [...] Pozgay sought to differentiate herself this season by putting on a breakfast instead of a show. The Whit presentation.

Chanel vs. Chanel: Coco's Brand Steps Off the Runway and Into the Courtroom Chanel is ubiquitous—on the runway each fashion week, in its boutiques lining Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive, and now in the courtroom as it seeks to uphold its trademark rights against a little-known salon and spa in Indiana. Merrillville, Indiana, to be precise. According to papers filed in the US District Court in Hammond, Indiana, Chanel Inc. has filed a trademark infringement action against Chanel’s Salon, arguing that the salon is benefiting from an association with the chi-chi brand’s reputation. The LVMH-owned brand also claims it has sent cease and desist letters that have been ignored. The fame of the Chanel trademark is hardly disputable, a factor weighing in the luxury brand’s favor. When the average consumer thinks of Chanel, images of that expensive interlocking C logo are likely to come to mind. Unfortunately for Ms. It might be hard for a Mrs. It is in Chanel Inc.’s best interest to take on a case against Jones.

Givenchy to Show Couture Again … Starting Today! — The Fashion Law THE FASHION LAW EXCLUSIVE - On the heels of the Versace couture show in January, Riccrado Tisci, the creative director of Givenchy revealed that he would be designing couture for the Paris-based design house again after a several-year hiatus. Well, according to Givenchy, that reintroduction to couture took place today, during its S/S 2016 menswear show (see all of the womenswear looks below). A lot has changed at Givenchy over the past several years. Moreover, the house welcomed Sebastian Suhl, who joined Givenchy in 2012 from Prada (and has subsequently left for fellow LVMH-owned brand, Marc Jacobs), as CEO. As you may know, Givenchy was founded in 1952 as a couture house. A second announcement from the house came in June 2013, when, for the second season in a row, Givenchy stated that it would not hold its couture presentation. In light of a lack of Givenchy haute couture collections, I wondered not too long ago about the house's status as a couture house.

Luxury Brands Using Social Media Marketing Online «FMM Louis Vuitton - Ad Campaign How Should Luxury Brands Engage in Social Media? This past week, Women’s Wear Daily released an extensive recap of the WWD Luxury Forum. The consensus among luxury professionals is that luxury brands and retailers need to build solid marketing foundations online and those foundations (based off of social media) should focus on building communities and keeping audiences engaged. Ogilvy Digital 360′s Rohit Bhargava and Forrester Research Analyst Jeremiah Owyang recently compiled better practice recommendations for luxury brands venturing into the social media arena. Bhargava’s and Owyang’s practices are starting points for luxury retailers who are contemplating a venture into social marketing. Can luxury retailers venture into social marketing without losing their prestige, aspirational values and sophistication? In order for luxury brands to distinguish themselves diluting their brand, Owyang suggests that luxury brands: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Christian Louboutin Lipstick Launch - Fall Beauty Trends When Christian Louboutin ventured into beauty, we weren’t shocked to see stiletto-like spikes atop bottles of shiny lacquer—the pièce de résistance being a blood-red polish the color of his legendary soles. Adding to the famed designer’s lineup of polishes—his Scarabée collection was one of our must-buy beauty picks for fall—are lipsticks intended to make a statement. “When a woman carries a handbag, we look at her shoulders. When she slips on a pair of heels, we observe her walk. If she applies lacquer to her nails, we admire her hands,” said Louboutin, in a release from the company. “An object that embellishes the lips—the beacon of sensuality and organ of communication—has to be fairly amazing. Amazing is an understatement: Resembling a delicate vial Queen Nefertiti might have treasured, this tube-meets-objet d’art takes inspiration from Babylonian antiquities with a turret-like crown cap and pointed gold base. Psst…did you hear?

Luxury Fashion - over 170 Top Designers Discover, the epicentre of runway highlights and exclusive seasonal offerings from New York, London, Paris and Milan’s luxury fashion designers. The mytheresa edit features clothing, bags, shoes and accessories from more than 170 international luxury designer brands such as Balenciaga, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Diane von Furstenberg, Saint Laurent, and Christian Louboutin, as well as key pieces from on-trend labels like Acne Studios, Isabel Marant, Mulberry, Roger Vivier, Proenza Schouler, By Malene Birger, plus many more. The fashion and designer clothing website is updated with a total of over 500 new arrivals a week from the latest collections, cementing it as the heartbeat of today’s fashion trends. A Unique Shopping Experience More than 170 of the world’s hottest designers 500 New Arrivals a week from the latest runway collections Exclusive womenswear fashion Weekly editorials, presenting the newest trends and style inspiration Service and Quality

Luxury Travel Magazine Recommends World's Best Hotels Resorts Spas Villas How Premium Fashion Brands Are Maximizing Their Social Media ROI Social media and digital technology have forever changed the retail industry. In 2011, brands and retailers have reached a tipping point, digital innovations have decentralized commerce, and real-time consumer demand for designer merchandise has forever changed retail production cycles. Many fashion brands, mocked for their inability to move with the web because of a fear of accessibility, are no longer fighting the flow. Fashion Brands and Social Commerce In order to understand just how far fashion has come in the past few years, I spoke with James Gardner , CEO of CreateTheGroup , a New York-based digital firm that has established itself as a leader and pioneer in the fashion and luxury retail segments. Online shopping is becoming a socially connected event. During the past year, the luxury market experienced a digital tipping point, with many brands rolling out new e-commerce sites, social media campaigns and mobile applications. Fashion Brands Seek New Technologies

Fashion Brands, Social Media and Real Time Live Streaming «FMM Alexander McQueen A few announcements in the past couple of weeks have made me ponder the place that real-time social media plays in fashion events. During Toronto Fashion Week, all social media was forbidden during events and shows; organizers blamed weak ticket sales for this shortsighted decision. As we discussed in “Fashionably Late to the Party“, it’s only to a brand’s, retailer’s or event’s advantage to leverage the power and the speed with which information is spread across social networks. Alexander McQueen made a bold decision during NYFW S/S 2010 to live stream his show straight from the runways. 1. 2. 3. 4. Twitter: Alexander McQueen Consumer Trends So what actually happened when McQueen streamed his show on Tuesday? How McQueen could have made the experience even better: The streaming interface was sorely missing community and sharing options.