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Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud Security Alliance

Jericho Forum Current Activities When the Jericho Forum sunset on 21 Oct 2013, it had five documents developed as part of its 2013 work program that were nearing final draft status and ready for formal Open Group review leading to publication. These five documents were transitioned into the Security Forum as work-in-progress, so from Nov2013 through Jan21014 the Jericho Forum WG was fully engaged in finalizing them and supporting their progress through formal review to publication: On completion of this activity, no further specific Jericho WG development work is currently planned. What was the Jericho Forum? In October 2013, after a decade of achievements targetting this mission, the Jericho Forum leaders considered that day had now arrived, because de-perimeterisation an established "fact" touching all areas of modern business - it is widely understood and quoted by the entire computing industry. Jericho Forum Primary Objectives Jericho Forum Landmark Publications Jericho Forum Archive

Reflex Systems : Virtualization Management, Security and Compliance Cloud Computing Security ZAG Communications - Integrated PR and IR Services That Make A Difference Openstack Big Data Analytics, MapReduce for High Performance In-Database Analytics, Deep Data Mining – Aster Data DoubleCloud: Public Cloud + Private Cloud with Virtualization Home bigdata: All content tagged as bigdata in NoSQL databases and polyglot persistence :: myNoSQL Building on the same data coming from Gartner and a talk from Hadoop Summit (exactly the same), Matt Asay and Timo Elliott place Hadoop on the data warehouse map. Matt Asay writes in the ReadWrite article that Hadoop is not replacing existing data warehouses, but it’s taking all new projects: Hadoop (and its kissing cousin, the NoSQL database) isn’t replacing legacy technology so much as it’s usurping its place in modern workloads. This means enterprises will end up supporting both legacy technology and Hadoop/NoSQL to manage both existing and new workloads […]Of course, given “the effective price of core Hadoop distribution software and support services is nearly zero” at this point, as Jeff Kelly highlights, more and more workloads will gravitate to Hadoop. So while data warehouse vendors aren’t dead—they’re not even gasping for breath—they risk being left behind for modern data workloads if they don’t quickly embrace Hadoop and other 21st Century data infrastructure. No.

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