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10 great ways of using OneNote in Education I've been using OneNote for a few years in my classroom and dedicated one chapter in my latest book on how OneNote can make a difference in your classroom. 1: OneNote replaces the traditional chalkboard Once a teacher wipes the chalkboard, all information get's lost. By using OneNote instead, you can save and share the data. Learning Software Hosted in Cloud The sky’s the limit for teaching and learning possibilities Create, customise and control your learning environment with the world’s number one learning platform, hosted in the cloud. Get your MoodleCloud site now.

OneDrive for Business VS SharePoint Team Site It's not unusual to question where your content should be stored in Office or SharePoint On-Premises. It seems these days that you can store your content almost anywhere, but rarely do we realize the impact of our decision. When you're working with SharePoint, you often have to decide between two places to store your files and that's either OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Team Sites. This infographic will try to help you decide between the two. Add this infographic to your site by copying this code:

11 New OneNote Features Teachers Will Love While you’ve been busy teaching and innovating, the OneNote engineering team has been hard at work bringing improvements that make teachers’ lives easier. Here are some of the many new features released in the past few months that we think you will love! You can download OneNote for free anytime. Math teachers rejoice! With the new Ink Shape Recognition tool announced last November for iPad, iPad Pro, and the Windows 10 app, OneNote will recognize hand-drawn shapes from squares and circles to quadrilaterals and pentagons, as well as flowcharts and Venn diagrams, and allow you to automatically convert them into better, sharper versions of themselves. To turn on the feature, simply tap the new Convert to Shapes button on the draw tab.

10 Resources and Add-Ins for OneNote 2013 OneNote wasn’t the most popular application until recently, having more of a cult following than being known as a go-to app. Resources for OneNote 2013 are not many at this point, and some of those that exist — even those from Microsoft — aren’t always updated as often as you would hope. Still, there are some good resources for OneNote out there. Microsoft’s OneNote blog Although Microsoft’s OneNote blog currently isn’t updated very often, the site does have a good repository of webinars, tips, videos, and how-to articles that give you information about OneNote from the horse’s mouth. Use Immersive Reader for OneNote - Office Support Immersive Reader, included in OneNote Learning Tools, is a full screen reading experience to increase readability of content in OneNote documents. Learning Tools is designed to support students with dyslexia and dysgraphia in the classroom, but can support anyone who wants to make reading on their device easier. For OneNote 2013 or 2016, open OneNote, then select Learning Tools > Immersive Reader.

Onetastic for OneNote Onetastic is a free multi-purpose addin for Microsoft OneNote 2010 and 2013 Documentation for Macro Language is now available. Click here to check it out. OneNote Clipper Installation Frequently Asked Questions Can I install on another device? Click here to email yourself instructions for installing the OneNote Clipper on another device. Where can I see my clips? Click the OneNote icon after your page has been clipped. Learn more about where your clips are stored in OneNote.