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Experience the Haiti earthquake as a survivor, aid worker, or journalist

Experience the Haiti earthquake as a survivor, aid worker, or journalist
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Rekordmånga illegala invandrare dör i Arizonas öken | SvD Den dödligaste månaden någonsin. Så farlig har hettan gjort Arizonaöknen den senaste tiden. Och de som drabbas är de centralamerikaner som försöker ta sig in i USA från Mexiko via just Arizonaöknen. Antalet invandrare som omkommit i hettan bara sedan den 1 juli till idag uppgår till 40 personer, skriver Los Angeles Times. Hettan tillsammans med det höga antalet omkomna gör att den myndighet som utför de medicinska utredningarna av dödsfallen, måste använda en frysbil för att lagra kropparna, säger myndighetens chef Bruce Parks till Los Angeles Times. Enda gången som fler omkommit i Arizonaöknen sedan mätningarna började göras år 2000, var i juli 2005 när 68 personer som försökte ta sig över gränsen och genom öknen, omkom av värmen. – Att det är så många halvvägs in i månaden, det är ett mycket dåligt tecken. Mellan den 1 januari och den 15 juli i år har kropparna från 134 illegala invandrare hittats i Arizonaöknen, jämfört med 93 stycken förra året.

What is an Earthquake Introduction to Earthquakes & Tsunamis Turn on the TV or read the newspapers and almost always there is something devastating happening somewhere as a result of sheer nature's power. Examples of such natural occurrences are hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, flooding, earthquakes and tsunamis. These are usually not caused directly by humans, but their effects live with us for a long time. In this lesson we shall look at one of such natural occurrences...earthquakes! What is an Earthquake? Simply, earthquakes are the rumblings, shaking or rolling of the earth's surface. Earthquakes come in many forms. Foreshocks, Mainshocks and Aftershocks: Sometimes, there are smaller shocks that occur before (foreshock) and after (aftershock) a main earthquake (mainshock). Earthquakes are also called temblors. It is important to understand the earth’s makeup to help understand earthquakes better. The Mantle is semi-molten rock, also called magma.

What is a volcano? Introduction to volcanoes The earth's mountains, plains, plateaus, soils, rocks, etc. as we see it today is believed to have gone through many phases, with about 80% of it being carved out by the action of volcanoes. A volcano is simply a rapture (opening or vent) on the earth's surface (crust) through which molten magma (extremely hot mixture of gases, lava, ash and other burning substances) escape on to the earth's surface. How do Volcanoes look like? In May 1980, the Mountain St. Volcanoes occur at weak zones or points in the earth’s crust (including constructive and destructive boundaries). For history lovers… In A.D. 79 (really long ago) two Roman cities, Pompeii and Herculaneum, were completely buried in ash and dust in a matter of hours after a volcanic eruption. The word, ‘volcano’ was made out of the name of a Roman god of a small island in the Mediterranean sea of Sicily called ‘Volcan’. Now we shall see in a bit more detail how volcanoes come about.

How to build earthquake-resistant houses on a tight budget PETER ARONSON: You’re listening to Housing Revolution — a series of interviews with innovators and revolutionaries from around the world who are working to make housing safer, more sustainable and better quality without significantly increasing costs. I’m Peter Aronson. KIM GREEN: And I’m Kim Green. The past few years have been a bad time for earthquakes. KIM: Turkey, Japan, Haiti, Sichuan — to name a few. More than 425 thousand people died in those temblors, and that’s just since 2008. PETER: Our next guest, Dr. DR. PETER: She should know. DR. PETER: How did you get started in all this? DR. PETER: Wow, we really tend to think of earthquake deaths as natural disasters, but you’re saying earthquake deaths, by and large, are a man-made problem. DR. KIM: That’s great. DR. PETER: Can you talk a little bit about what actually happens to a house or residential building in an earthquake? DR. DR. KIM: That’s, like, a really big rubber band. PETER: You’re so literal sometimes! KIM: Out of dice? DR.

Thailands klimat - Resmål Det är lika bra att säga det med en gång: Var beredd! Thailand är varmt, fuktigt och hett. Bangkok är exempelvis världens hetaste huvudstad. Du vet om det, men kommer säkert ändå att bli överraskad när du kliver av planet. I Thailand blir det hetare och fuktigare ju längre söder-ut du färdas. I Thailand finns grovt räknat tre säsonger: Hettan Den heta perioden sträcker sig från mars till maj. Regnperioden Regnperioden börjar i juni och fortsätter till oktober. Svalkan Från november till februari inträffar den svala perioden. Bäst och sämst väder? Lagom varmt och lite regn? Mest turister i Thailand Högsäsong sträcker sig från november till slutet av mars. Minst turister i Thailand När det är som varmast. Väderstatistik Detaljerat om Thailand,

Why Was the Destruction So Severe? | Inside Disaster: Haiti Six weeks after the Haiti shock, Chile was struck by an 8.8-magnitude earthquake. It was 500 times more powerful than the Haiti quake, yet killed less than 1% of the Haitian total. In this section, we explore answers to the question: why was the Haiti earthquake so destructive? This Flash piece is 525 x 372. To embed it in your site, copy and paste the following code. <script type="text/javascript"> var file="destruction_slideshow.swf"; var width = 525; var height = 372; </script><script type="text/javascript" src=" Too wide? Click on images below to launch related videos. Building Codes “The poverty in Haiti lends itself to people building where they want, how they can … not everybody’s going to be able to build to the exacting standards that a building code requires.” Unlike in other countries located on or near fault lines, very few of Haiti’s buildings were constructed for earthquake resistance. Construction Materials Learn More

Weather Wiz Thunderstorms What is a thunderstorm? A thunderstorm is a storm with lightning and thunder. Its produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, usually producing gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail. What causes a thunderstorm?The basic ingredients used to make a thunderstorm are moisture, unstable air and lift. When are thunderstorms most likely to occur? How many thunderstorms are there every day? What is lightning? What causes lightning? Have you ever rubbed your feet across carpet and then touched a metal door handle? Click Here to see where lightning is currently striking across the U.S.What causes thunder? How far away can you see lightning and hear thunder? What is hail? What causes the wind to blow? What is a gust front? Know the Lingo SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH - A severe thunderstorm (damaging winds of 58 miles per hour or more, or 1" hail in diameter or greater) is likely to develop in your area. Know the Facts The typical thunderstorm is 15 miles in diameter and lasts an average of 30 minutes.

Earthquake Prediction California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, recent, earthquake, San Diego, Eureka, San Bernardino. Sverigeguiden