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Teaching Kids Design Thinking, So They Can Solve The World's Biggest Problems

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. ? Albert Einstein Assessment The test scores are out again. You can choose any of the international standardized tests and on average, American children will always be stuck in the middle, compared with their peers in other countries. A Vision We all recognize a need for massive change in American education, but is our ultimate goal to outrank other countries in assessment tests and to beat the Chinese in math scores? We need new minds equipped with new ways of thinking. Our world desperately needs leadership in achieving sustainable social justice, not simply learning the answer to a test question. Future generations will be called to solve some of the most challenging problems ever created and faced by man. Design Camp To find a new set of solutions for our education system, let's begin by asking the generation that is most affected by the current state of education. The students? Entanglement [Photo courtesy of Christian Long]

CPU The real complexity of any computer system resides in the processor, but do you know how it works? It isn't difficult - just a matter of "fetch" and "execute". The All Important Processor What is the most important part of any computer? Memory and disk is usually dismissed with a simple – “how much?” The processor is quite another level of difficulty. All-in-all it is the processor that makes the computer what it is. The processor is the computer There really is no question of the validity of this assertion. If you don’t believe me try running a program written for a PC on a Mac. The point is that computers with different processors are different – computers with the same processor are just faster or slower. The details of memory management and caching my be impressive but the real complexity of any computer system resides in the processor and it is time to look more closely at how it does what it does. Even if you think you already know you still might find the explanation interesting.

Announcing our million-pound education charity fund It’s been a busy month for us here at Pi towers, and after the recent announcement of Picademy and the launch of the new website with an increased focus on educational resources, you may be wondering what’s next for our educational mission. Without disappearing too far down the rabbit-hole of superlatives, I can say we are all super-excited to announce the launch of the Raspberry Pi Foundation Education Fund. Thanks to the support of the community over the past two years through buying Raspberry Pis and building inspiring, innovative projects, we’ve been able to build up a bag of funds to spend on our education mission. Emma has been busy getting artistic with the folding stuff this morning. This fund is in support of our core charitable mission, so we are looking to fund innovative and exciting projects that enhance understanding of and education in computing for children aged between 5 and 18.