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Cornell University - World’s largest natural sound archive now fully...

Cornell University - World’s largest natural sound archive now fully...

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Climate change: Plant evolution spurs fast migration, UBC study finds Scientists may be underestimating how quickly the Earth’s plants can change location in response to climate change, according to a study from the University of B.C. As the global average temperature rises, the comfort zones of many plants and trees are easing north or into higher elevations, but the speed with which they move is being driven by evolutionary responses. Plants cultivated to evolve were able to move 200 per cent further across difficult landscapes over six generations than plants with no evolutionary ability. In favourable landscapes, the advantage was only 11 per cent. “Our results show that evolution is a driving mechanism behind how fast plants can move and that evolution is making the migration move faster,” said lead author Jennifer Williams, a professor of geography.

Dancer Bends Light in Stunning Projection-Mapped Performance Inside a cube fashioned from translucent veils, a dancer takes a visual journey into a 3D space between dreams and reality. Hakanaï is a digital solo performance from Adrien M / Claire B that made its debut at BAM’s Fishman Theatre on March 17, 2015. The choreographed performance installation combines video projection mapping, CGI, and sensors to dynamically respond to the movements and proximity of its performer. Its visuals and sounds are generated and animated live, offering a uniquely different performance for each and every iteration. Snowbird Currency Exchange - Canadian Snowbird Association Preferred exchange rates LOW or NO transfer fees Automatic transfers Join thousands of snowbirds who continue to save hundreds of dollars every year by transferring Canadian to U.S. funds automatically, with preferred exchange rates and LOW or NO transfer fees. Start saving and JOIN, today! Download the Snowbird Currency Exchange Program enrolment form, or Call 1-800-265-3200.

How to access a million stunning, copyright-free antique illustrations released by the British Library The odds are good that the US women’s gymnastics team will succeed today (Aug. 9) at defending their Olympic team title, starting at 3pm ET, with television viewing starting at 8pm in the US on NBC. The team finished qualifiers nearly 10 points ahead of second place China over the weekend. And while those scores will be scrapped during the finals, Team USA will certainly look to meet or top its performance. With a stacked team including Simone Biles, whose challenging routines are untouchable on the vault, floor, and beam, and four other talented gymnasts who are favored to win top scores in each event as well as a shaky start from rivals China and Russia, winning looks very plausible. Simone Biles floored audiences during the qualifiers over the weekend.

Ontario's Economy Is Kicking Canada's Ass Right Now TORONTO — First quarter results for 2016 show the Ontario economy growing at an annualized rate of three per cent, the highest in Canada and all G7 countries. Premier Kathleen Wynne said Ontario's real gross domestic product grew 0.8 per cent in January to March, following similar growth in the fourth quarter of 2015. "I'm very pleased that Ontario's economy posted strong growth in the first quarter, stronger growth than we had expected in our budget, and that's a very important signal that Ontario is on the right track," Wynne said Monday. Ontario's first-quarter gains were driven by higher exports and increased household spending, added Wynne. "I just think that we need to let that sink in, that Ontario is growing at a faster rate than Canada, the United States and all other G7 countries," she said.

32,000+ Bauhaus Art Objects Made Available Online by Harvard Museum Website You may have first encountered the word Bauhaus as the name of a campy, arty post-punk band that influenced goth music and fashion. But you’ll also know that the band took its name from an even more influential art movement begun in Germany in 1919 by Walter Gropius. The appropriation makes sense; like the band, Bauhaus artists often leaned toward camp—see, for example, their costume parties—and despite their serious commitment, had a sense of humor about their endeavor to radically alter European art and design. But the Bauhaus movement has been unfairly pegged at times as overly serious: cold technologists and proponents of faceless glass and steel buildings and austere modernist furniture. That impression only tells a part of the tale. When we speak of Bauhaus design, we often forget that the Bauhaus was also—and first principally—an art school.

What Everyone Does on a Film Set Taxi Driver (Illustration by Kent Osborne) For those new to physical production, here is a list of film set departments, with notes on their staff positions, responsibilities, benefits and attractions. (This is a companion piece to “The Seven Arts of Working in Film: A Necessary Guide to On-Set Protocol.) Production Personnel includes: Unit Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Production Secretary, Office PA’s, Assistants to Directors & Producers. Responsibilities: Organization, preparation, wrap, taking care of actors, producers, director, financiers.

Paddling After Tom: A Canoe Lake Adventure - Explorers' Edge: Algonquin Park As the anniversary of Tom Thomson’s passing approaches, writer Bill Farnsworth heads out to paddle in the legend’s wake. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the (mysterious) death of Canadian artist and icon Tom Thomson on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park, where he’d spent a great deal of time painting and sketching works that would inspire the members of the Group of Seven. To this day, Thomson’s death is shrouded in mystery, and Canoe Lake remains one of the most popular access points in the park. I had paddled it many times, but I had never stopped to investigate many of the sites that pertain to Thomson’s life. With this looming anniversary in mind, my girlfriend and I decided to discover more about this most Canadian of tales.

The History of Cartography, the "Most Ambitious Overview of Map Making Ever," Now Free Online Worth a quick mention: The University of Chicago Press has made available online — at no cost — the first three volumes of The History of Cartography. Or what Edward Rothstein, of The New York Times, called “the most ambitious overview of map making ever undertaken.” He continues: