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Art From Code : Generative Graphics

Art From Code : Generative Graphics
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Art by Computer holger lippmann Generative Design Variations Generative Design Variations 6, Waves The sixth chapter (of ten) that Jeanne de Bont and I have written and designed is about graphics generated by waves. There are two types of waves. (Source: 3D Multiprocessor Fractal Engine Experiments | Matt Kenefick Visit Always Beautiful. Microsoft challenged Big Spaceship to take on the beta release of IE9 – to explore the new features and functionality of the browser and push the limits of what’s possible. We responded with "Always Beautiful" – an interactive experience that uses the history of the web as a personal paintbrush. IE9’s new support for web standards and SVG are impressive, but hard to comprehend in the abstract – we wanted to show how these new capabilities translate into unparalleled opportunities for users and developers. Drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving trends of the Web and setting them against a soundtrack from recording artist Ming, users generate a completely unique piece of artwork from a library of Web-inspired graphic assets we created. IE9’s unique use of the user's graphics processor allowed for hundreds of assets on the screen at once with no drop in performance. There was a great learning about how to deploy to Windows Azure.

Freezing Time: Sculptures From Animations Andrew GlassnerThe Imaginary Institute Eric Version 1.1: 14 August 2015 Freezing Time is a project to help you create cool animation loops, and then turn them into cool 3D objects that you can print and hold in your hand. We create the 3D sculptures by imagining the frames of your animation in one big stack. When you're ready, you can open up the code and write your own animations. We call our process Freezing Time. What's This Doc? A bare-bones, get-started-quick overview. When you're ready to write your own animations, the comments in the code will be your guides. To get started, download and install these two free, open-source programs. Processing version 2.2.1: This is a graphics programming language based on Java. Running both Processing 2 and Processing 3 If you just want to run T2Z, then you're set: you have Processing 2.2.1, and you can skip this section and jump down to Installing Libraries. That's it. Installing T2Z

XenoDream Software 3D graphics - index Inconvergent - Home Moving, Work — Guy Moorhouse Moving is an art project featuring geometric animations I make. The animations are mainly hosted on a dedicated site on Tumblr, but I also share on other networks including Instagram, Twitter and Ello (yep, that's still going strong). Not that you really need to have a reason to make things like this, but I started out making these one-off animations to hone my sense of motion and timing. From an art direction point of view, my one rule is that the animations must start and end on a blank white frame. Process A lot of people have asked me how I go about making these animations, so I thought I'd go into the process a bit and describe the project in more detail, like I did with the Malika Favre site. Ideas There's no fixed process in terms of how I come up with the ideas for the final animations themselves. In others the end result comes about by changing or manipulating a previous animation. Creating a GIF Let's start with an animation as an example... Creating an image sequence Processing

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