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8 Creative Uses of Google Drawings You Shouldn't Ignore

8 Creative Uses of Google Drawings You Shouldn't Ignore
Advertisement Did you ever click the bright red “New” button inside your Google Drive? Google Drawings isn’t at the forefront of tools. Google Drawings is the freshest among all Google Drive tools. That’s just one. Now, that we have got the limitations of Google Drawings out of the way, let’s look at a few more creative uses. Use It for Collaborative Post-It Notes Think of Google Drawings as an universal whiteboard for sticking Post-It notes. When you can’t be at the same place, a quick Google Drawings share coupled with a Hangouts chat is an easy solution. Create Your Own Graphic Organizers Graphic organizers are diagrams that help organize information visually. Use the library of templates to take a shortcut (e.g. a flowchart template) or create your own from scratch. This webinar by Eric Curts shows you the options you can explore in Google Drawings for your custom needs. Design an Infographic You might not create the next viral infographic with Google Drawings. Annotating Screenshots

Control Alt Achieve: Resources Google Drawings Session Agenda - "Awesome Uses for Google Drawings in Schools" - Google Document link Help Guide - "Using Google Drawings" - Google Document link Slideshow - "Awesome Uses for Google Drawings in Schools" - Google Slides linkDrawings for Graphic Organizers Blog post - "30 Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers" - Website link Help Guide - "Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers" - Google Document link Slideshow - "Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers" - Google Slides link Graphic Organizers - My collection of 40+ templates - Google Drive link Training video - "Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers" - YouTube Video Blog post - "Language Arts Graphic Organizers with Google Drawings" - Website linkDrawings for Math Blog post - "11 Ways to Teach Math with Google Drawings" - Website link Help Guide - "Teaching Math with Google Drawings" - Google Document link Training video - "Teaching Math with Google Drawings" - YouTube Video Blog post - "Interactive Clock Face with Google Drawings" - Website link

Google Classroom on the App Store Unleash the Power of Google Drawings Templates & Graphic Organizers One powerful implementation of Google Drawings is creating templates and graphic organizers for students to manipulate. To create this Venn diagram, I used the shape, image, and textbox tools. The text I typed is all housed in textboxes, but some of the textboxes are invisible because they have a transparent border. Student Application For Teachers Using Google Classroom: To implement this graphic organizer with students, create an assignment and add the Venn diagram file from Google Drive as ‘make a copy’ for each student. For non-Google Classroom Users: To implement this graphic organizer with students, set the sharing permissions to view only. Inserting Drawings into Docs A Google Drawing can be inserted into a Google Doc. Other Uses In addition to inserting text boxes and designing graphic organizers and templates, Google Drawings are powerful in math for creating virtual manipulatives, diagrams, graphs, and symbols.

Use Google Forms to create a survey Google Forms provide a fast way to create an online survey, with responses collected in an online spreadsheet. Create your survey and invite respondents by email. People answer your questions from almost any web browser - including mobile smartphone and tablet browsers. You view each response in a single row of a spreadsheet, with each question shown in a column. And Google Forms is free. Forms A Google Form is a great way to gather information related to meetings or conferences, for example. However, Google Forms is not right for every situation. You can create a Google Form quickly: Google released a "one click" Chrome Web Store app to create a Google Form on October 23, 2013. Figure A Google Forms in the Chrome Web Store Create a simple survey form To get started, let's assume you have four things: a Google account with Google Drive enabled, the Chrome browser, and the Google "one click" Forms web app installed. 1. Figure B Google Forms web app icon 2. Figure C New Google Form page 3. 4. 5.

Paint and create charts and diagrams with Google Drawings - Docs editors Help You can easily create, share, and edit drawings online with Google Drawings. Whether you want to create a chart or diagram to add to another file, or paint an image, Google Drawings can help. Here are a few specific things you can do: Edit drawings online in real time with anyone you choose, and invite others to view your edits in real time. Chat with others who are editing your drawing, from within the drawings editor. Publish drawings online to the world as images, or download them in standard formats. Learn more about using Google drawings with your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Share this: Mary is a Docs & Drive expert and author of this help page. Was this article helpful?

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Create a drawing - Docs editors Help You can easily create, share, and edit drawings online by creating a drawing using Google Drawings. Whether you are trying to make a diagram or chart, or to paint an image, you can use the editing options in Google Drawings to create the drawing you want. Create a drawing Go to Google Drive at Then, use the menu options and the buttons in the toolbar to design diagrams, paint an image, and create flow charts and other types of drawings. Once you're done, you can add your drawing to your document, presentation, or spreadsheet. Different menu options for Google Drawings Edit Click this drop-down menu to cut, copy, paste, duplicate, and change a shape. Insert Use this menu to insert lines, arrows, scribbles, polylines, text boxes, and images. In line, arrow, and scribble modes, you'll keep adding lines until you go back to select mode by clicking the Select button from the toolbar (the small arrow to the left of the Shapes button), or pressing the Esc key. Format

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