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David Seifried Interface Between Two Files Using the LocalConnection Class In this tutorial we will use the AS3 LocalConnection class to send and receive data between two different SWF files. Today we will use this to detect mouse movement in one SWF and mirror it in another. Final Result Preview Let's take a look at the final result we will be working towards. This tutorial is split into two sections. Section 1: Sending Information Step 1: Sending New Flash Document Firstly, create a new ActionScript 3.0 file. Then, resize the file to 600px × 250px. Step 2: Sending Add a Background This step is not necessary for functionality, but more for aesthetics. Step 3: Sending Create Document Class Save your FLA as Sending.fla and then create a blank AS file. Then go back and link the document class to the FLA. Step 4: Sending Set Up Document Class Add a blank package, class and constructor function to your AS file. Step 5: Sending Import Classes The first thing we need to do in our document class is to import all the classes which we will need in the future. Conclusion

releases | Here is a collection of the work of Mathieu 'P01' Henri, creative coder, demoscener, JavaScript freak and size optimizer extraordinaire acting on the web platform and in Assembler on PC and Atari ST computers. 128bytes demoscene HTML5 JS1k dragon curve fractal space filling curve An itsy bitsy Dragon curve renderer in 121 bytes. 64bytes demoscene HTML5 Nick Montfort commodore 64 10 print Breaking the 64 bytes fronteer with the famous '10 print maze generator. 3D canvas raymarching demoscene 256b HTML5 minecraft raycasting notch Tribute to MINECRAFT, voxel flyby in 252 bytes of HTML5. 3D canvas raymarching demoscene 256b HTML5 wolfenstein 3d raycasting dungeon An homage to Wolfenstein 3D in 251 bytes of HTML5. 3D canvas raymarching demoscene 256b HTML5 distance function function storm in a teacup 256 bytes JavaScript signed distance field raymarcher using 2D Canvas. Javascript is jarig rob is jarig javascript demoscene 256b function hete dans actie Javascript is jarig 18 Hypersonic Mandelbulb

build flash online “wonderfl build flash online” is a online Flash IDE and community. The 3 major features are: “Build from scratch”, starting to write Action Script3. To create a new Flash using wonderfl, click the “build from scratch” button on top of the page. ActionScript posted to wonderfl is open source. If an ActionScript catches your eye on wonderfl, *Fork it first. On wonderfl, users can collaborate their individual works to make something that couldn’t have been made by one person. *Fork ・・・・Copy the original program and add features or fix bugs. Using minimum dot pattern... FORK-a Making "the space invaders". FORK-b Or creating a 3D city made of black and white dots. Flash creators from all over the world come together at wonderfl. How to ask a question. Write code in wonderfl, and add a “question” tag. Take the above procedures mark a code as a question. How to finish your question If you get a response you’re looking for, change the “question” tag to “question-closed” to close the question.

kepo-ing Zz85 | Dumping Ground for Diverse Dictus Thoughts of Me Here’s my latest three.js webgl experiment called “Boids and Buildings”. Its an experimental 3d procedural city generator that will run in a form of a short demo. Turn up your volume and be prepared to overclock your CPU (& GPUs) a little. Here’s the story – early last month I was in Japan for a little travelling. Perhaps one thing I found interesting was the architectural. The cities are large and are packed with buildings (Edo, now called Tokyo, was once the world’s largest city). (the huge billboards are at the famous dotonbori in osaka, the bottom 2 photos were houses shot in kyoto). Sometime ago, I saw mrdoob’s procedural city generator. Firstly, the city generator works by building a road which spins off more roads along the way. The original js implementation of road intersections was done looking up pixel data on the canvas. (here this version denotes where the starting and ending points of each road with red and green dots). With that a 2D version… … and a 3D version was done.

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