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David Seifried @font-face releases | Here is a collection of the work of Mathieu 'P01' Henri, creative coder, demoscener, JavaScript freak and size optimizer extraordinaire acting on the web platform and in Assembler on PC and Atari ST computers. 128bytes demoscene HTML5 JS1k dragon curve fractal space filling curve An itsy bitsy Dragon curve renderer in 121 bytes. 64bytes demoscene HTML5 Nick Montfort commodore 64 10 print Breaking the 64 bytes fronteer with the famous '10 print maze generator. 3D canvas raymarching demoscene 256b HTML5 minecraft raycasting notch Tribute to MINECRAFT, voxel flyby in 252 bytes of HTML5. 3D canvas raymarching demoscene 256b HTML5 wolfenstein 3d raycasting dungeon An homage to Wolfenstein 3D in 251 bytes of HTML5. 3D canvas raymarching demoscene 256b HTML5 distance function function storm in a teacup 256 bytes JavaScript signed distance field raymarcher using 2D Canvas. Javascript is jarig rob is jarig javascript demoscene 256b function hete dans actie Javascript is jarig 18 Hypersonic Mandelbulb

Start Your Dev - Accueil : html css javascript xml xsl kepo-ing Zz85 | Dumping Ground for Diverse Dictus Thoughts of Me Here’s my latest three.js webgl experiment called “Boids and Buildings”. Its an experimental 3d procedural city generator that will run in a form of a short demo. Turn up your volume and be prepared to overclock your CPU (& GPUs) a little. Here’s the story – early last month I was in Japan for a little travelling. Perhaps one thing I found interesting was the architectural. The cities are large and are packed with buildings (Edo, now called Tokyo, was once the world’s largest city). (the huge billboards are at the famous dotonbori in osaka, the bottom 2 photos were houses shot in kyoto). Sometime ago, I saw mrdoob’s procedural city generator. Firstly, the city generator works by building a road which spins off more roads along the way. The original js implementation of road intersections was done looking up pixel data on the canvas. (here this version denotes where the starting and ending points of each road with red and green dots). With that a 2D version… … and a 3D version was done.

Webmaster Help Brendan Eich PHP Sources mohayonao Tutoriel CSS et style des balises HTML CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) est une grammaire de règles pour définir la présentation d'un document HTML, XHTML ou XML. C'est un standard du Web reconnu par tous les navigateurs. Le tutoriel CSS permet avec des démonstrations interactives de mieux connaître les propriétés et la façon dont elles fonctionnent. Syntaxe CSS. Les sélecteurs CSS 2 et 3. Box-shadow. On peut aussi ajouter une ombre en CSS 2. background. Fenêtre sur un paysage Voir un panoramique dans une fenêtre, avec effet de relief grâce à la propriété background. display. position. Du texte sur une image. float. clear. clip. padding et margin. fieldset. white-space. overflow: Contrôler l'alignement dans un bloc conteneur. ! z-index. opacity. transition. Glossaire. Le principe de la séparation du contenu et la présentation améliore considérablement la productivité en permettant de placer la définition de la présentation dans un fichier réutilisable avec des contenus différents, avec chaque page Web. Forum Questions CSS...

felipe’s Blog YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters - YouTube Overview This document explains how to embed a YouTube player in your application and also defines the parameters that are available in the YouTube embedded player. By appending parameters to the IFrame URL, you can customize the playback experience in your application. This page currently defines all parameters supported in any YouTube embedded player. Note: Embedded players must have a viewport that is at least 200px by 200px. Embed a YouTube player You can use any of the following methods to embed a YouTube player in your application and specify player parameters. Embed a player using an <iframe> tag Define an <iframe> tag in your application in which the src URL specifies the content that the player will load as well as any other player parameters you want to set. If you create the <iframe> element yourself (rather than using the IFrame Player API to create it), you can append player parameters directly to the end of the URL. Select content to play

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