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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
Explore Your World Play all Vast landscapes, iconic cities, and other mind-blowing natural places will leave you in awe at the beauty of planet Earth. 4:02 2:15 2:17 3:54 5:18 6:47 3:03 6:26 4:11 4:15 View 7 more This item has been hidden This item has been hidden

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Get Cardboard – Google VR How do I know which viewers will work with my phone? Choose a viewer that fits your phone's screen size. Most Cardboard apps work with Android 4.1+ and the latest iOS smartphones. Where can I find apps for Cardboard? From the Google Cardboard app on Android and iOS, you can discover Cardboard apps by selecting “GET APPS.” You can also find more apps by visiting the Play Store or by searching for "Cardboard" or "Virtual Reality” on the Apple App Store. Five Easy Steps to Teach With Virtual Reality Now Virtual Reality (VR) could influence every industry within the next decade. Training, in particular, is poised for serious growth through transporting groups of learners to highly immersive experiences with a VR headset device. Medical residents can learn a new surgical procedure by observing in real time, welding students can become familiar with a hazardous job site before visiting or high school students can hear a native foreign language speaker. VR is a whole new way to interact with knowledge and on pace to be an effective, engaging, low-cost instructional solution for a range of subjects and grade levels.

Postive VR - App Android su Google Play INNOVATION FACTOR:Our project is to transform the Gear VR into a Positive Technology​ Platform for improving an individual's health and well-being by reducing stress. For more info about Positive Technology, check here: PROBLEM:Stress is the second most reported work-related health problem, affecting 20%/35% of workers in industrialized countries (in 2010, WHO data).Stress can cause people ill and misery, both at work and at home. Stress may also compromise workplace safety, and contribute to other work-related health problems, such as musculoskeletal disorders. And stress significantly affects an organisation’s bottom line.The good news is that work-related stress can be dealt with in the same logical and systematic way as other health and safety issues.

Jung - Virtual Reality for ESL Students The Internet TESL Journal Hee-Jung Junghjung [at] mail.wsu.eduWashington State University ESL students who wear 3D goggles and gloves enter the CAVE (see appendix) room that is a multi-person, room-sized virtual reality system consisting of three walls and a floor. As the language teacher starts the program, all students wear special lightweight glasses that allow them to be in a huge and well-organized Wal-Mart. They can hold any product and put it into their shopping cart by using lightweight gloves. Treating social anxiety with virtual reality - College of Arts & Sciences When students arrive at college, they are tremendously excited – and in some cases, tremendous anxiety. When students confront an entirely new social scene, without the support of the friends and family they left at home, they may develop social anxiety, or the fear of being negatively evaluated or humiliated. Social anxiety affects up to a third of college students, and hinders their academic achievement. Students who are ethnic or racial minorities, or who come from low-income families, are especially prone.

Getting Real? Google Cardboard And Virtual Reality In Education – The Edublogger While we may not have flying cars, hover boards that really hover (and don’t catch fire), or teleporters just yet, the past year has seen the launch of at least one future-age technology we’ve awaited for decades: virtual reality. You’ve probably heard about Oculus Rift and other similar “prosumer” level devices, or professional-quality devices made for the average consumer that are rapidly making their way to production. However, it seems that a much more primitive technology has eclipsed the mass market: simple pieces of cardboard.

untitled Audrey Hamilton: Virtual reality technology is not just for gamers. Over the last decade, research into advanced virtual reality therapy techniques has shown it to be effective for people with physical and psychological disabilities. A psychologist at the forefront of this research tells us how virtual reality is helping people literally face their fears and learn to overcome them. I’m Audrey Hamilton and this is “Speaking of Psychology.” Lignum by Remoria VR: The VR controller that works on iOS by Remoria VR See how easily you can get up and running with Lignum in Unity3D. In 4 minutes flat you are able to achieve motion controls over your target object inside your project. You will be able to implement motion controls in your Unity3D project in no time. Then, you can test everything on your desktop and enjoy the content after deployment. We have developed some amazing development assets specifically for our Kickstarter supporters that you will receive with your pledge. You will receive an amazing Flight Simulation demo allowing you to control a biplane with Lignum 3DoF tracking, a Shooting Range game developed so that you can re-use it in order to develop your own FPS game and, last but not least, an Exploration Demo taking place on the surface of the Moon!

The best educational VR apps for the Google Cardboard We all know that Virtual Reality is incredible to learn new concepts. For the first time ever, developers have the ability to bring people back in history, to let them walk beside giants dinosaurs, but also to help people of all ages learn complex science concepts in a brand new way. Over the past few months,we published multiple new educational apps on Unimersiv’s Cardboard section. Mobile VR and especially the Google Cardboard is great for educational purposes, it’s cheap, someone with a decent smartphone can experience Virtual Reality for less than $20, and it’s starting to go mainstream (which will motivates developers to publish more and more VR experiences). Read also: Where to buy your View master VR headset? Buy a Google Cardboard for less than $20 here →

Social Work Today - Study: Virtual Reality Training Improves Social Skills of Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Tech & Tools Although most children with high-functioning autism have above average intellectual capabilities, they often experience social difficulties. Deficits in social communication and difficulty inhibiting thoughts and regulating emotions can lead to social isolation and low self-esteem. However, new research from the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas shows that a new virtual reality training program is producing positive results. “Individuals with autism may become overwhelmed and anxious in social situations,” says Nyaz Didehbani, PhD, a research clinician at the Center for BrainHealth.

Category:360 panoramics From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Deutsch: Vollständige horizontale 360° Panoramabilder. Durch hinzufügen des {{Pano360}} Templates kann auf der Bildbeschreibungsseite auf einen interaktiven Panoramabetrachter verlinkt werden.