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A Brief History of Title Design

A Brief History of Title Design
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The Art Of Film Title Design Throughout Cinema History Advertisement Have you ever thought of what makes you remember a certain movie or TV show? Of course, it’s the story being told, you’ll say. Today we’ll take a closer look at that short space of time between the moment the lights go down and the first scene of a film, the part that so often sets our expectations of a movie, that sequence that speaks to our creative side: the art of the film title. Film titles can be great fun. For this post, we reached out to David Peters, a San Francisco-based designer and media historian who, more than a decade ago, began a project called Design Films to research the subject. Titles In Silent Film Words and lettering played an enormous role in films of the silent era. Here is the main title from D.W. Film titles and letter cards had to provide essential information to the viewer. The following inter-titles are typical of silent movies. The main title from the American release of “The Cabinet of Dr. The Silence Is Broken Conclusion Typography Resources

Interior Design, Design News & Architecture Blog Magazine Typography And Titles in Film | Film Shortage Nowadays short films will usually end up online sooner or later, if not immidiately. With the web becoming a much more competitive ground for shorts, filmmakers need to produce their films with this in mind from the beginning. We are far away from the closed up theater with nothing but a big screen and blasted audio, so a filmmaker’s biggest opponent online becomes a viewer’s attention span, since any little distraction can take them away from you. Most films online will lose their viewers within the first 15 seconds, making the first impression ever so crucial. A great visual example of film titles is Ian Albinson‘s “A Brief History of Title Design” for A Little History of The Title / Typography The history of typography is one that dates back almost 3800 years. Film titles can be great fun. -Julia May for Smashing Magazine Winner for the 2012 Vimeo Awards in Motion Graphics category, “A History Of The Title Sequence” by Jurjen Versteeg. Iconic Fonts You Should Never Use

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A History Of The Title Sequence title sequence - Watch the Titles What do I have to do to become a title designer? It's a question we're often asked. I always tell young designers to do what Jurjen Versteeg did, and just make a title sequence, for an imaginary or existing movie. In 2009, Versteeg created an unofficial title sequence for Sean Penn's Into the Wild, and was subsequently asked to design the titles for an American feature film. In 2011, Versteeg made the title sequence for an imaginary documentary about title design, A History Of The Title Sequence, in which he cleverly re-imagines the work of eight influential designers that changed the course of title design history. Says Versteeg, "My dissertation project is sort of like a title sequence about title sequences. "This title sequence provides an overview of the history of title design. Production still Why did you choose these particular designers? Production still What's in store for you in the near future. More Making of photos on Synple @Flickr more about From Form

Video Projection Mapping by battleROYAL created a major production in celebration of the 125th anniversary of MADSACK Mediengruppe. MADSACK invited the city of Hannover to join them in celebrating their anniversary with an open-air festival and spectacular show event. 50,000 visitors gathered in the heart of the city for an evening of live performance, music, and entertainment. Hosted by Barbara Schöneberger, the stage program featured musical performances by Mousse T & Band, Lukas Rieger, Spax, Michael Schulte, Sarah Lombardi, Lions Head, and Sasha. For the grand finale of the night, battleROYAL developed an innovative show experience combining live performance with advanced mapping and video design. Stunning imagery and powerful music combined with historical facts from MADSACK Mediengruppe wow’d the audience.

Talking title sequences with the master… KYLE COOPER » Thunder Chunky Kyle Cooper specializes in title sequences. Not just bog-standard ones though. His are like mini-movies in their own right and they revolutionised the way we all look at film credits. His work on the intro sequence of Seven won universal acclaim and established him as a big player in the movie industry. How can you sum up your career for the readers? I have been designing and producing opening credit sequences for fifteen years. I direct commercials and design. You will always be remembered for the titles for Se7en. I still like them. Which of your projects are you most proud of? “Seven” title sequence The good book says ‘everything your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might.’ Each film is a different problem to solve so each solution is different. It is extremely validating to have someone you admire look to you for creative support. You have been cited as the most influential film credit designer since Saul Bass. Not as much as people who have written about me have suggested.

Will Apple's Tacky Software-Design Philosophy Cause A Revolt? By now it’s almost inevitable given the company’s track record: No matter what Apple unveils tomorrow at the Yerba Buena Center (an iPad Mini? iPhone 5?), pundits will herald the company for its innovative thinking and bold hardware design. But the elephant in the room will be Apple’s software, which many inside the company believe has evolved for the worse in the last few years. Despite consistently glowing reviews from critics and consumers alike, iOS and OS X, Apple’s operating systems which tie Macs and iPads and iPhones together, have rubbed some the wrong way in recent years with their design directions. "Visual Masturbation" What’s skeuomorphism? In software, skeuomorphism can be traced back to the visual metaphors designers created to translate on-screen applications before users were accustomed to interacting with computer software: virtual folders to store your documents, virtual Rolodexes to store contacts. Inside Apple, tension has brewed for years over the issue.

Bicentennial Man (1999) In the not too distant future (2005 to be exact), inside the factory of NorthAM Robotics, a man is manufactured — a positronic man. Hands, arms, legs, eyes — all the things that make us human — some assembly required. Our mechanical protagonist NDR (or Andrew Martin as he will later become known) is just one of thousands of anonymous automatons conveyed piece-by-piece down the factory line, constructed like any other industrial good, bound for lonely lives of servitude. Or maybe something more. In a decade dominated by grim, future-wary science fiction, Imaginary Forces’ title sequence for Bicentennial Man presents a friendly, domesticated vision of what the new millennium had to offer. The sequence essentially operates as a cheeky counterpart to the iconic Terminator 2: Judgment Day teaser trailer. Part of what makes the opening of Bicentennial Man especially endearing is the fact that almost everything on screen is a genuine physical object. So, let’s talk about Bicentennial Man.

20 amazing movie title sequences to inspire you | Movies Forget movie wallpapers and posters, it's movie title sequences that can often be the most important part of a film. Working in a similar way to a landing page for a website, movie titles set the tone, atmosphere and characters for the audience, all of which can make or break an opening scene. The likes of Saul Bass and Kyle Cooper have set the highest of movie title standards and as you'll see from this list, many graphic designers have clearly been influenced by them, while creating a new breed of iconic and culturally relevant movie title sequences of their own. Here – in no particular order – we pick some of the best movie title sequences ever created and professional designers tell us why they work. 01. Studio: Paramount Pictures Sequence Designer: Saul Bass Year of release: 1958 "Alfred Hitchcock may have been the master of suspense, but Saul Bass was undoubtedly the master of suspenseful title sequences," says freelance graphic designer and illustrator Joe Stone. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07.

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