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Internet Directory for Botany - Alphabetical List

Internet Directory for Botany - Alphabetical List
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10 Most Useful Medicinal Plants For Your Garden Would you like to create your very own backyard pharmacy by growing medicinal plants? There’s no better way to use whatever extra space you have at home than to create a garden space where you can grow medicinal plants. In fact, even if you live in an apartment setting, you can create a windowsill garden where you can grow medicinal plants. This is especially useful if you have little kids running around in the house who can acquire a burn, a shallow wound, a sore or strike up a fever. Basically, the medicinal plants to grow in your very own little garden space should be ones with the most number of medicinal values. Factors that You Need to Consider when Growing Medicinal Plants in a Garden Before giving out the top 10 medicinal plants that you can grow in your very own garden, here are a few tips to get you started. First, check on the area where you plan to grow the medicinal plants in. 1. If there’s one medicinal plant which has 101 uses, that is none other than aloe vera. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Bottle Drip Irrigation | I prefer to have the bottle standing right-way-up as I think it looks nicer and it keeps debris out of the bottle thus keeping the holes from blocking. The materials: * 2 litre plastic soft-drink bottle or water bottle * Sharp small screwdriver, pointed hole-maker or drill This can be used in container gardening, raised bed gardens and open vegetable gardens. Using your pocket knife, make 2 small slits in the bottom of your bottle. Dig a hole next to your tomato plant. This will slowly deep-water your tomato plants and most other vegetable plants. You can learn more about this on another website. Only two very small holes are needed at the lowest place on the bottle. I prefer to leave the lids off. Place bamboo stakes next to each bottle. Here I am making another hole slightly higher up the bottle. However, if I remove the lid, water will come out this hole as well as the holes in the base. You can make larger holes, and partly fill the bottle with coarse-sand or soil to slow the flow.

Bulk organic herbs, spices & essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs New Catalog Our latest catalog for Spring/Summer 2014 is here! Enjoy over 20 brand new herbal recipes from our kitchen, fun how-tos, exciting new products, gorgeous color photos, farm stories, and plenty of herbal inspirations to explore. We have all of the essentials you'll need as the sun brings new growth our way. Request a free copy! Organic Tea Blends Our delicious herbal tea blends are made by hand in small batches each day. Herb Day Celebration Join us on May 4th for FREE herbal education and celebration! Salmon-Safe Certified Mountain Rose Herbs is the first business in Eugene to be certified!

Courses We've joined forces with MyGardenSchool to offer the first in our series of online gardening courses, Gardening for Wildlife. This four week course consists of exclusive video lectures, an ebook, a virtual classroom – and most importantly, marked assignments and feedback on your own garden from expert Andy McIndoe. Book now Learn to garden with the experts by attending our workshops and demonstrations. All RHS adult courses Culpeper Plant names database Culpeper published several versions of his herbal using different chapter titles. For instance Solanum dulcamara is published with the chapter title Amara Dulcis in one edition, and Bitter Sweet in another. Using any edition, you should be able to search this page for the name in question and get all the cross references. If you are starting with a Latin or Common name, and want to find in it Culpeper, use the search function on your browser to find the name you want. The Latin binomials here are those inserted by the publisher of the hardbound Culpeper's Complete Herbal, W. Yale Medical Library Version Bibliomania version This version contains more of the The English Physician than the Yale version, and is one of the few links readable in modern English to Galen's medicine. Culpepper's Chapter name Latin Name Other names in Culpepper

Best Herbal Remedies Best Herbal Remedies Not long ago, American herbalists had to rely on folklore and anecdote. There was little clinical data on herbs, and what did exist was mostly published in German. But researchers (and translators) have been busy of late, and we now have proof that herbs are viable treatments for many ailments. “Herbs won’t replace pharmaceuticals, but the research shows that–for many conditions–herbs work well, are cheaper than drugs and cause fewer side effects,” says Mary Hardy, M.D., medical director of the integrative medicine program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. “Twenty years ago, there was no integrative program at Cedars-Sinai” she adds. (1) Aloe Vera for Burns Sometimes studies tell us what we already know. (2) Black Cohosh for Menopause The Algonquin Indians used black cohosh to treat gynecological ills, and it was a key part of Lydia E. (7) Coffee for Pain Relief Anacin and Excedrin claim that their “extra ingredient” provides greater pain relief.

Are plants more intelligent than we assumed? Press release, 04th March 2014: In the fight against parasites, the Barberry sacrifices its own seeds depending upon its chances of survival Leipzig. Plants are also able to make complex decisions. At least this is what scientists from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) and the University of Göttingen have concluded from their investigations on Barberry (Berberis vulgaris), which is able to abort its own seeds to prevent parasite infestation. The results are the first ecological evidence of complex behaviour in plants. Plants are also able to make complex decisions. Zoom The European barberry or simply Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) is a species of shrub distributed throughout Europe. This led scientists to examine the seeds of the Barberry more closely. When analysing the seeds, the scientists came across a surprising discovery: "the seeds of the infested fruits are not always aborted, but rather it depends on how many seeds there are in the berries", explains Dr. Dr.

Reduce Allergies Naturally This time of year can be tough for those of us who suffer from allergies. Before you reach for the Benadryl, you might consider trying some natural remedies. Turmeric Honey Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory. How to make: In a clean glass jar put 6 tablespoons uncooked honey and 4 tablespoons powdered turmeric. Elderflower Tea Anytime you have a runny nose, think about drinking elderflower tea. How to make: 3 cups water 3 tablespoons dried elder flowers Let steep for two hours. Saline Nasal Rinse If you have allergy symptoms, do saline nasal rinses to tighten and tone your mucus membrane and help to reduce the inflammation. How to make: 1 cup warm water 1/2 teaspoon high quality salt *Requires a Neti Pot (Based on an old Ayurvedic technique known as jala neti. Mix the salt and warm water together and then put it into the Neti Pot. How to make: Let the nettles and water sit overnight in a quart glass mason jar. Articles Index

Gypsy Magic: Old Names For Herbs - A to Z In the old days, herbalists and midwives didn't use textbook botanical names for herbs. Medicinal and magical plants had colorful descriptive names. Often, old books about magic and herbal healing use the folk names instead of the names commonly used today, and it can be confusing. Eagle: Wild Garlic Allium sativumEardrops: Dutchman's Breeches Dicentra cucullariaEarth Smoke: Fumitory Fumaria officinalisEarth Star: Bromeliad Vriesia, Billbergia, Aechmae, Annanas, Bromelia, Guzmania, Cryptanthus, Neoreglia sppsEerie: Yarrow Achillea millefoliumEgyptian Thorn: Gum Arabic Acacia senegal Egyptian Gum: Gum Arabic Acacia Senegal, A. Gall of Goat: Honeysuckle Lonicera Spp. Ibis Bone Buckthorn Rhamnus catharticaIndian God Tree: Banyan Ficus BenghalensisInnocence Bluets Houstonia Caerulea Quaker's Bonnet: Lupine Lupinus polyphyllusQueen of the Meadow: Meadowsweet Eupatorium PurpureumQueen of the Night: Vanilla Cactus Cereus GrandiflorusQueen's Delight: Queensroot Stillingia sylvatica

General Effects of Essential Oils on Different Body Systems | Mama Bear Musings Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using essential oils as aromatherapy in Holistic Healing. Please put ‘Aromatherapy’ in the subject line. NOTE: For Holistic Healing, only the Herb itself or the Pure Essential Oil made from it should be used. What Aromatherapy Can Do For You by Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist Pure essential oils can provide us with a range of benefits. On this page we are going to talk about different body systems, problems, treatments, and various essential oils that can be used for a specific problem in that body system. Problems of digestion affects the gall-bladder, liver, and stomach. External application of essential oils is very beneficial. NOTE: To make an essential oil blend, use no more than three essential oils (Adding no more than 15 drops total) to 1 ounce carrier oil. Essential Oils Like this: