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Who doesn't like a campfire? What's better than sitting around a campfire drinking beer? How bout swinging around a campfire drinking beer.. hahaJust finished hanging the swings on my latest project this morning. Can't wait for my next evening off to give her a trial run. It took me just about 3 days, first day was digging the holes and setting the uprights. All the wood is pressure treated 6x6's. Next day was finishing building it. and the 3'rd was spreading the gravel and setting the fire pit and staining the pressure treated. Port your number out of Google Voice - Google Voice Help Your Google Voice number is automatically locked to prevent it from being ported out without your consent. Before you can port your Google Voice number to another service provider you must first unlock it. There is a one time $3 fee to port your number away from Google Voice. For users who ported their mobile numbers into Google Voice, the fee is waived. To unlock your number simply: Go to and sign into your Google Voice account. Once you're done your Google Voice number is ready to be ported out. You can then initiate the port with your new service provider (you can use your Google Voice number as your account number). If you initiate the port before unlocking your number, the port will be blocked and we will email you with the unlocking instructions. If you've changed your mind about porting your number, you can re-lock your number: Go to and sign into your Google Voice account.

Contacting Support - AdSense Help About Google ads You can advertise your business all over the web with AdWords, earn revenue from your website with AdSense, or monetize your app with AdMob. As you browse the internet, use mobile apps, read your email, or shop online, you see ads. Google shows ads on Google products like Search, YouTube, and Gmail. Google's ad network also shows ads on 2+ million non-Google websites and apps. In this article Control Google ad personalization Ads that Google shows are personalized based on many factors, like the types of websites you visit or mobile apps you've installed. Where personalization comes from Google shows you ads based on many factors, including: You can control how Google personalizes Google ads, or turn off personalization of Google ads, at Ads Settings. Important When showing you personalized ads, Google will not associate an identifier from cookies or similar technologies with sensitive categories, such as those based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or health. Android iOS

Make Free Phone Calls With Google Voice Updated April 2014 Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral) is the best way to make free Internet phone calls. Being more of a "phone number management" service than a typical Internet phone service, Google Voice does a lot more than let you make free phone calls. Visit Google Voice Types of Free Calls With Google Voice Google Voice can be used to make free PC to phone calls and free PC to PC calls. The easiest and most common way to use Google Voice, however, is to allow the service to connect your phone to the destination number for free. Sign Up for Google Voice You can sign up for Google Voice for free from your Google Account, which uses the same information you use to access other Google services like Gmail. Click on the link called Get a Voice number from the left side of the page, and then choose the I want a new number button. How To Use Google Voice To use Google Voice to make free phone calls, log in to Google Voice and click the Call button. Google Voice Limitations Google Voice Review

Aspect Ratio Calculator | Bellevue Fine Art ReproductionBellevue Fine Art Reproduction Aspect Ratio Calculator 4.61/5 ( 92% )based on 180 ratings Instructions: In the left column, enter the size of your original artwork in either inches or pixels. If you don’t know the image size in inches, then find the pixel width and height of your image. An explanation About Aspect Ratios Understanding aspect ratios can be intimidating, but it’s really quite easy. For example, if you have a painting that is 18″x24″, then you factor 18/24 to its lowest common denominator to understand the ratio. Now for example, if you want to make an 8″x10″ print from a 20″x30″ painting, you will realize quickly that you can’t do it. This is for Watercolor, watercolor painting, watercolor artist, oil paintings, charcoal paintings, pastel, chalk, pen & ink, art fairs, art shows, art galleries, galleries, art exhibition, nude art, figure drawing, figure painting, giclée, fine art prints, giclée prints, photographers, photography, photo lab, inkjet, digital printing, artwork, artists.

Voice on Sprint FAQs - Google Voice Help What you should definitely know If there are any known problems with Google Voice on Sprint you can find them on our known issues page. We post workarounds that may help you resolve these issues. If your telephone number isn't eligible for integration, it is because of one of the following reasons: You're behind on your Sprint phone bill. Please check with Sprint to remedy this. Sprint is working to address an issue in which customer accounts with a "public sector" or "government" discount (i.e. teacher, firemen, military, government agency, etc.) are considered ineligible. There are two options for using Google Voice on Sprint: Option 1: Use your Sprint number with Google Voice: Your Sprint mobile number functions as your Google Voice number. It doesn’t. You will still be billed by Sprint for the airtime (minutes) you use for all domestic and international calls. Users interested in Sprint Option 2: This option may impact the mobile to mobile minutes for the people you call:

5 Ways to Make Free Internet Phone Calls 4. WeChat WeChat is an great mobile app with lots of features. You can make free phone calls, like the other apps in this list, but you can only do so if the recipients have the app installed. In addition to phone calls, WeChat sends photos, texts, video clips, your location (once or live/continually), and other WeChat contacts. There are lots of other things to mention, too, like the fact that nobody can call you unless you add them to your contact list. You can even find people to talk to from around the globe by simply shaking your device. WeChat can be used from a web browser on any computer, too, but only the texting feature is supported, not the calling.

Gilles Clément | The garden in motion [lang_en][/lang_en][lang_it]Incontro con Gilles Clément a cura di Pino Brugellis e Sergio Risalti, nell’Aula Magna del Rettorato, Piazza San Marco, 4 – Firenze. Intervengono Cristina Scaletti, Assessore alla Cultura della Regione Toscana, Alberto Tesi, Rettore dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze, Giovanni Gentile, Presidente della Fondazione Florens.[/lang_it] G.Clément Perhaps, no one studied green spaces surrounding us so deeply and at the same time so humbly as Gilles Clément did. Landscaper, engineer, agronomist, botanist and entomologist, Clément has been working for over twenty years on a project focused on his country house, where a journey began through what Clément likes to call planetary garden, within an analysis that often shows the limits of the traditional concepts of ecology. A must for a gardener, as Clément likes to describe himself, is primarily to train the eye to capture what is both invisible and fundamental in the world of plants.

Make Free WiFi Calls From Android Phone Or Tablet With Groove IP The quest for making free calls over WiFi with an Android device is not a new topic, but if you’ve gone down this road you’re probably familiar with apps like sipdroid or csipsimple. If those two names are familiar then you also know you had to deal with Google Voice Callback, pbxes, or SIP accounts and possibly some other forwarding trickery to get the app to work. It’s possible that you’ve even tried to set these apps up and failed after not understanding exactly what needed to be done. Enter GrooVe IP, where all you need is a Google Voice account to get started. If you like simple and something that just “works” and works well, hit up the break for more. GrooVe IP works similar to making calls from Gmail by connecting directly to Google Voice to make and receive calls. You’ll have the choice of either using GrooVe IP’s dialer or your native dialer to place calls. At home my 3G service is a bit shaky, so I am going to sick to WiFI call quality for review purposes. [via android market]

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