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Raspberry PI en mode HTPC et pilotage via télécommande

Raspberry PI en mode HTPC et pilotage via télécommande

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Raspberry Pi Update: 14th May, 2013 wiringPi version 2 has been released and now has its own website ( to look after it. Most of the documentation on the projects site has been copied over to it the new site, but there may still be 1 or 2 pages that are still missing.

Smart home automation webserver on OpenWRT router WR703N interfaced to Arduino, compared to Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu Download the WR703N Digest (340MB zip file): Dear Reader, there are many Linux boards on the market: Bifferboard, NanosG20, Foxboard, Beagleboard, AlixPC, Android phones and tablets, routers, netbooks, and most recently the Raspberry Pi. How to decide what to choose?

Build a Wi-Fi Drone Disabler with Raspberry Pi Photo by Mike Senese Please note: The information presented here is for educational purposes. As with all guides covering network and computer security, the techniques should only be performed on devices that you own or have permission to operate on. You may want to configure your controller for your new recalbox ! If you have a PS3 controller and the bluetooth dongle, just take a micro usb cable, plug the controller on the recalbox and wait 10 seconds. You can now unplug the controller and press HOME button. You controller is configured ! Raspberry Pi : The Unofficial Tutorial Advertisement Get to know the world’s favorite $25 computer: the Raspberry Pi. You’ll find tips, tricks and more in this unofficial Raspberry Pi tutorial from MakeUseOf. Whether you’re a current Pi owner who wants to learn more or a potential owner of this credit-card size device, this isn’t a guide you want to miss.

Raspberry-Pi / SMS Alarm System - jfpayeur # My first python project # # Sources and Ref.# system_name='Alarm Name'code_version='V022'alarm_email1 = ''# see = ''my_ip_now='empty'my_ip_boot='empty' smtp_email_from = ''smtp_email_from_password='xxxx'#only used if secure smtp is used smtp_email_server = ''#smtp_email_server = ''#smtp_email_server = ''#smtp_email_server = '' USB RFID + Python + Pub-Sub (MQTT) Now that we've got an RFID reader and pub-sub client working separately, it's time to combine the two functions to achieve the end result. The following code does exactly that. Here's how it works:

Raspberry Pi Webcam Over the Internet Using MJPG-Streamer – Jacob Salmela View your Raspberry Pi Webcam from anywhere. Connect to it from a unique domain name and check in on your house or pets while you are away. Materials Google 3D Glasses Google 3D Glasses is one of the most hyped and anticipated devices over the past year. OnlineUniversities have written this great article about how Google Glasses they will change education. Education is already seeing some major changes in light of new, cutting-edge technologies. Students can now access educational information from virtually anywhere at any time, and mobile devices are influencing some to flip their classrooms, changing the educational experience altogether.

Smartenit - Solutions There is nothing as tasty as homemade raspberry pie in the summer, and the ice cream on top makes it even more delicious, especially when it's free. The Smartenit ZBPServer software is the ice cream that turns your Rpi into a "HomAidPi", full-fledged automation monster gateway that manages large home / building automation networks based on ZigBee, INSTEON and X10 protocols. Choose one of several USB automation interfaces available from Smartenit (USB-CID, ZBPLM, and EZIComm) and access a large ecosystem of automation devices that includes lighting, HVAC, irrigation, appliance control, energy management, water management, etc. Check out our "How To" section below to see how to load the Smartenit software onto your Rpi and cook up something special. So grab your Raspberry Pi, compatible Smartenit controller automation interface, scoop on our ZBPServer and enjoy your powerful, inexpensive home automation gateway. We think you'll agree nothing tastes better than some HomAidPi!

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