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Studio Robert Stadler

Portfolio design agency Delo Lindo | agence de creation mobili di design in legno naturale | arredamento creativo artigianale ecosostenibile | Marc Venot MICHAEL BIHAIN - Bowl of fruit. Viewed from a certain angle, the upper part of the Galax dish seems to be floating, as if for an instant making fun of earthly gravity. Material: Stainless steel & lacquered steel Dimensions: D.34 H.2,5cm Finish: Stainless steel & red, green, white & black color ‘3D Table’ is based on a minimal and easy-to-use production. Indeed, each piece is produced from only 3 identical elements. Rolling bookshelves Patatras is a new kind of books storage. Free standing mirror. Design by AUXAU & BIHAIN Structural Engineering Consultant: Greisch team: Pierre-François Gerard, Matthieu Busana, Pierre Paeps The « x » table is made out of a single sheet of steel and laser cut to make both, the table and the foot in its most archetypical forms. .. read more The elevated structure is seeing, as both emblematic and sculptural, due to its unexpected shape. Symbolism: Atmospheres: The project offers two main atmospheres to the structure: Environmental consequences: And the growth of Dubai just begin...

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