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"World's Best Cake" with Banana & Coconut Recipe on Food52

"World's Best Cake" with Banana & Coconut Recipe on Food52
Cooking is more fun with friends. Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Sign Up ♥ 655 + Save ▴ If you like it, save it! Save and organize all of the stuff you love in one place. Got it! If you like something… Click the heart, it's called favoriting. Author Notes: Follow these instructions and you'll have an impressive, towering dessert without having to worry about burning a meringue, shaving down layers of cake to make even lines, applying a crumb coat, or dirtying more than two bowls. Is it the world's best? Slightly adapted from Sweet Paul Magazine: Serves 8 to 10 This recipe is a Community Pick! More Great Recipes: Bananas|Coconut|Cakes|Desserts Topics: Cake 💬 View Comments (202) Share this Recipe Tweet this Recipe Related:  CakesCooking

Mom's Homemade Chocolate Fudge Recipe (So Easy!) My mom’s homemade easy fudge recipe is basically the best fudge I’ve ever sunk my teeth into. Easy Fudge Recipe My mom makes this homemade fudge every single Christmas—and only at Christmas—and while every year she makes it to give as neighbor gifts, she always keeps a stash for herself, usually eating it for breakfast with her coffee. Yes, it’s THAT good and yes, she is THAT smart to eat chocolate for breakfast. This fudge recipe is a family legend, and it originally comes from my grandma. I first shared this recipe way back in 2011, the first year I started blogging. Let’s make chocolate fudge! Chocolate Fudge Ingredients My mom has some definite rules when it comes to the ingredients that make the best homemade fudge, and they are: Marshmallows: Make sure your marshmallows are fresh when making this fudge recipe. Mom’s Rules: How to Make Fudge Prep your fudge dish. Cook the sugar and evaporated milk. Stir until the butter melts. Use your muscles for a glossy finish. Fridge it, baby. Notes

4 New Instant Pot Recipes From Mark Bittman | Epicurious It's weird to live in a world where a kitchen appliance has gone viral, especially one that's a combination of the humble slow cooker and the electric pressure cooker, tools that have been used in home kitchens for decades without any particular pomp or circumstance. But even Mark Bittman, author of about 2 gajillion cookbooks, is a fan of the Instant Pot. (Or, as he correctly refers to it, since Instant Pot is a brand name, "the multi-cooker.") "Like the slow cooker, the multi-cooker allows you to cook ahead, only it does it faster," Bittman says. "Also, unlike some slow cookers, you can brown right in the pot, which is crucial for flavor and texture. Bittman is so psyched about the multi-cooker, that he has started developing original recipes for it. Instant Pot Caldo Verde Caldo verde, a rustic potato and kale soup from Northern Portugal, is the perfect thing for holing up in the winter. In addition to speed and convenience, the multi-cooker lends extra flavor to soups.

Dulce and banana traybake recipe - BBC Food Grease and line a 20cm/8in square tin with baking parchment and grease again. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. First make the sticky topping. American Buttercream x Ganache = Double-Chocolate Frosting [Photographs: Vicky Wasik] I don't think a baker can ever have too many recipes for any given dessert, and that's as true of buttercream as it is of chocolate chip cookies. That's because what's "best" can vary depending on what ingredients one has on hand, how much time is available for the project, and/or what dietary considerations may be required, not to mention the degree of chocolate intensity your current craving may demand. After you've made a yolk-rich yellow cake, it's only natural to give those wayward egg whites a purpose with a batch of Swiss meringue buttercream spiked with chocolate. Meanwhile, to accompany cake recipes based on whole eggs, like my vanilla butter cake or chocolate skillet cake, an eggless option, like whipped ganache, might make more sense. While all of these recipes can deliver big chocolate flavor, those techniques can be time-consuming, to say the least. If you stopped at this stage, you'd have a very nice cocoa frosting.

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25 Delightfully Cozy Soup Recipes To Get You Through Winter Red Velvet Mug cake 16 French Recipes Every Beginner Cook Should Master Bouillabaise Before you knock it for being too complicated, read through Chef Ethan Stowell’s recipe. Yes, there are a lot of ingredients in this Provençal seafood stew, but as Stowell says, "There are no real rules to this dish except to use what's fresh." Looking for more? Read More Bouillabaise Before you knock it for being too complicated, read through Chef Ethan Stowell’s recipe. Looking for more?

This 2-ingredient pineapple angel food cake changes everything Betty Crocker is here to save the day with a two — yes, two — ingredient cake recipe. There are no eggs, no milk, no oil — just the box of angel food cake mix and a secret ingredient. To make pineapple angel food cake, Betty Crocker suggests adding a 20-ounce can of crushed pineapple in juice (undrained) to one box of white angel food cake mix. All you have to do is beat the dry angel food cake mix together with the crushed pineapple, and pour the mix into an ungreased 10-inch tube pan. There shouldn't be any stigma involved in using boxed cake mixes, or even using it as a base to bake a cake you can claim as your own.

4 Easy Weeknight Dinners for People Who Work Too Hard Being the food director of Bon Appetit is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I get to eat delicious dishes all day that are in the works for the magazine and website. On the other hand, by the time I get home, after tasting multiple dishes, developing recipes, and writing about food, the last thing I want to think about is cooking dinner. Polenta Cacio e Pepe Instant Pot Polenta Cacio e Pepe If you don’t have an Instant Pot or pressure cooker, just cook the polenta the old-fashioned way. View Recipe Cooking polenta in a pressure cooker is what makes this meal go lightning-fast (meaning 9 minutes), but you can absolutely still do it the old-fashioned way in a pot. Miso- and Mayo-Marinated Short Ribs with Spicy Sauce Miso- and Mayo-Marinated Short Ribs with Spicy Sauce Build big flavor in a short amount of time by combining a few ready-made sauces. If you don't want short ribs, use thin-cut pork chops instead. Seared Scallops with Brown Butter and Lemon Pan Sauce Juice lemons.

This Wimbledon-inspired strawberry chiffon cake is one dreamy summer bake The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are sadly cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, the AELTC has launched Wimbledon Recreated – a re-telling of some of Wimbledon’s greatest matches on TV and social media. Phew. So with the tennis still on the telly, why not throw your own posh tennis tea party in your garden? We're a little bit in love with this incredible Strawberry Chiffon Cake courtesy of The website says of the recipe: "A real girly pink, this American style whisked sponge cake is made with pureed strawberries and vegetable oil rather than butter so is light but still moist and moreish. You don’t need any fancy tins to make this, just 2, 20cm (8inch) springform tins that you can easily pick up from the supermarket." MORE: Looking for a healthy snack? WATCH: Amazing celebrity cakes Strawberry Chiffon Cake Serves 10, preparation time 1 hour, cooking time 25-30 minutes, chill for 4 hours For the filling: For the frosting: To decorate Step 1 Step 2

chilaquiles brunch casserole I have never met an intersection of tortillas and salsa and cheese and eggs I did not love excessively, or at minimum, could leave a restaurant where it was on the menu without ordering. Things were relatively controlled between the earliest iteration of huevos rancheros on this site, to a still-favorite, almost shakshuka-ish baked eggs in ranchero sauce with beans, a cheesy broiled lid, and strips of fried tortilla chips in my first cookbook. But it was during a brief trip to Mexico City two years ago that my obsession really went off the rails as I realized I’d need a month to get through all the glorious ways to eat eggs/salsa/tortillas, see also: huevos revueltos al gusto, rancheros mexicanos, divorciados, motuleños, al albañil, and ahogados, not to mention chilaquiles. Actually, let’s talk about chilaquiles. Previously Chilaquiles Brunch Casserole Could you add sauteed vegetables or bits of crispy bacon or chorizo to the layers before baking it? Heat oven to 375°F. [“What? Related