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Project Based Learning Checklists

Project Based Learning Checklists
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A Project-Based Learning Cheat Sheet For Authentic Learning A Project-Based Learning Cheat Sheet by TeachThought Staff Like most buzzwords in education, “authenticity” isn’t a new idea. For decades, teachers have sought to make student learning “authentic” by looking to the “real world”–the challenges, technology, and communities that students care about and connect with daily. You’ve probably been encouraged in the past to design work that “leaves the classroom.” Reach beyond the school walls. We’re going to take a closer look at progressive approaches to teacher planning whenever Terry Heick can be convinced to finish that series. The function of this image is to act as a kind of brainstorm–to help you get your own creative juices going to decide what’s most important when designing an authentic project-based learning unit–audiences, technology, habits, purposes, and so on. You obviously don’t even have to use these categories; they are just a sampling of the kinds of thinking that can help you make the shift from academic to authentic learning.

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eFolioMinnesota™ Follow the Five Steps below for a successful electronic portfolio. As you work on your site using the electronic portfolio tool, you can easily access online assistance and Quick Tips. Collect: Collect the information for your electronic portfolio. Add new content to your site as you gather your resources. 30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning 30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning Project-based learning is a matter of identifying needs and opportunities (using an app like flipboard), gathering potential resources (using an app like pinterest), collecting notes and artifacts (with an app like Evernote), concept-mapping potential scale or angles for the project (using an app like simplemind), assigning roles (with an appp like Trello), scheduling deadlines (with apps like Google Calendar), and sharing it all (with apps like OneDrive or Google Drive). With that in mind, below are 30 of the best apps for getting this kind of work done in the classroom, with an emphasis on group project-based learning apps for both Android and iPad (and even a few for plain old browsers). 30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning

8 Switches To Update Project-Based Learning In The 21st Century - 8 Switches To Update Project-Based Learning In The 21st Century by Thom Markham Here’s some simple math: 1.8 billion youth need to be educated for 21st Century life. What’s ‘good’ education? It’s important to understand that this is a global movement. This provides educators with a window of opportunity to share best practices around PBL and contribute to a worldwide, collaborative conversation on personalized learning, inquiry, and the way educators ‘hold’ students in their minds eye. This opportunity to help shape—not drive or direct, but shape—the outcome for PBL across the globe applies to U.S. educators as well, of course. Call it the NCLB hangover, but the end result is watered-down PBL, often supported by trainers and consultants, that isn’t designed to doesn’t change the equation between teaching and learning. It’s beyond time for U.S. schools engaged in PBL to shift their emphasis. How can U.S. 1. This is far too complex to reduce to a simple series of steps on a great graphic.

Become a Teacher in Missouri, Teacher Preparation & Certification Missouri With a Bachelor’s degree in hand and a desire to make a difference, you can become a certified teacher with the help of the American Board. In May 2008, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed alternative teacher certification legislation approving the American Board as a route to full teacher licensure. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) fully recognizes the American Board certification for all school districts and charter schools in the state. Why Choose the American Board? The American Board offers a flexible, affordable route to earn your Missouri teaching certificate. Many, like 2013 American Board Missouri Teacher of the Year Birdie Pruessner, have selected the American Board as their route to certification. With the American Board, you can earn your Missouri teacher certification in a manner that is both cost-effective and efficient, compared to the estimated $5,000-7,000 cost and 2 years of coursework required of the other option in Missouri. or

Integrated PBL Projects: A Full-Course Meal! In the project-based learning field, we use the metaphor that projects are the "main course, not the dessert" (as coined in an article from the Buck Institute for Education). Projects are intended to create the need-to-know content and skills, and the opportunity for students to learn them in an authentic context. When teachers first design PBL projects, they are often limited. In fact, I recommend that. Teachers and students must learn to become better PBL practitioners, so limited projects can lead to more ambitious projects. One of the criteria for a more ambitious project is to integrate the disciplines. Teachers develop PBL curriculum for the coming year. Photo Credit: Andrew Miller Use a Variety of Planning Strategies I wrote about many of these strategies in a previous blog post. Larger Part of the Meal Not all integrated projects are equal when it comes to the disciplines. Many "Courses" in the Project

Resources for Getting Started with Project-Based Learning Just getting started with project-based learning (PBL)? Our curated list of resources for educators new to PBL should help you. Before you get started, be sure to check out Edutopia's PBL page, including information about the research behind effective PBL practices. You can also connect with Edutopia's community to learn and share PBL tips. PBL Defined and Clarified What the Heck is PBL? video What Should "Gold Standard" PBL Include? Stories and Examples My PBL Failure: 4 Tips for Planning Successful PBL, by Katie Spear (2015) Here are four lessons learned from a failed PBL unit: align with the school calendar, allow planning time, carefully create the topic and guiding question, and collaborate with peers. Other Tips From Teachers and Experts Bookmark this page to reference it for updates.

The Blaine Game: Controversy Over the Blaine Amendments and Public Funding of Religion In June 2008, a church-state watchdog organization and several other groups filed a lawsuit in Florida seeking to remove from the state’s November ballot two proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution. The proposed amendments, if passed, would eliminate legal obstacles that currently prevent Florida from funding religious schools. One of the proposed amendments would permit parents to use state-funded vouchers to send their children to private schools in Florida, including religious schools. Featuring:Ira “Chip” Lupu, F. Interviewer: Jesse Merriam, Research Associate, Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life In this Q&A:What are the Blaine Amendments? What are the Blaine Amendments? The Blaine Amendments owe their name to James G. Why was public funding of religious organizations such a big issue in the 19th century? Funding of religion was such a contentious issue because of the increase in Catholic immigration in the mid-to-late 1800s. In 2006, the Florida Supreme Court held in Bush v.

12 Timeless Project-Based Learning Resources 12 Timeless Project-Based Learning Resources by Shannon Dauphin Project-based learning is becoming increasingly popular as teachers look for a way to make lessons stick in the minds of their students. According to Edutopia, studies have shown that students who use project-based learning remember the material much longer and have healthier attitudes toward education. Project-based learning is based on the idea that students learn best by tackling and solving real world problems. Ready to try project-based learning in your classroom? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. From integrating technology into the classroom to teaching science by hands-on experimentation, project-based learning is not only educational, but often entertaining as well. Shannon Dauphin Lee has been writing professionally for two decades on a wide variety of topics, including education; this article was written by onlineschools for TeachThought

Want Better Project-Based Learning? Use Social and Emotional Learning Today's guest blogger is Thom Markham, a psychologist, educator, and president of Global Redesigns, an international consulting organization focused on project-based learning, social-emotional learning, youth development, and 21st-century school design. An unfortunate legacy of the cognitive model that dominates education is the belief that everything important in life takes place from the neck up. This belief is the primary reason that many teachers struggle with project-based learning (PBL). At its best, PBL taps into intangibles that make learning effortless and engaging: Drive, passion, purpose, and peak performance. Outside of education, the success of PBL is no mystery. These factors can be condensed into three bullet points: Caring relationships People perform better when they feel attended to. Organizational experts tell us to "search upstream in time and place" to identify the barriers to solving a problem. Step 1: Redefine rigor Step 2: Establish a "drive and thrive" culture

A Blaine Amendment Update (July 00) An earlier article in this series concerned so-called "Blaine Amendments," after a constitutional amendment proposed by then Congressman James Blaine in 1875, with the encouragement of Pres. Ulysses Grant. The primary purpose was to prohibit aid to Catholic schools. "The dissent relies to a great extent on external, peripheral sources such as the Blaine amendment, introduced in Congress more than 100 years ago...The Blaine amendment was a clear manifestation of religious bigotry, part of a crusade manufactured by the contemporary Protestant establishment, to counter what was perceived as a growing "Catholic menace." A second recent example has found The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty taking on this issue publicly, in particular waging a legal battle to remove Blaine restrictions in Massachusetts. "[N]othing in the establishment clause requires the exclusion of pervasively sectarian schools from otherwise permissible aid programs, and other doctrines of this court bar it.

Twenty Ideas for Engaging Projects The start of the school year offers an ideal time to introduce students to project-based learning. By starting with engaging projects, you'll grab their interest while establishing a solid foundation of important skills, such as knowing how to conduct research, engage experts, and collaborate with peers. In honor of Edutopia's 20th anniversary, here are 20 project ideas to get learning off to a good start. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Please tell us about the projects you are planning for this school year.