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Kim Høltermand Photography - Selected Works Little People Superstitious Thoughts We tend to impose order through superstition, rituals and conspirational explanations when there is a lack of control. Martin Butz in Anticipatory behaviour in adaptive learning systems wrote, “In the early 20th century, Bronislaw Malinowski noticed that islanders in the Pacific who fished offshore beyond the coral reef displayed many superstitious rituals and ceremonies to invoke magical powers for safety and protection, while inshore fisherman carried out their job with a high degree of rational expertise” Whilst in Modern day systems, Jennifer Whitson writes “People see false patterns in all types of data, imagining trends in stock markets, seeing faces in static and detecting conspiracies between acquaintances,” Do we tend to see more rituals in more uncontrollable and erratic systems, jobs, industries, sports etc?

Olivier Metzger Photographer Effet photo About The Ten Seconds Project - Ten Seconds Project STUDIO ERWIN OLAF Andrés Medina Photography ………………………………… Niebla Del latín Nebûla This is an emotional work, and in a way romantic as well, a way of seeing desolate landscapes populated by the mist. Places located halfway between the city and its periphery, blank spaces with an absolute absence of human presence, but full of memories for me, as an attempt to question my questions. I consider this work as a phase of my emotional state, and the moments I took these pictures were a means of expression. Watch the fanzine video. Este trabajo es una mirada emotiva y por otro lado romántica a unos paisajes desolados por la niebla. Ver vídeo del fanzine Proyecto personal.

Wasteland Twinning Kris Graves Discovered Missing, 2013 Öxarárfoss, 2013 Sirry and Haukur’s Backyard, 2013 Jökulsárlón Ice, 2010 Road to Skaftafell, 2010 Whiteout, 2013 Near Reydhara #1, 2010 Hverarönd #2, 2010 Near Vik #1, 2010 Near Vik #2, 2010 Þingvellir, 2012 Near Vik #3, 2012 Vik, 2010 Gullfoss, 2012 Hverarönd #1, 2010 Kálfatjarnarkirkja, 2012 Vik in Winter, 2012 Viðey, 2012 Sarah at Svínafellsjökull, 2012 Jökulsárlón Ice, 2012 Kirkjubæjarklaustur, 2012 Near Reydhara #2, 2010 Route 36, 2012 Horsies near Kálfatjarnarkirkja, 2012 Entrance to Þingvellir, 2012 Sunset from Hótel Brú, 2013 Borgarnes, 2012 Hverarönd #3, 2013 Viðey Ferry Terminal, 2012 Kerið, 2012 Sleðbrjótur, 2013 Dyrhólaey Rock, 2012 Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, 2013 Dyrhólaey, 2012 Over Skagaströnd, 2013 Hverfjall, 2013 Matthew, Iceland, 2013 Reynisfjall, 2013 Svínafellsjökull, 2013 Mývatn Sunset, 2013 Skagaströnd, 2013

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