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Canvas Project To all of your coming over from Pinterest:Thanks so much for stopping by! Who knew such a simple project could become so popular? If you have any questions please ask! You can also check the comments because many people have shared tips and tricks they discovered as they've tried this project. Also, there's a misconception going around Pinterest that you can use glue for this project. A few weeks ago on Pinterest I found this lovely ditty. One thing you need to know about me is that I'm a font snob. I apparently got two different kinds of puffy paint. I knew I wouldn't be able to get a lot of detail using puffy paint, so I chose a font that was simple but not average. I didn't want to paint right onto my canvas because puffy paint is famous for getting random air bubbles. The next step was to peel the letters off of the wax paper and place them on my canvas. Once it was all done, I hung it up over the kitchen table. I love how subtle it is.

jewelsharee Hey there, everyone! In honor of yesterday being National Lipstick Day I thought I would share some of my favorite lipsticks with you all. I hope you enjoy! I also changed my uploading schedule to only Wednesdays so come back to my channel every Wednesday for a new video. Products Mentioned: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #2 "Sensual Silk"MAC "Please Me"MAC "Betty Bright" from The Archies collectionMAC "Hue"Revlon Lip Butter "Berry Smoothie"MAC "Honey Love"Revlon Lip Butter "Lollipop"MAC "Russian Red"MAC "Girl About Town:Wet 'N Wild "Cherry Bomb" Second­s

Sprinkleofglitter Boohoo - Video - - If you would like 20% off, use LOUISEBOOHOO Well that was a hoot and half wasn't it! I know I bang on about this all the time but once more for the fun of it - size shouldn't dictate whether you feel nice in you clothes. Everyone has the opportunity to feel lovely if they make the decision to take it. Lot's of thank you's for this video, let's go! 1. 2. 3. 4. My Places : MAIN CHANNEL : CHANNEL : - - Chalkboard Mason Jar Magnetic Jars Longest title ever for a craft? I just couldn't decide what to call it, so it;s a little long-winded.... But, here's a tutorial on how to make Chalkboard Mason Jar Magnetic Jars: I was sent some products to try out from Plaid, along with a gift card to Walmart for any other supplies I may need. (oh man, I must be technology challenged - I took these with my tablet and now I can't flip the pictures - so turn your head and humor me .... ) Do you remember a couple of years ago when they downsized the craft section and took out fabric (at least my Walmart did ) to make room for a bigger electronics section - - and then mine brought back fabric a few months ago and I jumped for joy - - and now the whole craft department has expanded recently - take that electronics! Including tons of products from Plaid - awesomeness! Anyways, moving on - - I picked up these super awesome mason jars - I didn't even know they made these: But there they were at Walmart, with all the other mason jars:

Dressed in the city: About Fashion and Style for the Ordinary Girl.. Hello! And thanks for stopping by! I live in the City of Gold, also known as Johannesburg in warm and sunny South-Africa. I'm married to a wonderfully charming and funny man, and am mommy to three Yorkshire Terriers called Paco, Levi and Bambi ... Most women love all things shopping and beauty related right? My style icons are Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe and Jeannie Mai, and my style is definitely a mix between them. Most importantly, doing all of this the cruelty free way! "Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a dog" Unknown PS ~ Do excuse my little language oopsies English isn't my first language but I'm trying! A few random and silly little facts: I love reading and collecting books (Old and New) I hate hearing people eat and found out it's called Misophonia (I still think it's funny) I day dream {A Lot} I can be loud and love talking and socializing Always be Fabulous and Kind! Lots of Love, xoxo

Citrus Facial Refresher In a small sauce pan, bring water to a boil. Add vitamin C tablet and stir until dissolved. In a medium glass bowl, add the lemon peel. Pour the hot water over the lemon peel and cover with plastic wrap. Arika Sato MODEL TIPS: How to be GLAM and feel FAB with Arika Play The reason why my show on YouTube is called MODEL TIPS is not because I think I am a SUPERMODEL, but because I started these beauty videos as a model. I am not a professional make up artist or fashion stylist. Play #hotgirlproblems, #singlegirlproblems, #stripperproblems, problems & situations only #hotgirls have! Hey guys!!

Cool Mint Lip Balm On Tuesday I showed you the sparkly strawberry lip balms I made for my Christmas cracker gifts. They'd be great for the gals, but I also needed something for the lads so I made cool mint lip balms with a white leaf atop. Christmas gift : Cool mint lip balmIngredients 2 tablespoons of white beeswax pellets (1/2 tsp for leaves)4 tablespoons sunflower oil (1/2 tsp for leaves)Few drops of cool mint flavour oilTeal food colouringPackagingEquipmentMini leaf mouldPipettesMicrowavable glass jugMicrowavable small glass jarMetal spoonScissorsSharp knife Cool mint lip balm, How-to step by step Start by placing the beeswax pellets and oil in a glass jug and heating in the microwave on low to medium power until the beeswax pellets have melted. In a small glass pot, melt half a teaspoon of beeswax with a teaspoon of oil in the microwave until beeswax pellets have melted. Wrap washi tape around each jar to secure lids. See hand-made strawberry lip balm here, with fully illustrated photos.

Camila Coelho Meus amores! Nessa sexta resolvi fazer uma surpresinha pra vocês, com um super Sorteio, cheio de produtos incríveis que eu amo - da Urban Decay, Lorac, Too Faced e Clinique! Incluí a paleta Vice 3, que mal lançou e já virou desejoooo! Espero muito que gostem dos prêmios e que partcipem! Lista de Prêmios: - Paleta VICE 3 da Urban Decay- Tantalizer Body Bronzing Luminazer da Lorac- Tantalizer Body Bronzing Spray Da Lorac- Tantalizer Baked Bronzer da Lorac- Sweathearts Blush da Too Faced- Chubby Stick baby tint da Clinic- Chubby Stick Blush da Clinique Para Participar! Boa sorte amores! Royalty Free Music By: & imovie Show less