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NavNav - 90+ Responsive Navigation Bar Menu Tutorials, Examples, and Demos (CSS, jQuery, JavaScript)

NavNav - 90+ Responsive Navigation Bar Menu Tutorials, Examples, and Demos (CSS, jQuery, JavaScript)

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Professional Code-Free Websites to Service your Clients Best fit for designers who create multiple websites. A tailor-made solution for large scale companies. An ideal solution for mid-size companies and studios. 32 Responsive Email Templates for Your Small Business Mobile and tablet email opens hit 50% this year, illustrating the need for businesses to design email campaigns for the growing mobile market. Designing for mobile is as important for your emails as it is for your website. Campaign Monitor notes, "Providing a less-than-optimal reading experience on the small screen may not only inconvenience a few recipients, but eventually the majority," leading to severely diminished response rates. 15 Interesting Frontend Libraries And Plugins For March 2016 Danny Markov In this article we’ve gathered for you a collection of 15 awesome JavaScript and CSS libraries. Each one of them presents different solutions to common frontend tasks and can be of great help to both beginner and advanced developers. Check them out, you might find the perfect tool for your next project! Hamburgers Hamburgers is a collection of over 20 hamburger menu buttons.

Rain & Water Effect Experiments Some experimental rain and water drop effects made with WebGL and shown in different demo scenarios. View demo Download source Today we’d like to share some WebGL experiments with you. The idea is to create a very realistic looking rain effect and put it in different scenarios. In this article, we’ll give an overview of the general tricks and techniques used to make this effect. Please note that the effect is highly experimental and might not work as expected in all browsers.

7 elements of a website redesign process Shopify Plus, the enterprise version of our hosted ecommerce platform, launched in February 2014 and was still in its first iteration when I asked if it was time for a redesign. It’d been just over a year, but we had a better understanding of our customers and who we were. The old brand just didn’t fit anymore. We didn’t follow any particular process, but doing the following 7 things in tandem helped us get where we wanted to be. 1. Interviews Guide to CSS support in email 2 May 2014 Removed support for various selector options (E) in Gmail and added support for direction, vertical-align and list-style-type in Outlook '07/'10/'13. 19 September 2013 Added support for @font-face, @media and HTML 5 media tags in email clients, as well as email-relevant CSS properties.

How to create flexible layouts with Susy and Breakpoint Creating responsive layouts can be challenging because of the maths involved, so it's common for designers to turn to frameworks and/or Sass to simplify the process. A lot of frameworks are based on a 12-column grid, but a responsive site doesn't always fit into this structure. Here, I'll show you how to use two Sass extensions to create truly flexible layout that transcends the 12-column grid. The problem

When to (not) use a Custom Taxonomy Saw a post over on the WordPress Stack Exchange site a while back, and though I sorta went into it in my answer there, I figured it would make a decent topic. Custom taxonomies are great. But they’re not great for everything.

Creating Scroll-based Animations using jQuery and CSS3 Creating movement is great way to provide an interesting and interactive experience for your viewers. With modern sites providing a greater deal of interactivity, it’s becoming increasingly expected that even simple websites will offer some level of animation / movement to engage their visitors. Today I will be outlining a technique that you can adapt to your web projects – triggering animations when scrolling into a pre-defined region. These animations will be created using CSS transforms and CSS transitions.

Our Favorite Japanese Design Blogs Although we’ve traveled and lived all over the world, in exciting and exotic locations, Tokyo holds a special place in our hearts. The hustle and bustle of Tokyo is intoxicating. It’s a fast-moving city with millions of inhabitants and yet there are moments throughout the day when it feels completely still and quiet. It’s difficult to explain. 16 really useful responsive web design tutorials Responsive web design is still massively popular form of web design, but it can be daunting if you have limited or no experience. Thankfully, we've rounded up these really useful tutorials to help you from day one. From dealing with typography and video, through imagery and layout to the technicalities of using JavaScript on your responsive sites, you'll be a pro before you know it.

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