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Fluid Motion Simulations and Artwork

Fluid Motion Simulations and Artwork
When a droplet falls into shallow water, it creates a crown or "coronet". This droplet simulation was calculated using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). SPH is one of the most impressive-looking fluid simulation techniques. Droplet Links Liquid Sculpture - beautiful high speed photographs, by Martin Waugh, see also this video Water Figures - beautiful high-speed camera splashes by Fotoopa Other Links Fluids v.1 - fast SPH C++ program by Rama Hoetzlein Physics Demos - fluid Java applets by Grant Kot Fluid Animations - amazing animations by Ron Fedkiw, with Eran Guendelman, Andrew Selle, Frank Losasso, et al.

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Visualising Subversion with Gource Over the weekend I stumbled across a video link, released (I assume) by Flickr. The video is a visualisation of the last 7 years of commits into the Flickr Subversion repository. Wow, there’s a lot of work been done to Flickr over the past 7 years! What’s even more interesting is you can easily create the same type of visualisation with your own project using an open-source project called Gource. Gource is a version control visualisation tool developed by Andrew Caudwell. Michael Shapcott - Part 2 Work in Progress (Graphite) I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of seeing into the future. Ultimately I feel that we are the creators of our own destiny but also that there is this mystery and force that is greater than ourselves simultaneously at work. It’s no doubt that our choices and actions help to create our future but how much is left to fate or to the great threads that link all of our lives into one? Perhaps most intriguing, is there a way to tap into and obtain a glimpse of what can or will happen to us? With these questions and ideas in mind, I decided to create this visual story of a girl who traveled a long distance and overcame many challenges to obtain an ancient power to see into the future.

Oscillon Astonishingly, oscillons of opposite phase will attract over short distances and form 'bonded' pairs. Oscillons of like phase repel. Oscillons have been observed forming 'molecule' like structures and long chains. In comparison, solitons do not form bound states. Stable interacting localized waves with subharmonic response were discovered and named oscillons at The University of Texas at Austin.

How To Draw "How to Draw" is a collection of tutorials that will teach you everything from perspective basics to shading chrome. Never picked up a pencil before? Fear not! From simple line drawings to modern art and easy animations, we've got you covered. gource visualisation tool Gource is a software version control visualization tool. See more of Gource in action on the Videos page. Introduction Software projects are displayed by Gource as an animated tree with the root directory of the project at its centre. Directories appear as branches with files as leaves. Developers can be seen working on the tree at the times they contributed to the project.

Paul Villinski artwork > birds and butterflies birds and butterflies I am drawn to humble, yet evocative materials; in this case, crushed beer cans from the streets of New York - every one of them once raised to someone’s lips. My process of “recycling” them into images of butterflies is a quiet physical meditation, a yoga of tin snips and files and more: • on beer can butterflies As the butterflies alight on the walls of my studio, they lead into an exploration of formal, painterly issues. Often, they want to gather into a certain shape, or fly off on a particular tangent, and I let them. They function both as marks in these abstract, three-dimensional “paintings,” and as actors in curious narratives.

16 tips to improve as a graphic designer Graphic design is a field that is quickly changing, both creatively and technically, and while it is easy to get caught up in learning new technical skills, it is just as important to focus improving and pushing the limits of our creativity. While in design school, it was easy to surround myself with inspiration and engage in activities that helped my understanding of effective design. Once I graduated I feared losing it, since I was no longer surrounded by a learning environment. I made it a point to continue educating myself as much as possible and become more active in the field of design.

The Product Space and the Wealth of Nations The concept of proximity formalizes the intuitive idea that the ability of a country to produce a product depends on its ability to produce other ones. For example, a country with the ability to export apples will probably have most of the conditions suitable to export pears. Unfortunately this intuitive definition of proximity is, very cumbersome to measure.

Annual HI-FRUCTOSE Group Invitational Exhibit @ ROQ LA RUE Hi-Fructose magazine is, quite possibly, my favorite hard-copy art publication in print right now. It’s physical construction alone is worthy of admiration, feeling more like a work of art to be protected than a rag to toss carelessly in your bathroom. My last issue was actually delivered in a carefully packed box with a free CD and a viewmaster reel (feat. designer toy art by Sam Flores, Mark Ryden, Jeremy Fish, Luke Chueh, etc.).

Art, Charts, and Diagrams Eternity and Consciousness Mind-Matter Relation Western Cosmology Like this: ARTIST OF THE DAY - NAOTO HATTORI Oct See more at - Posted 15th October 2010 by Dustin Parker

Thank you,I,ve placed it into my pearltrees. I very much appreciate this. by ixgagbalamvucub Mar 18

Thanks I was working on that today I'll send you the link ;-) by mirlen101 Mar 17

I think that it would be an excellent idea to create a pearltree dedicated to these different classes of waves as in one way,or another they are interconnected. This may very well end up being a large pearltree, as there is a large amount of very interesting information on particle waves,the behaviour of particles when observed,as versus unobserved,which inturn has an effect on how the particle waves themselves are formed. The subject of particle waves themselves would consist of several informative,and fascinating pearls. by ixgagbalamvucub Mar 17

Ned worked on exhibits at the science Exploratorium in San Francisco before going out on his own as an architechtual artist.The Exploratorium is an awesome place for cool science exhibits . The "wave theory of everything" will be wide in scope . Physics , art , education , fluid dynamics , sound waves , brain waves , light waves etc. I started one in an art section and another in a brain science section . I'm going to keep those going but I wanted to do one with a wider scope using all three . Mind , physics and art etc.. I guess I should start it in the physics pearltree . Be great to have you on board ! ;-) Your input will be greatly appreciated ! Especially on sorting out the flow , structure of categories . by mirlen101 Mar 16

Love the wind veils of Ned Kahn - very specky! It's a great direction to take a Pearltree on Wave Theory . . . the curatorial nature of this application must be dynamic for its full effect. I'll look forward to your new Pearltree and hope I can Team Up on it. I'll provide a branch on Solitons. by pauljacobson Mar 16

I have wave theory pearltrees in at least 3 separate sections . There's sound waves , fluid waves, particle waves , light waves , gravity waves, art based waves ( like VFL , video feedback loops ). The list keeps expanding out and cross linking . Wave theory is getting to be way more popular in research . Really amazing things coming out of it . Especially brain wave research ! It is mind blowing stuff ! ;-) I'm going to have to start a new wave theory pearltree just to tie it all together ! by mirlen101 Mar 14

Hi dmoton - this is fantastic! The beauty of mathematics comes to the fore in complexity. I have picked this pearl for continuing reference. Back in the 90s I was very proud of my computer graphics in Photoshop of scenes underwater back lit by rays of light (and ripple effects). All algorithms. by pauljacobson Mar 14