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Share all of this!

Share all of this!
In Pearltrees, all the pearls and pearltrees are public. All your changes are naturally shared with other users. This is also what makes it possible for you to discover an incredible amount of content while exploring Pearltrees. But that’s not all! Have you seen the buttons at the bottom right of the detail window? Each of these buttons supports a particular type or sharing:

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Founding principles Patrice Lamothe, CEO of Pearltrees, November 2008 A short description of Pearltrees Pearltrees is a collaborative project enabling Internet users to become editors of the Web, i.e. to visualize, organize and share their navigations. By building their own Web, they collectively build the living map of the entire Web. Context The development of content creation, sharing and discussion sites has radically transformed the practice of Internet users.

Disability-Related Organizations, Associations and Foundations This list was created to provide the general user with names, addresses, phone numbers, web sites, and email addresses of disability-related organizations, associations and foundations. Select the first letter of the word from the list above to jump to appropriate section of the list. If the name you are looking for starts with a digit or symbol, choose the '#' link. Acidemias, Organicsee: Organic Acidemias Association Inc. (OAA)

Pearl the stuff you like Pearls can be created in several ways: Pearltrees has extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer that make it easy to create pearls while you are browsing the web. Using the extension for your browser you can put any content you wish to keep directly into your dropzone or anywhere else in your account with only two clicks. The extensions for Firefox or Internet Explorer: They have 3 buttons: Pearl: It turns the web page you are reading into a pearl My Print Rewards Exclusive Offer terms and conditions You must be signed up for the My Print Rewards program and signed in with a user name and password to the HP Home & Home Store to receive exclusive offers & savings. 10% reward savings on ink, toner, & paper available after you make a qualifying purchase of $30 or more of ink, toner, or paper from HP Direct. Savings applies starting with your next purchase after qualifying & is valid for 12 months from the qualifying date. Savings and offers are only valid on purchases from HP Home & Home Office Store. 10% reward savings and exclusive offers are subject to change or cancellation at any time. Employee Purchase Program/ HP Academy Program/ HP Employee Purchase Program discounts are not combinable with MPR everyday savings.

Intuit: Pain and pleasure in the cloud Financial software company, Intuit, is a significant provider of services to the small business market. With total revenues around $4 billion, the company offers products such as check processing, payroll services, personal and professional tax preparation tools, and accounting software. It's a big business that automates important financial functions for small and mid-sized organizations. Intuit's customers rely on the company to provide core, mission-critical financial services. For this reason, Intuit is as much an enterprise technology company as Oracle or SAP. In recent years, the company migrated its products to the cloud, emphasizing service delivery over the Internet.

The web's third frontier Patrice Lamothe, CEO of Pearltrees October 22, 2010 Everyone realizes that the web is entering a new phase in its development. One indication of this transition is the proliferation of attempts to explain the changes that are occurring. Functional explanations emphasize the “real time web,” collaborative systems such as Wave, and the growth of localized social networks such as Foursquare. These technical explanations argue that the interconnectivity of data is the most significant current development.

ISIS begins killing spree of children with Down Syndrome - TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles (LiveActionNews) – The Islamic State, the Middle Eastern terrorist organization commonly known as ISIS, is carrying out a fatwa targeting children with congenital disabilities such as Down Syndrome for murder. The fatwa, or legal ruling from an Islamic authority, was reportedly issued by Saudi judge Abu Said Aljazrawi, who sits on ISIS’s sharia board. According to the Iraqi news group Mosul Eye, jihadists have carried out “more than 38 confirmed cases of killing babies with congenital deformities and Down’s Syndrome, aged between one week to three months. They were killed by either lethel [sic] injection or suffocation.” The executions are known to have occurred in both Syria and Mosul, Iraq. In addition, most of the children with Down syndrome are reportedly the offspring of foreign fighters married to Iraqi, Syrian, and Asian women.

What's a team? A team within Pearltrees is a group of people who have come together to collaboratively curate a common interest. When you want to join a team, just click on the “team up” button to send a request. As soon as your request has been accepted, you’ll be able to curate the pearltree with the other team members. Each member can add and organize the pearls and pearltrees of the team. Each member can also decide to accept or invite other members to expand the team. The founder has some privileges : he can express his objectives for the pearltree to the team in the editorial panel, and he’s the only one who can create subteams.

What is a Microsoft Exchange Server account? - Outlook Microsoft Outlook 2010 supports several account types. For email accounts, the most common account types are Microsoft Exchange Server, POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3): A common Internet protocol that is used to retrieve email messages from an Internet email server.), IMAP (IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol): Unlike Internet email protocols such as POP3, IMAP creates folders on a server to store/organize messages for retrieval by other computers. You can read message headers only and select which messages to download.), and (formerly Hotmail). Organizations - Disability Resources - LibGuides at Indiana University Acidemias, Organicsee: Organic Acidemias Association Inc. (OAA) Acoustic Neuroma Association 600 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 108 Cummings, GA 30041-6899 770-205-8211 (Voice) 770-205-0239 (FAX) E-mail: ADD Resources Cynthia Hammer, MSW, Director 223 Tacoma Av So #100 Tacoma, WA 98402 253-759-5085 (Voice) 253-572-3700 (FAX) E-mail:

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