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i.materialise 3D printing service blog Are you looking for a specific model; but can’t find the right size? Dave Cowden, a mechanical engineer with a passion for 3D printing, came up with the solution: Parametric Parts . An interview! What’s your background? David : «I was educated as a Mechanical Engineer, but I’ve always enjoyed ‘making things’. I moved into the IT industry about 15 years ago, and managed an e-commerce team for 10 years during the dot-com boom. Why did you start Parametric Parts? Can you tell us a little bit more about it? «Designers can create models that yield an unlimited number of possibilities, and users can finally get what they want without endless searching.» How will it help designers? How easy is it to use? Right now there are 14 models; how many models do you want to put online in time? Do you make these models? Can you give an example how and why designers would want to customize these models? Who can use your web based app?

Fabbaloo Blog - Fabbaloo Deezmaker Freedom Of Creation | Pioneers in 3D Printed Designs Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home REPLICATOR — Putting the "Custom" Back In Customer Gifs have become a fixture of the web, transformed Buzzfeed into a major media entity, and brought countless millions of hours of joy to bored office drones the world over. There’s a gif search engine and a service that will turn these little moments of web zen into IRL animated pictures. So why aren’t these miniature animations used more widely for practical purposes? Do any ecommerce sites use animated gifs to show off the unique features of a product?, a kid friendly site that aims to transform little video gamers into latter day scouts uses the art form to highlight the physicality of their merit badges: This simple animation shows off the unique feature of an Medieval book that can be read six different ways in three seconds while a highly produced video might take thirty seconds to do the same. Despite their obvious utility, these catchy little cartoons are relegated to cat pics and epic fails. The knobby interface belies a traditional technology load out. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4.