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Hypergraph - Hyperbolic graphs and trees

Hypergraph - Hyperbolic graphs and trees

HyperTree Java Library Network Analysis And Visualization jGraph JUNG Java Universal Network/Graph Framework All examples require JDK 1.4.x or better; Jung2 demos require JDK 1.5.x or better; ensure you have a recent Java plugin installed. Note: If you have installed a new JRE version over an old one, make sure you update your plug-in settings so that your browser uses the correct JRE. In Windows XP/NT/2k/9x, go to Start→Control Panel→Java Plug-in→Advanced and choose the latest version of the JRE from the drop-down list. Jung-2.0 Demos WorldMapGraphDemo The background image transforms along with the graph. AnimatingAddNodeDemo The old AddNodeDemo, but with animated transitions ShowLayouts2 The old ShowLayouts demo, but with animated transitions Tree Node Collapse Demo Demonstrates how to hide/show children of tree nodes. Vertex Collapse Demo Demonstrates how to collapse vertices into a single vertex Label As Vertex Demo Demonstrates how to use the vertex labels as the vertex shape. Annotations Demo Demonstrates an annotations layer for a graph.

Gruff: A Grapher-Based Triple-Store Browser for AllegroGraph The paragraphs below describe select features of the latest versions of Gruff. For a complete listing of the new features, see the Release History New in Version 5.2: SPARQL Endpoint Connections Gruff now allows users to connect and browse SPARQL Endpoints directly, without using an AllegroGraph database. Screenshots The new child menu "Global Options | SPARQL Endpoints" contains options that are specific to SPARQL endpoints, mostly to disable certain capabilities by default that may typically be too slow for an endpoint; in particular, label properties are not displayed by default with endpoints, but they can be. New in Version 5: Spring Layout View Gruff was originally designed to view and investigate portions of the graph using a constraint-based algorithm which specialized in avoiding any overlapping between nodes and links This makes viewing the graph more usable and clear (to the user) which nodes are linked by each link line. New in Version 4: Outline View RDFa - Capture From Websites

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