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5v Solar Supply THE CIRCUIT The circuit is designed around a "flyback Oscillator." This consists of an oscillator running at a high frequency. The output drives a transistor that is connected to an inductor. An indicator is a coil of wire wound on a metal or ferrite material. It can also be wound with an air core but it will not have the same output in this circuit. When an inductor is paced across a battery, it will not allow a high current to flow immediately. CHARGING THE CELLS The two solar panels are connected in series to charge the two 1/3 AA Ni-Cd cells. 1/3 AA Ni-Cd cell The two 1.2v NiCad cells have a voltage across them of about 1.3v +1.3v when charged and this rises to 2.7v when the panel starts to charge them. ASSEMBLY The parts are placed on a small matrix board 8 holes x 10 holes. The top of the Matrix Board showing the placement of the parts The underside of the board is very messy and the parts need to be re-laidout so that no wires cross over.

Razberry - Pour domotiser vos Raspberry Pi Cette couverture du CES 2015 a été rendue possible grâce au soutien de Domadoo. Le CES, vous devriez vraiment voir ça... C'est tellement immense qu'il me sera impossible de tout voir et de parler avec tout le monde, mais en tout cas, ça m'explose la tête comme si j'étais un enfant de 4 ans cocainé déambulant dans le plus grand Toys'R'Us du monde. C'est un truc de malade et j'ai vraiment beaucoup de chance d'être là. En me promenant, je suis tombé sur un truc qui va plaire à tous les bidouilleurs qui s'intéressent à la domotique. Ca s'appelle Razberry (non, pas Raspberry) et c'est une petite carte Z-Wave qui vient se connecter directement aux ports GPIO d'un Raspberry Pi et qui permet de recevoir et transmettre des signaux Z-Wave. Pour ceux qui ne connaîtraient pas Z-Wave, il s'agit d'un standard de communication domotique qui est chiffré et qui fonctionne en établissant un réseau mesh entre tous les appareils Z-Wave présents chez vous. Vous trouverez plus d'infos ici.

HACK ALIM PC (1) Je ne traiterai dans ce sujet que de l’alimentation ATX. (Attention, vous ne devez jamais tenter de démonter l’alimentation elle-même, car il y a des risques de choc électrique à plus de 300 volts !) Je ne suis en aucun cas responsable des dommages occasionnés suite à une mauvaise manipulation. Faites attention aux manipulations, car je ne suis pas et ne serais jamais tenu responsable des dégâts occasionnés. Vous possédez un vieux pc et vous voulez le jeter à la décharge, attendez avant de faire cela. Si l’alimentation du PC démarre toujours, retirez-la du boitier PC. Démontage de l’alimentation du PC : pour cela il suffit de retirer les 4 vis derrière le pc, au niveau de l’alimentation autour du ventilateur. N’oubliez pas de débrancher les câbles à l’intérieur du pc. Identification de l’alimentation : Il existe trois connecteurs ; ATX 20 broches et ATX 24 broches en un bloc, ou ATX 20 broches + 4. (ATX 20 broches) (ATX 24 broches) (ATX 20 broches +4 broches) (ATX 24 broches) (ATX 20 broches)

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories | Making the world a better place, one Evil Mad Scientist at a time. Atanua - Downloads Atanua is open source, source code available at If you're having issues, update your display drivers first. That has fixed over 90% of issues in the past.OSX build is for old ppc macs. 10.4 works, 10.3.9 might work. If you make plug-ins for Atanua and wish them to be listed here, toss me an email. Bachelor's thesis on Atanua (PDF) - covers usage and plenty of the internals of AtanuaFinal year project presentation slides (PDF) - slides of the brief presentationGoogle+ page. Atanua win32 1.3.141220 Open source release. Atanua win32 1.2.130617 Atanua Linux/x86 1.2.130617 Atanua Linux/x86_64 1.2.130617 Autosave now checks whether the path ends in a trailing slash, and adds one if it's missing. Atanua win32 1.2.130505 Optimized loading of complicated boxed designs. Atanua win32 1.2.110613 Delayed error propagation, combined with some other optimizations, caused (at least) some simple circuits from ever generating error signals. Atanua win32 1.2.110518

Charging supercapacitor banks needs careful consideration of the power supply Statement of the problem When charging batteries there is a advantage that capacitors don't have. Usually the batteries don't start at zero voltage, and even if they do only a tiny amount of charge is required to get them to a large fraction of the open circuit voltage. Several Solutions to the Problem There are two problems that need to be addressed in choosing a power supply to charge large supercapacitor banks. 1) All power supplies need voltage and current regulation. a) Shutdown. 2) The second problem, at least for charging supercapacitors, is over what range of output voltage will the supply deliver continuous power without shutting down or hicoughing. The reason for this is because the operating power for the control circuit is usually derived from an extra winding on the transformer. PowerStream has experience with chargers for large supercapacitor banks, including UPS systems using supercapacitors for wide temperature range applications.

AllConnect - Play & Stream | Download Apps For Free Android, Apps, Media & Video, Description Instantly stream your favorite music, photos and movies to your smart TV, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Xbox and many more. {{FEATURES}} # Cool Play Stream App # Easy To Use # Stream to all connected devices: # Apple TV, AirPlay speakers, Chromecast, DLNA devices, smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, etc.), Xiaomi Box, Amazon FireTV, Xbox and more. # All your media in one place: music, photos, videos, movies, tv shows etc. # Play Stream from any source # And More {Requires Android 2.3 and up} Supported Android Version:- Gingerbread (2.3–2.3.7) . Converting an Inkjet Printer to Print PCBs Recently one of my focuses has been to find a way to make the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) creation process easier. I like being able to design something based on what I want in a circuit and just making it myself on the random weekend. While the toner transfer method has been my go to in the past it’s just not nearly as consistent as I would like it to be. The specific pressure of the iron and timing both make it a hit or miss approach. I’m not a fan of hit or miss I like to know something is going to work every time I try to do it. About a year and a half ago I found this webpage on modifying an Epson inkjet printer into a printer capable of printing on thicker materials such as copper clad board used by hobbyists such as myself to create custom circuit boards. So all that being said let's start with the tools and materials you'll need for this project: Once you've gathered all of those things you're ready to begin.

100 IC Circuits The 74c14 IC is one of the most useful chips on the market. When you realise its versatility, you will use it for lots of designs. In this section we describe its capability and provide circuits to show how it can be used. The 74C14 IC contains 6 Schmitt Trigger gates. Minimum supply voltage 5v Maximum supply voltage 15v Max current per output 10mA - 60mA total Maximum speed of operation 4MHz Current consumption approx 1uA with nothing connected to the inputs or outputs. The output of each gate will deliver about 10mA. Adding a BUFFER TRANSISTOR Each gate is a separate "Building Block." Here is an animation of how the gate works. The next feature to understand is called THE TIME DELAY CIRCUIT The time delay circuit is also know as a "TIMING CIRCUIT," "DELAY CIRCUIT," or "R-C CIRCUIT". If we add the TIMING CIRCUIT (DELAY CIRCUIT) to the output of a Schmitt gate, we can see the capacitor charging and discharging: Here is the clever part.

Supercapacitors [Archive] - PICAXE Forum I've been a great supercap. fan for years, & all manner of electrical party tricks are possible with them. A classic involves connecting a small efficient DC motor, spinning it with your fingers as a generator, then having the stored energy (re)drive the motor. Why their PICAXE appeal however? Capacitor maths - Q=VxC =Ixt, means a 5V 1F cap could sustain (at say 10mA) a load for 5/0.01 =500 seconds before fully discharging. The Ah capacity of such a supercap. is (at best) just 10mA x 500/3600 = ~1.39 mAh This is orders of magnitude below 3 V Li coin cells, which typically are rated ~100mAh. I've had a lot of fun with the tiny polyacene types (rated 3V 0.6F) from US firm Pager Motors. EXTRA: FWIW -the supercap/battery field is evolving rapidly,especially with combo "bacitor" or "cabattery" types in e-vehicle load smoothing/regen. braking.

Series: Domotique « Vous l’avez attendu le voilà :) Le premier article de la série où l’on va enfin ajouter un périphérique Z-Wave à notre installation ! Pour démarrer dans le monde du Z-Wave, j’ai choisi de tester un type de capteur qui a mauvaise réputation dans la gamme chacon (433Mhz) : un détecteur d’ouverture de porte/fenêtre Z-Wave. En effet, le protocole Chacon ne proposant pas de “retour d’état”, les capteurs d’ouverture de porte en 433Mhz ont une fâcheuse tendance à spammer le réseau radio en répétant N fois la même information, brouillant au passage les messages de ses petits copains. Pourquoi vouloir suivre l’ouverture des portes et fenêtre du domicile ? Au premier abord suivre ce type d’événement peut paraître anodin, mais il y a pourtant quelques intérêts à le faire : En terme de tranquillité, le système domotique va être capable de vous assurer que toutes vos fenêtres sont bien fermées lorsque vous quittez votre domicile. Un modèle original Les modules Aeon Labs DSB54 et ZW089 Le capteur démonté

Do it Range tes outils dans ton vieux Jeans 10 minutes pour réutiliser un vieux jeans afin de ranger ses outils. Lien Permanent pour cet article : Réparation de la carte vidéo d’un portable Samsung Q45 Après avoir rendu de bon et loyaux services pendant quelques années, j’ai un portable Q45 qui a une panne d’affichage vidéo des plus ennuyeuse: Pas de vidéo du tout ou alors un affichage rayé de lignes violettes. Lire la Suite » Lien Permanent pour cet article : Réparation d’un écran LCD Samtron 94v – Mode non optimal Certains écrans LCD SAMSUNG / SAMTRON sont connus pour avoir des problèmes après quelques années de fonctionnement. Lien Permanent pour cet article : Support DIY pour caméra USB de chez Adafruit The Transistor Amplifier TRANSISTOR PINOUTS: THE RESISTOR Before we go any further, we need to talk about the RESISTOR. It's a two-leaded electrical component that has resistance from a fraction of an OHM to many millions of ohms (depending how much carbon is in the resistor). When the resistance is very low (small) the resistor is equal to a piece of wire and when it is very high, the resistance is equal to . . . . . . The value of a resistor is marked on the body with bands of colours or, in the case of surface-mount resistors, a set of numbers. These identify the value of the resistor in OHMs. When the value of resistance is above one-thousand ohms, we use the letter "k" - for example 1,200 ohms is 1.2k or 1k2. A resistor limits (or reduces) the current-flow. That's all a resistor does. This simple feature of limiting the current is like a man with a hammer - he can hammer nails, break glass, drive a pole into the ground and lots more and a resistor can do more than 12 different "things."