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Changing Hair Color . Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tutorial.

Changing Hair Color . Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tutorial.
Steps for Changing Hair Color This is the final output.As you can see, there are two different colors on the hair-Green and Red. Changing Hair Color-Final Output 1) Choose a good image Good Hair Image 2) Choose the Pen Tool to select a particular area of hair. Pen Tool 3) Add a new layer(Ctl +Shift + N) and paste(Ctl+ V) the copied area on the same place. Paste copied Hair on same place but New Layer Fig 1.A Paste copied Hair on same place but New Layer Fig 1.B 3) Go to the Image menu,choose >Adjustments>Variations>and choose any good color you want. Erase sharp edges using eraser tool 4)Now our Green colored hair is perfect. Green Shade on hair You can use the same method mentioned above to make a different shade. Brown Shade on top portion of hair

Photoshop Tutorials - Age Progression Disclaimer: None of the given Photoshop Tutorials are written by me. They are all taken from various sources on the Internet and I compiled some of them for you. Hope you understand. Here’s a little tutorial showing you how I basically go about aging a woman’s face in Photoshop. Preface I've been asked several times by different members to post a tutorial on how I age-progress a person. Men and women age a little bit differently but since I've only aged female celebrities thus far, I'll just focus on women for this tutorial. Step 1: Choosing an Appropriate Photo When deciding to age-progress a celebrity’s face, I try to select a picture that is touched-up as little as possible. I find that candid shots, or any shots that have not been taken in a studio, work best because the resulting harsh lighting reveals more of the skin’s details i.e. slight bags under the eyes and faint wrinkles. Step 2: Collecting Reference Material Reference material is key in my method of aging. Now the fun begins!

Simple 3D Acrylic Text Effect in Photoshop CS6 This tutorial will explain how to use Photoshop CS6′s new Shape and 3D capabilities to create a polished sleek acrylic/plastic/glass text effect. Then, the coloring will be modified using two adjustment layers. The Final Result Tutorial Details Software Used : PhotoshopVersion : CS6 ExtendedTime : 1:00 – 2:00 Resources INTRO font.Patterns 21 by Ransie3. Big Thank You! On the 22nd of July 2010, the first ever textuts tutorial was published. And those three years have been among the best years indeed. This really can’t be put into words, but I truly appreciate you making this journey so special and so splendidly beautiful. If you’ve got anything you’d like to say or suggest, just go ahead and send me a message through the contact form. This is my “Thank You” text effect for textuts’ third birthday, I hope you like it Best regards,Rose Step 1 Duplicate the text layer, then right click the copy and choose Convert to Shape. Step 2 Duplicate the shape 3D layer. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Color Hex - ClipArt ETC: Free Educational Illustrations for Classroom Use Alphabets The Alphabets ClipArt collection offers 1,193 illustrations arranged in 43 galleries including decorative letters and numerals, complete alphabet sets, and several sign language systems. If you are looking… American History and Government The American History and Government ClipArt collection offers 2,513 illustrations arranged in 26 galleries. The images range from exploration and Colonial America, to the American Revolution and Civil… Ancient and Medieval History The Ancient and Medieval History ClipArt collection offers 1,456 illustrations in 18 galleries from ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Greece, Rome, and Byzantine cultures. Animals The Animals ClipArt collection offers 10,528 illustrations arranged in 96 galleries, including amphibians, birds, crustaceans, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles. Arts and Architecture Business and Industry Community Flags and Emblems Home Literature Mathematics Military Music People Places Plants School Science Sports and Recreation Transportation ClipPix ETC » Большая коллекция шрифтов