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Home Language Computer - Cicero On-Demand API The Cicero On-Demand provides a RESTful interface that wraps LCC's CiceroLite and other NLP components. This API is used for Cicero On-Demand whether the server is the one hosted at LCC or is run locally on your machine. You can access a free, rate-limited version online, as described below, at Following is a description of the REST calls, which are valid for both the hosted and local modes. Checking the server status You can verify the server is running via the built-in HTML viewer. Accessing the server using a web browser You can access the server directly using a web browser. Accessing the server using Curl. Curl is a command line utility that lets you access web services. To process a local file using Curl To process raw text using Curl curl -sLN --compressed -F 'content=John Smith works for us.' Specifying an output format on Windows:

Public Data Explorer Indicateurs de développement humain Rapport sur le développement humain 2013, Programme des Nations Unies pour le développement Les données utilisées pour calculer l'Indice de développement humain (IDH) et autres indices composites présentés dans le Rapport sur le développement humain ... Eurostat, Indicateurs démographiques Eurostat Indicateurs démographiques annuels. Chômage en Europe (données mensuelles) données sur le chômage harmonisé pour les pays européens. Salaire minimum en Europe Salaire mensuel brut minimum en euros ou parités de pouvoir d'achat, données semi-annuelles. Dette publique en Europe Statistiques sur les finances publiques des pays européens.

Social Media Analytics takes social media marketing to the enter More than just monitoring, SAS® analytics help B2B and B2C marketers get real-time, real-world value from social media data for better business decisions SAS GLOBAL FORUM, SEATTLE (April 12, 2010) – Global corporations are seeking ways to convert social media data into better customer relationships, stronger customer service, enhanced marketing efforts and improved bottom-line results. They are struggling to derive practical insight from a flood of online conversation data and apply it to real-world decisions. Corporate marketers and agencies want more than the current one-size-fits-all offerings. SAS Social Media Analytics is the first enterprise solution designed to meet the needs of marketers in medium and large companies. Screenshots Download high-resolution screenshots (ZIP) "SAS' new social media solution is a game changer," said Katie Paine, CEO of KDPaine & Partners. SAS Social Media Analytics is built on SAS’ strengths in advanced analytics and data integration.

carboncopies project Kapow Software - Leader in Automated Data Integration Natural Language Toolkit — NLTK 2.0 documentation Project2Manage Spinn3r: RSS Content, News Feeds, News Content, News Crawler and Distribute your work tothousands of Workers instantly. Mechanical Turk gives your business access to a scalable, on-demand workforce. Mechanical Turk lets you get results faster by having multiple Workers complete individual Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) in parallel. The global Worker community on Mechanical Turk lets you get work done at a lower cost than was previously possible. Service Highlights On-Demand, Scalable Workforce Amazon Mechanical Turk provides access to a global marketplace of Workers whenever your business needs them. Access more than 500,000 Workers from 190 countries Connect with Workers who have a variety of skill sets and capabilities Scale up and down in minutes Fast Turnaround You can have multiple Workers complete your HITs simultaneously, so your project is done faster. Accurate Results Amazon Mechanical Turk provides several mechanisms to help you receive accurate results. Lower Cost Structure Enabling New Businesses Pricing

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