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Your Research Life - Organized

Your Research Life - Organized
"@colwiz: Today is our 1st birthday! We're celebrating with a new home page & updates! More at: " #phdchatPosted on 28 MarToday is our 1st birthday! We're celebrating with a new home page & updates! More at:

Problems Formatting Your Bibliography Error: "Length is null or not an object" or "this.oRange.Text.substr(...).match(...).0' is null or not an object" This can be caused by multiple edits on document, the use of track changes option or using different version of Write-N-Cite. Open the document WordOpen Write-N-CiteIn Write-N-Cite go to Tools Select Revert to WNC v.2Save the documentReturn to Write-N-Cite and for to ToolsSelect Convert to WNC III DocumentReformat your document Error: "Some or all of the Cited References in the manuscript were not in your database" or "Reference n was not found in your database" Bring Your Articles to Life with ReadCube's Enhanced PDF "The enhanced PDF made the "normal" PDF's jealous. The reference integration should be available in every PDF reader, it's that good!" Dan Turmand Emmanuel College

ScienceLab- Mozilla The vision The web has revolutionized many aspects of our everyday life, from media to education and business. But even though the web was invented by scientists, we still have not yet seen it change scientific practice to nearly the same extent. m-biblio EndNote - EndNote X3 doesn't have the Emory U connection file to connect directly to EUCLID. How can I get it? If you have a pre-X5 version of EndNote, get the NEWLY UPDATED (Feb 2011) EmoryU connection file here. Should I use one library for all my references, or separate libraries for different projects? It's entirely up to you; there's no right or wrong way to organize your files. However, it is usually recommended to have one library to make it easier to create bibliograpies in Word.

New Rocket Scientist BeautyQR helps you to make custom QR Codes! This means that you can create QR codes that looks like no other. You determine the size, color, style (back and foreground), framing, theme and the images or logo that you want to integrate with the QR code. Your customized QR Code will look ever more interesting as the image or logo will give mobile users a rough idea about the meaning of the code. The main reason why some people do not scan QR Codes is uncertainty. If you have a customized and stylish code with a logo or an interesting picture that illustrates what the QR code is about, then people are more willing to scan your code. EasyBib: Free Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles Docear Open Biotechnology - Making biotech open source and tearing down barriers to science