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The Rules of the Classroom (song for kids about the 6 rules of the classroom)

The Rules of the Classroom (song for kids about the 6 rules of the classroom)

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Creating Classroom Rules Together As a teacher, you, of course, need to establish general rules of conduct for your classroom. But how do you make your students want to follow the rules? Give them a hand in creating those rules! Here's how to do it. Top 10 Classroom Rules for Elementary School Students Classroom rules are important to your class community. When students have rules, they know what your expectations are for them. They know what you want them to do, and they know that there are consequences for failing to follow the rules. Making Classroom Rules When it comes to creating classroom rules, consider including your students in the process.

Bringing Classroom Rules to Life School rules. The mere mention of these words can elicit heavy sighs and moans from children and adults alike. Rules order us around. Our Class Rules The poster below can be used on a display in your classroom to share your expectations with your class. It is editable so you can add your own rules (although you are welcome to keep our suggestions too). Why not use it at the start of the school year and ask children to come up with their own list of suggested rules? Here are some rules that you could include:

Elementary Classroom Rules and Management by Leah Davies, M.Ed. By Leah Davies, M.Ed. Elementary classrooms can become better learning environments when teachers have rules, classroom management skills, and a belief that each child can be successful. Rules help create a predictable atmosphere that limit classroom disruptions and encourage children to use self-control. Children need to be taught that it is their responsibility to make appropriate choices and that they will be held accountable for their actions. Teachers may decide to establish rules or allow their students to assist in formulating them. Teachers who involve their children in the rule making process contend that students are more likely to follow them.

Why I Don’t Have Classroom Rules However, while I was clearing my credential, working with mentor teachers to reflect on my practice, and finding out how real students differed from theoretical ones, I also spent long hours after school with the speech and debate team reading philosophy and theory and talking about innovative alternatives for national defense, natural resource allocation, and, of course, education. That led me to some uncomfortable conclusions. Although I encouraged my students to think critically and challenged myself to develop new methods of instruction, the actual conduct of the class seemed at odds with all that. I wanted my students to do more than just follow rules handed down to them. I wanted them to understand why those rules exist, and be willing to interrogate ones that didn’t seem valuable, meaningful, or useful. Getting Started

Songs & Poems Seasons Special Days Animals The Only Classroom Rules You'll Ever Need If you’re looking for elaborate or decorative classroom management ideas, you won’t find them here. Though prevalent, such ideas are unnecessary, even counterproductive, for classroom management. On this site, we’re focused on only two things: 1. Classroom Rules- Elementary Level Class Rules Set #1 No interfering with the teaching and learning of others.Respect personal space, rights and property of others.Follow directions of all your teachers.Come to class prepared with all supplies and homework complete. Class Rules Set #2 Be respectful of yourself and others. Raise your hand before you speak during a classroom lesson. Listen quietly while others are speaking.

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