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Free online network tools - traceroute, nslookup, dig, whois lookup, ping - IPv6

Free online network tools - traceroute, nslookup, dig, whois lookup, ping - IPv6

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Download Test Files These files are provided to help users test their download speeds from our servers. You can also run a speed test however downloading files may be useful if you want to do so from different tools. Please be aware that downloading these files will count towards your download usage allowances imposed by your broadband provider and the large files may use up a large proportion of this if you only have a small allowance (1GB - 3GB for example).

Reverse IP Lookup - Find Other Web Sites Hosted on a Web Server Find other sites hosted on a web server by entering a domain or IP address above. Note: For those of you interested, as of May 2014, my database has grown to over 100 million domain names. I am now offering this domain list for purchase. A reverse IP domain check takes a domain name or IP address pointing to a web server and searches for other sites known to be hosted on that same web server.

Network Monitoring Tools Les Cottrell, SLAC. Last Update: January 18, 2014ESnet | ESCC | Internet end-to-end monitoring | Tutorial This is a list of tools used for Network (both LAN and WAN) Monitoring tools and where to find out more about them. The audience is mainly network administrators. You are welcome to provide links to this web page. Please do not make a copy of this web page and place it at your web site since it will quickly be out of date. See here if you wish to suggest additions or changes. Excel: Easily convert hyperlinks to text showing the URL address So there were about 5000 rows in the spreadsheet I was working with and each row had a hyperlink labelled "Website". This made life a little difficult when I converted the file to CSV for processing because the hyperlink was removed... So before converting to CSV, I converted it into the actual URL location/address/href/source using a neat little macro.In your spreadsheet, select the cells that you want to convertPress ALT+F8 to bring up the Macro dialog belowType in "RemoveHyperlinks" and click "Create" It should open up in a new windowBetween "Sub" and "End Sub", paste the following code Dim Cell As Range For Each Cell In Intersect(Selection, ActiveSheet.UsedRange) If Cell.Hyperlinks.Count > 0 Then Cell.Value = Cell.Hyperlinks.Item(1).Address End If Next It should now look like this: What is it? Here you can enter an e-mail address to verify if it exists of if there are problems with it. A series of checks will be performed on the e-mail address but no actual e-mail is sent. How does it work? Just enter the e-mail address and wait for the test results to appear. There you will see the results of the different checks that are performed: Syntax checkIf the format is incorrect it will be reported why. Open Ports Tool Remote Address Port Number Check a port's status by entering an address and port number above. Dr.Web - innovation anti-virus security technologies. Comprehensive protection from Internet threats. Everyone knows that once you are on malicious or fraudulent websites, your PC can easily become infected, especially if your computer or mobile device does not have anti-virus software installed. But could this be avoided? Yes, and it’s as simple as this: if a website looks suspicious, you check it on this web page before clicking on the unknown link. Attention! New threat! Getting infected by browsing websites with a mobile device

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