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The First step towards a new Innovation System

The First step towards a new Innovation System

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Community Maps #MapJam 2.0: The Sharing Cities Network has launched the 2nd annual global #MapJam to build community and bring activists together in cities around the world to connect the dots and map grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons. Signup to Host or Join an Event to Put the New Economy on the Map! #MapJam 1.0: Fifty cities around the world began mapping their shared resources in October and November in 2013 during Shareable's first annual global #MapJam.

Wageningen Yield A number of research institutes publish report series: Alterra A combination of practical and scientific research in a multitude of disciplines related to the green world around us and the sustainable use of our living environment. Consumer B Gone Consumer B Gone enables you to block a shopping cart by just playing some tones out of your mobile phone speaker as a song or as a ringtone. Consumer B Gone is born from the incredible shock that the shopping cart wheel could be remotely locked if you tried to exit the supermarket parking lot. The root cause of it was an antenna (a wire in the ground at the exit of the parking lot) which sent a “Lock” signal to 2 of the 4 shopping cart wheels.

Chris Anderson’s “Makers” : when customers turn into community Don’t just look, do ! I’ve long refused reading the books of the top minds of the Valley, probably from fear I could be convinced and would have to change my “fixed mindset” as I recently discover my brain was working. Hopefully, I’m not yet 30 and YES, I did read one of these books and YES, it’s a game-changer for me at least. Chris Anderson’s “Maker : the new industrial revolution” is a brilliant book, one of the kind you can’t close without DOING something. Welcome to ZyXEL Communications Corporation Guess where this pic was taken for a chance to win our NSA320! Protected from HeartBleed Manage, deploy, maintain Wi-Fi easily by NXC Series Controller When Simplicity Meets Smart Networking Switch. Kaspersky Labs Alliance Program The Commons Have Come to Town Article and images cross-posted from Spain’s recent municipal and regional elections have transformed the entire political scene. New citizen coalitions with roots in community groups allied with small progressive political parties won unexpected victories in several large cities. This, plus the fact that two new national political parties -- Podemos and Ciudadanos -- burst decisively onto the political stage in the regional elections, has blocked the bipartisan (PP-PSOE) system created with the 1975 democratic transition. Victorious in seven major cities throughout the country, including the three largest ones (Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia), these coalitions open the door to a different sort of transition, questioning the dominant political culture and mentality, and in most cases putting in place minority governments, thus obliging various parties to negotiate joint platforms. Alain Ambrosi, Barcelona, 17 June 2015

Automation Marketplace 2012: The Complete Survey Data Data collected by Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technology and Research, Vanderbilt University, Nashville The following charts provide the complete statistical report for the 2012 automation marketplace. Note: at the top of each table is a search box that allows you to filter rows in the table that follows. Web4Deb extruder Introduction The Web4Deb Extruder is a functional auger based granular extruder that produces perforated HDPE strips for use in aquaponics. A video of the extruder in action can be found [here]. The blog of the creator (Web4Deb) can be found [here]. Specifications

Let The Network Do The Work One of the most striking things I see when watching organizations make the transition from legacy industrial models of working to new network-based models, is that we keep trying to employ the new tools and ideas in the same old ways. Certainly, it’s quite hard to unlearn the old methods, so deeply instilled are they by prior experience, history, and momentum. But as businesses, even today, we largely still try to create all the ideas, try to control everything, and focus on doing all the work to produce outcomes within the organization, team, or enterprise, with a little help of perhaps a few closely held suppliers and business partners.

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