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Boston Public Library

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University of Bergen Library The University of Bergen, including the University Library, has launched a new website with a new design. The "old" web pages will still be available for a limited period, but they will not be updated any more. Welcome to the library! Main objective of the library The main objective of the University library is to collect and make available information in order to contribute to improving the quality of the research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge that takes place at the University of Bergen. The University Library offers

Special Collections Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Thursday, April 24, 2014 Housed in historic Hill Memorial Library, the LSU Libraries’ Special Collections encompass a wide range of materials that may be used for research, education, and personal enjoyment. The library’s principle mission is to preserve the distinctive history and culture of Louisiana.

Next-generation discovery: an overview of the European scene Abstract: In this chapter we will provide a brief overview of the features and general characteristics of this new genre of library software, focusing on the products that have been deployed or developed in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. Some of these projects include adoption of commercial products from international vendors such as Serials Solutions, EBSCO, Ex Libris, or OCLC and others involve locally-developed software or implementation of open source products. Dissatisfaction with the online catalogues delivered as part of the library management system sparked the emergence of a new genre of products and services that focus entirely on providing an improved experience in the way that libraries provide access to their collections and services.

Library Networking: Journals, Blogs, Associations, etc. In Libraryland, there are many ways of keeping up and keeping connected with your fellow librarians This page does not necessarily indicate every site that has an RSS feed. Since most of these people are librarians, it's always worth checking for an RSS feed for their journals, blogs, etc. (What's RSS?) This page: Library Networking, generally | Library Journals and Indexes | Library and Librarian Blogs | Library Newsgroup | Library and Related Associations (Subject-Matter Library Associations) | Library Conferences Library Networking, generally

American Philosophical Society The entirety of the Franz Boas Papers is currently being digitized. This momentous project will provide unprecedented access to this large and important collection. The originals of the Franz Boas Papers will be closed to researchers beginning Sept. 17, 2012 and will remain closed until the end of 2014. Researchers visiting the library will be asked to use the microfilm, and orders for copies will be curtailed.For further information or for emergency requests, please contact apologize for the inconvenience during the digitization project. LJ Awards - Past Winners LibraryAware Community Award | Paralibrarian of the YearLibrary of the Year | Library Marketer of the Year Award | LJ / ALISE Excellence in Teaching Award | Best Small Library in AmericaLibrarian of the Year | Politician of the Year LibraryAware Community Award (Nominations due January 24, 2017) 2016 Louisville, KY, Louisville Free Public Library, KY 2015 Dothan, AL, Houston County Library System, AL 2014 Wichita, KS, Wichita Public Library, KS 2013 Canton Township, MI, Canton Public Library, MI Paralibrarian* of the Year Winners

Index. English. Home page. Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists A primary aim of The Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists (AILIS) is to foster better communication and closer co-operation amongst international librarians and information specialists in the Geneva - Lausanne area. But more than that, because of the great changes that have occurred in the world of information during last decade, AILIS provides an opportunity to learn about the trends in our profession. In particular AILIS co-sponsors the programme "Library Science Talks" which consists of 5-6 presentations per year given by internationally recognized specialists in the field.

Library Welcome to the Library of the Bank of Greece The Library is a Section of the Department "Centre for Culture, Research and Documentation of the Bank of Greece" and is housed in the Bank’s Head Office. As a special library focusing on economics and finance, its mission is to support the Bank in its research and other activities, while also making its resources available to the broader user community. City of Sunnyvale: Sunnyvale Public Library [3iE] Online Video Tutorials and Training with Want to learn something new? is an online educational site that includes over 3,000 courses (and over 130,000 videos) in popular fields like web design, web development, IT, education/instruction, media production, and business. Experts create and deliver all courses as well as provide supplemental materials like exercise files and relevant work samples. For access to multimedia software, like Photoshop, the Library offers the Multimedia Designer's Laptop for Library use. How to access: Visit, enter your 14-digit Sunnyvale Library card number and PIN and click "Log in."

Directories - Libraries Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web Directories: Libraries See Also: Librariana Africa Research Central - California State University, San Bernardino. Kirstein Business Library Welcome to the Kirstein Business Library Posted on May 2nd, 2013 by Gregor Smart in Kirstein Business Library The Kirstein Business Library offers career and job hunting information, entrepreneurial resources, assistance to investors, and maintains a variety of business directories and industry statistics. For more information about the programs and resources at Kirstein: Visit our About PageView our Upcoming ProgramsView our June-August Calendar of EventsView our PresentationsFollow us on:

Books That Bring History Into Context As Katherine Paterson writes in “Why Historical Fiction?” “History gives us a pair of powerful eyeglasses with which to examine our own times. It is hard to look directly at our present reality because we are both too myopic and too faint-hearted.” History is alive, and historical books provide opportunities for young readers to experience times and places that, although not their own, have the potential to influence their understandings about the events of the past, the ways in which history both shaped and was shaped by individuals and groups of people, and how those people and events affect present realities. Furthermore, literature can provide multiple perspectives on history and historical events, giving voice to those whose perspectives have been excluded from other accounts. The books featured in this post demonstrate the power of children’s literature—regardless of genre and text type—both to provide information for young readers and to tell the stories of history.

Annotation for the Deep Web One of the core challenges of the Semantic Web is to create metadata by mass collaboration-by combining semantic content created by a large number of people. To attain this objective, researchers have developed several approaches to deal with the manual or semiautomatic creation of metadata from existing information. However, these approaches-as well as older ones that provide metadata-build on the assumption that the information sources under consideration are static, given as static HTML pages or as books in a library.