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Tu Dosis Diaria de Creatividad e Inspiracion

Tu Dosis Diaria de Creatividad e Inspiracion

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30 ganadores de premios ejemplos Wildlife Photography para su inspiración Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorial How to Make an HTML Website in Dreamweaver CS5 Larva - Larvatar 1 - Funny 3D Animation Short film DETALLE diaria - la arquitectura y el diseño del blog Muji: Getting the most out of a tiny plot All photos: Muji The Japanese Muji design label enjoys success with its minimalist products all over the world. Now the first Muji prefab house has been completed in Tokyo. Read more Submit Media At WorshipHouse Media we are always looking for new church media resources that will benefit our audience. If you produce creative church media and are interested in seeing your resources in the WorshipHouse store we would love to hear from you. Info When you submit media to us it goes into our submission process of evaluation. If the media is a great fit for our quality minded church media customers we will let you know within 4 weeks from submission date. If approved as a producer you would receive a 50% Non-Exclusive agreement.

20 épicas espaciales Fotos Del astronauta Chris Hadfield Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has the best view in the galaxy. Orbiting 230 miles above Earth, the International Space Station is home to Hadfield until May. While he spends most of his day doing typical astronaut things, Hadfield does get one or two hours of free time, during which he snaps amazing photos to share with the Twitterverse. Since living in space, Hadfield has blossomed into a social media megastar. His account @Cmdr_Hadfield recently nabbed a spot on TIME's 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013. His photos of swirling turquoise oceans and billowing desert landscapes make for viral gold.

Create a Fantasy Storybook Illustration Good storybook illustrators know how to tap into a child’s imagination. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a fantasy storybook illustration that depicts a child riding a pet spider. This tutorial includes both written and video content. Let’s get started!

Foldio - Photojojo You just baked the most perfect cupcake! Now you simultaneously need to snap a pic for your blog and put it in your mouth ... immediately. Whip out your Foldio mini photo studio for a quick pic and you'll be able to taste those precisely placed sprinkles asap. The Foldio is a pop-up studio, shrunken for your convenience. White walls and built-in LEDs give just the right amount of light under any conditions. It pulls together in a snap, stays in place with sturdy magnets and when your work is done, folds flat as a pancake. Spring lacy hat for little girls - Free Pattern with Tutorial and Chart The pattern is written for toddler size, but you can adapt for a smaller/ bigger size, making less/more rounds with increases for the crown of the hat. Each round you'll increase 12 stitches. Other sizes can be obtained also using other yarn weight and hook size. Materials: - 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft, colors of your choice (2, 3 or how many colors you want) - 4.5 mm crochet hook Special stitch:tw sc: twisted sc See the stitch instructions in my Twisted Single Crochet Tutorial .

Still Life by Petter Johansson for Atelier Food Stockholm-based art director Petter Johansson partnered with Swedish food lab Atelier Food to create a tasty still life made of—you guessed it—food. Laid out on a grid in a colorful array of delicious towers of yumminess, the foodscapes almost look like three-dimensional city maps. The project aims to represent Atelier Food’s connection between food and society, incorporating a playfulness to help bring food together with sustainability, energy, culture, urban development, and transportation. More on the project:

Attic24 Every time I look at this yarn rainbow the very sight of it makes me soooooooo happy!!! Isn't happy colour a wonderful, wonderful thing? I think so, I really do, I feel like I can gaze at these colours and absorb all the vibrant, happy brightness into my soul and feel the warmth radiating. Simple pleasures..... I've had this Sunny yarn in my yarn bag for many months now, 18 shades of Summer Sunshine looking radiant right there. Some of the colours individually could be quite tricky to work with (bright in-your-face Citron, I'm looking at you here!)

30 Packs de alta calidad Cepillo para Illustrator - Revista Speckyboy Diseño Adobe Illustrator is one of the most powerful tools a designer can come across. Amidst the plethora of weapons in Illustrator’s arsenal, there lies a very well-loved one — the PaintBrush tool. You can create stunning strokes and artwork using the PaintBrush tool within minutes. Above all, you can also tweak each of the brushes to your liking — change their color, stroke width, intensity, and so on. Truly, when it comes to brushes for Adobe Illustrator, only the sky is the limit! In this round-up, we have enlisted some of the best Illustrator brushes from all across the internet. 23 Degrees 5 Minutes by Darragh O’Connell An old explorer close to freezing in the Arctic re-lives the events that brought him there in the first place. You better not pout, I’m telling you why…”, ‘cause professors are traveling to the poles in search for eternal life! At least, that’s what director Darragh O’Connell would like you to believe. Subjects of literature and math converge as characters wrestle where science ends and fantasy begins. Dublin based Brown Bag Films (Oscar Nominated Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty) recreates the origin story of a well-known character in this short that is bound to put a smile on any cynical face. 23 Degrees 5 Minutes is a charming tale about finding meaning in life’s pursuits.

7 Key Steps to Creating an Awesome Infographic The younger generation would rather watch a 2 minute video than read a page of text. How do I know that?…because I asked them. Last week I was standing in front of thirty young adults aged from 18 to 25 at the International College of Management and I posed the question. “Would you rather read a blog article or watch a 2 minute video?”

primera cabina de fotos 3D del mundo imprime figuras en miniatura personales nov 12, 2012 world's first 3D photo booth prints personal miniature figures personal action figures conceived using a 3D printing photo booth aiming to replace the ubiquitous photobooth, japanese omote 3D have conceived a limited edition pop-up installation at the eye of gyre exhibition, that reproduces personal detailed miniature action figures. ranging from 10 to 20 centimetres in height, the system utilizes a three-dimensional camera and printerto process and scan users, creating custom scale reproductions. the three-step procedure requires the user to keep still for 15 minutes while the scanners capture the data. from left to right: couples photo in scale, detail of the print resolution scale printed model with dramatic pose