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Isee systems - The World Leader in Systems Thinking Software

Isee systems - The World Leader in Systems Thinking Software

Column Five Media: Infographics, Content Strategy, Interactive Design Yutongo: A Unique Brainstorming & Collaboration App There are several brainstorming tools online but most of these are ultimately lists with nice graphics. Yutongo is a nice tool with a unique take on online brainstorming and collaboration. This website offers teams a way to think of new ideas and understand them in many different ways. This tool starts with creating a challenge, which could be processes or issues that your team is stuck with. This is also the initial idea which other ideas will be based on. The “ideation” can be given different criterion, with each criterion taking a different angle. The concept of this website seems too abstract at first, but it really is about thinking better ideas by asking better questions. You can also archive the project so that you can look back on your ideas and find inspiration for new projects and challenges. Features: Check out Yutongo @

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