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We Tell Stories - 'Fairy Tales' by Kevin Brooks

We Tell Stories - 'Fairy Tales' by Kevin Brooks

Argument essays, graphs, other writing, and speaking for IELTS, PET, and TOEFL Nik's Quick Shout 12 ways of creating stories with your EFL students I’ve been reading a fair amount recently about the value of storytelling – and, in particular, the telling of vivid and emotionally-engaging stories – to memory in general, and vocabulary-learning and grammar practice more specifically. It certainly seems that learning new words from a list is a duller and less efficient alternative to acquiring and retaining new vocabulary than involving your learners in narratives using the target words. With this in mind, here are four ways you can involve your learners in creating stories around particular lexical or grammatical themes, and a list (and brief descriptions!) of eight other methods from various corners of this site: Stories from boxesDraw eight rectangles on the board, with space between each one.Invite student volunteers to come and draw one thing, each in a different rectangle. Note: The two ideas above come from Creating Stories with Children by Andrew Wright. Stories from blank paper Show your students a blank sheet of paper.

1000 Things to Write About John's Esl Community - online resources for teachers and students of ESL BoomWriter | Read, Write, Compete... And Get Published! Great Source iwrite - Students: Research State-of-the-Art Science Program Grades K–8 Science Program Combining interactive write-in texts, hands-on activities, and a full digital curriculum, ScienceFusion provides multimodal learning options to build inquiry and STEM skills, preparing students for success in future science courses and careers. Tikatok - Kids Activities: Publish a Children's Book with Tikatok

Learn from and Create Animated Music Videos Learning English from songs lyrics and music is a great way to study. In today's activity you are going to be able to watch and enjoy some simple 'stop motion' animated music videos and then find out how to create your own. The videos for you to watch come from two sources; Music and Muffins and SereneRhapsody and you can find more examples on their YouTube Channels Task: Nik Peachey

'Fairy Tales' by Kevin Brooks is a fun way to hook students in to the genre. Highly engaging. by alb58 Mar 6