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TDT3D - Independent Computer Graphics community 2D and 3D : portfolio, gallery, e-learning, tutorials and forums 3D

TDT3D - Independent Computer Graphics community 2D and 3D : portfolio, gallery, e-learning, tutorials and forums 3D

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Scientific Designs and Tutorials That Will Inspire You Advertisement Art and science. The two are more known to be near opposites in the world. Yet, when creativity collides with a logically inspired motif, the results can be spectacular. With a mixture of creative graphics, illustrations, 3D models, trendy typography, photo manipulations and more, you are able to create some of the most amazing art. vfx news Kelly Barschig is looking for senior lighters interested in our Northern California facility, in Redwood City - / VFX / 3D RT @davidstripinis PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage on Vimeo (via Vimeo) Mid level Rigging TD and FX TD needed at nWave Digital : contact Lynn Cohen #VFX Digital Domain is looking for a Texture supervisor : for immediate consideration, please send your resume and reel to .

Kuroyume's DevelopmentZone Free C++ plugins for Cinema 4d IvyGrower 1.2.1 Based upon Thomas Luft’s Ivy Generator with many additional features. Make better textures, optimising, 'power of two' and correct sizes : KatsBits TUTORIAL There are a couple of fundamental 'rules' applicable to making content for any sort of interactive media or 'game' that need particular attention paid to them. Whilst ignoring them won't always or necessarily 'break' a game the content is going in to, doing so will effect performance detrimentally, and to varying degrees, depending on how poorly implemented they are. The following tutorial will discuss one of the core 'rules', that of texture size, their dimensions and how that relates to a form of texture optimisation, something commonly called the "power of two" rule.

Tutorial Details CG Xtras Here I will Tell you about 3dsmax glass water model vray I have used following techniques in this 3ds max tutorial. How to create Water Effect with the help of V-ray Plugin [1]-First of all you will press (ctrl+N) now you will see the new window is open Now press (F10) u will see the Render window is open Then open the Assign render (palette) click on the (Production) change the property Like image as shown below. [2]-Open Render palette and use the Following Setting Maya 3D Animation, Visual Effects, and Compositing Software Trial Product Privacy Notice This Trial Privacy Notice describes a data collection and use program. It applies in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia. If you are from another country, you will still need to click to agree to the notice, but the program will not apply to you.

3D Resources These models are for anybody that uses a 3D software package. Most of the models are in the common .3ds format, which can be read by most 3D programs. Some models, however, are in their original .lwo ... The images and textures here are provided in .jpg and .tif formats in their original resolutions. No special software is required to view or use these files. Find out about the contributors to the repository.

Tutorials « Categories « PSD Box – Think Outside the box In this surreal manipulation tutorial I will show you how to create a cute hedgehog made of a dandelion. Read more In this abstract photoshop manipulation tutorial you will learn how to create a simple yet nice abstract artwork using only 3 stock images. In this raw photo editing tutorial I will show you how I edited a RAW photo I took in Dublin in 2015 using Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance it. Learn how to create sun rays in Photoshop using gradients and blend modes and make them look realistic with adjustments. In this quick Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to change the luminosity of colors selectively without affecting their saturation.