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What should a networked educational leader tweet about?

What should a networked educational leader tweet about?

MYSA - Events - Semester 2 International Travelling Scholars from Canada Alec and George Couros - working together to deliver workshops across Australia 20 July - 10 August Learn more about open learning, social media and critical literacy Anywhere, anytime, anyone: transitioning toward 21st century learning We are currently exiting the age of the personal computer and entering a new mobile reality. Emerging technologies now provide us with the tools to drastically transform our learning environments, and for the first time in history, learners now have the technical ability to learn anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. Major topics discussed will include: social media tools and networks in teaching and learning personal learning networks for always-on professional development digital citizenship & digital identity digital portfolios royalty-free (copyleft) media in presentations and projects digital storytelling open & connected learning. Dr Alec Couros Blog Twitter: George Couros Workshop Locations

Free ICT Technology help videos for teachers Video Notes This looks like a superb tool. Allows you to add notes to any YouTube Video and then save them. You can then open your notes, click on any part of the video and it will play that part of the video. I think I am going to love this tool. I have been looking for something like this for ages Take notes from your youTube videos-Superb Tool for studying Pinterest Pinterest is really a visual way of bookmarking your favourite websites, pictures, videos etc. Livebinders Really impressive tool that has lots of potential for e-Portfolios and collaborative work. Scribblemaps Add pictures, text, routes and much more onto an interactive map and then share it. Fotobabble Upload a picture, add your voice and share. Working with the Corpus of Contemporary American English Great trainin from Phil Longwell on using the COCA corpus. A simple way of doing Audio Recordings A really simple way of doing Audio recordings which allows you to add them as links or save as MP3 files.

5 Opportunities to Get iPods & iPads Into Your Classroom Educators often question how they can acquire iPods and iPads to use in their own classrooms, especially when so many districts are experiencing serious budget crunches. Many feel that that it just isn’t possible because their districts don’t have the money or don’t believe mobile technology is worth investing in. I know how you feel; I have been there. And here’s my advice: stop waiting for the district, and start taking your own steps to make the change in your classroom on your own. When I first began using iPods and iPads in the classroom, it was long before the touch-screen era. Here are five opportunities I took advantage of in order to start opening the doors to mobile learning in my classroom, and eventually in my district: The first iPod in my classroom was my personal iPod (that I bought off eBay). DonorsChoose’s slogan is “Teachers ask. Let’s face it, iPods and iPads have become incredibly popular consumer devices over the last few years. 3,710 views, 34 today