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What should a networked educational leader tweet about?

What should a networked educational leader tweet about?
cc licensed flickr photo shared by Rosaura Ochoa This week, I begin a cohort based in Alberta, Canada, working with educational leaders that are both school and division based. A question that I have received from many educators/administrators is what could I possibly share on Twitter. Although this is not the “definitive” guideline below, I would love to share my thoughts on what you should tweet: Here are 10 guidelines: What you should tweet about: Sharing innovative strategies and news from your schools. What you SHOULD NOT tweet about: Do not use any profanity. What did I miss?

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52 Great Google Docs Secrets for Students Google Docs is such an incredible tool for college students, offering collaboration, portability, ease of use, and widespread acceptance – a must for students in online colleges for online marketing, for instance. But there are so many options, both hidden and obvious, that there’s a good chance you’re not using Google Docs to its fullest capability. We’ve discovered 52 great tips for getting the most out of Google Docs as a student, with awesome ideas and tricks for collaboration, sharing, and staying productive. Access your documents from anywhere: Whether you’re in your dorm room or the school library, you can access your Google Docs. MYSA - Events - Semester 2 International Travelling Scholars from Canada Alec and George Couros - working together to deliver workshops across Australia 20 July - 10 August Learn more about open learning, social media and critical literacy Anywhere, anytime, anyone: transitioning toward 21st century learning We are currently exiting the age of the personal computer and entering a new mobile reality. Emerging technologies now provide us with the tools to drastically transform our learning environments, and for the first time in history, learners now have the technical ability to learn anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

Study: Women Love Social Media More Than Men (Unless It's LinkedIn) Women use every major social media channel more than men—except for LinkedIn—according to a Pew Research study released today. Pew found that 76 percent of online U.S. adult females use Facebook, compared to 66 percent for online males, while fairly similar women/men percentage splits exist for Twitter (18 percent/17 percent), Instagram (20/17) and Pinterest (33/8). Indeed, one-third of women are now using Pinterest. But then there's LinkedIn: the researcher said 24 percent of Internet-using men employ the site compared to 19 percent of women. Every major platform, Pew says, has experienced an uptick in users compared to December 2012, as 73 percent of online consumers now utilize at least one social media channel and 42 percent use multiple ones.

The redundant pyramid: how hierarchical learning structures are collapsing The pyramidal view of learning is where you stand at the top and pour the knowledge down the sides, reaching ever increasing numbers of people as the truth flows out from it’s source. I think that today that model is expanded, with wider layers of discussion and collaboration contributing far more to the experience: social learning. There are two structures that we can map across groups: the first is the formal hierarchy, identifying how people report to each other and who gets to have the best office, the second is the communication hierarchy, showing how information, knowledge and creativity flow within the group (and between the group and it’s extended network). It’s rare that the two match up. Whilst learning used to be a relationship between the organisation, which owned and shaped the experience, and learners, who were taught, today it’s a more nuanced picture.

Free ICT Technology help videos for teachers Video Notes This looks like a superb tool. Allows you to add notes to any YouTube Video and then save them. You can then open your notes, click on any part of the video and it will play that part of the video. I think I am going to love this tool. I have been looking for something like this for ages Take notes from your youTube videos-Superb Tool for studying Pinterest Pinterest is really a visual way of bookmarking your favourite websites, pictures, videos etc.

Digitally savvy Beaverton High School builds its name locally and internationally Beaverton High School’s Social Media Team has it down to a science. They know that moms of students use Facebook between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and love to share stories about their kids. They also know that Beaverton High students prefer the photo-centric Instagram over Facebook. (Now that their moms and dads use FB, it’s no longer cool.) Tech Czech » “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?”: What every learning technologist should know about accessible documents #ALTC2012 I gave this presentation at the ALT Conference 2012 in Manchester. Presentation Download presentation from Slideshare. Abstract The title of this presentation is a composite of the many responses we receive when we deliver training on accessible documents to teachers as part of the Load2Learn project, an online collection of downloadable curriculum resources in accessible formats.

5 Opportunities to Get iPods & iPads Into Your Classroom Educators often question how they can acquire iPods and iPads to use in their own classrooms, especially when so many districts are experiencing serious budget crunches. Many feel that that it just isn’t possible because their districts don’t have the money or don’t believe mobile technology is worth investing in. I know how you feel; I have been there. And here’s my advice: stop waiting for the district, and start taking your own steps to make the change in your classroom on your own.

Facebook trending topics: Twitter-like feature focuses on news. Image courtesy of Facebook When Facebook added hashtags last year and almost no one used them, you might have thought the social network would give up on trying to become more like Twitter. You'd have thought wrong. Today it doubled down on its bid to rival Twitter as a hub for real-time public conversations about the news, adding a "Trending" section that highlights topics your friends and others are talking about at any given time. This is not a minor change: Facebook has placed the section at the top right of its main news feed, which is prime real estate on the page. It's the clearest signal yet that the company is serious about becoming a destination for news, not just a place to share photos with your friends and family.

How to Get Hesitant Teachers to Use Technology In my consulting as well as administrative technology work, I am often asked the same questions by different schools and officials. One of the most common is: “How do you get teachers who are hesitant or resistant to use technology?” I am keenly aware that many of my colleagues are not, for various reasons, gung ho about educational technology. And it’s interesting. Quite often, the teachers who are hesitant to adopt new technology are great — in fact, amazing — educators.