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Pttrns - Mobile User Interface Patterns

Pttrns - Mobile User Interface Patterns

Designing for the new iPhone 6 screen resolutions - Createful With the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came a new set of screen sizes, including an entirely new set for the iPhone 6 Plus, which is a first for Apple devices. As designers, this could theoretically add quite a bit of extra work and we need to find the best ways to incorporate designing for them into our workflow. Previous iPhone models Designing for the first iPhone models was a relatively simple affair. We could design screens at the phone’s native resolution size of 320 x 480 pixels and they would translate easily over to the device without much additional work required. iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 The iPhone 4 models arrived on the scene which came with ‘retina’ screens. To cater for these new screens, we were required to design concepts at double the size, so although the dimensions were still the same at 320 x 480 px, designs now needed to be created at 640 x 960 px. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Points, pixels and scale factor Creating concepts and assets Canvas sizes Saving assets

Creating Icons for the Apple Watch ~ App Icon Template I just released a new template specifically for creating icons for the Apple Watch. Let's get started making icons for this new platform by taking a look at how WatchKit app icons differ from their iOS siblings and how we best take on this new challenge. Most Apple Watch icons will be natural extensions of their iOS siblings as a WatchKit app complements your iOS app, it doesn’t replace it. As such we must realize that when creating an icon for this platform, we’re potentially starting out with a lot of decisions already made for us. It’s Round The first thing you’ll immediately notice is that Apple Watch icons are round. New Grid With the new shape also comes a new grid. Icon Fluidity Apple Watch home screen icons are displayed in a fluid hexagonal grid that flows by as you swipe the screen or turn the digital crown. Why is this important? There have always been a gap between working on an icon in a canvas in Photoshop and then experiencing that icon on the device. Size & Consistency

TETHR – The Most Beautiful iOS Design Kit Ever Made – by InVision Beautiful iOS templates at your fingertips. We're talking $80 worth of Photoshop, Sketch, and Craft Library templates... totally free. Source Files Templates UI Elements Make it minimal Clean, modern designs match the flat iOS interface. Mix + match Drag-and-drop elements make it easy to concept any iPhone app. Retina-ready So there's no need to worry about optimizing your assets. Where should we send your kit? Get free UI kits, icon packs, mockups, and more