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13 trucs de gestion de classe qui instaurent le respect.

13 trucs de gestion de classe qui instaurent le respect.

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Teachers Love Ikea Teachers at my school love IKEA. It's no secret that teachers love to hoard containers, love to be organized, and love to find deals... IKEA is the place to find all of those! So on my shopping trip to IKEA last week I made sure to find all the great products that you can use in your classroom! So here are some of the products that you can use in your classroom from IKEA without breaking the bank! 7 Powerful Assessment Tools That Work in Any Classroom Teachers are always looking for ways to check for understanding. Assessment tools come in many shapes and sizes. They can be quick and light or more in-depth. In the end, assessment can happen anytime in any classroom. Many versatile and effective assessment tools can make their way into a teacher’s repertoire.

Wind Map An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future. This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. The wind map is a personal art project, not associated with any company. We've done our best to make this as accurate as possible, but can't make any guarantees about the correctness of the data or our software. Please do not use the map or its data to fly a plane, sail a boat, or fight wildfires :-) If the map is missing or seems slow, we recommend the latest Chrome browser. Looking for new ideas for how to set up student classroom desks? You have come to the right place! This site is designed to give you some new ideas and fresh perspective for our classroom set up! This site has several pages of possible student desk arrangements for class sizes from 16-24. Hopefully you are able to incorporate something new for your classroom this year!

Wow, This Short Film Made Me Look At Asperger’s In A Totally New Way AUT_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250 posted By The Autism Site The Autism Site Jonathan Carlander, a 24-year-old film school graduate with Asperger’s Syndrome, wanted to use his thesis project to capture what it feels like for someone on the spectrum to navigate the world of romance. The result is this poignant and heartwarming short film about a college student on his first date with a neurotypical girl. Though the opening scenes may be uncomfortable for some, the conclusion is optimistic and uplifting. Blendspace Make mobile learning awesome! Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! 8 Pathways to Every Student's Success Teachers who transform lives understand not only how to teach curriculum, but also how children develop into capable, caring, and engaged adults. They see beyond quantitative measurements of success to the core abilities that help students live healthy, productive lives. Famous educator Maria Montessori wisely remarked, "The greatest sign of success for a teacher. . . is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as if I did not exist.'"

Listen to an Earthquake’s Eerie ‘Whale Songs’ Is it possible to “hear” an earthquake? Not the rumbling of the ground that results, but the earthquake itself. Even if you could, what’s the point of listening? About a dozen years ago, geophysicist Ben Holtzman and musician/sound designer Jason Candler set out to answer these questions, with a side goal of sharing their passion for earthquakes with the public. And Next Comes L: Homemade Stretchy Resistance Bands Awhile ago I made some stretchy resistance sensory tools for my kids, including a sensory tunnel and two homemade stretchy bands. They are a great way for J, who seeks proprioceptive input, to get the input his body needs and they are also a great tool for fidgety kids. These homemade stretchy resistance bands were so simple to make, even if you have zero sewing skills.

T is for Teaching: First Week Complete & Class Reveal Continues I have so much to update ya'll on and I have plenty of time to do so since there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac has caused my district to close school. No worries though, we shouldn't be getting hit by anything too crazy just lots of rain and wind! I'm a little bummed and excited all at the same time. Monday would be our 5 day count and I really want to make sure my unit is safe! The Differentiator Try Respondo! → ← Back to

Cell Size and Scale Some cells are visible to the unaided eye The smallest objects that the unaided human eye can see are about 0.1 mm long. That means that under the right conditions, you might be able to see an ameoba proteus, a human egg, and a paramecium without using magnification.