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What is depression? You asked Google – here's the answer To illustrate how horrible it was, being in jail in a wheelchair with four broken limbs after the car accident that prompted me to get sober ... was much, much easier and less painful. Comedian Rob Delaney’s description of severe depression is enough to stop you in your tracks. How can a mental illness, a disorder of thought and emotion, feel so much worse than the most intense physical discomfort? And yet it’s not unusual to read about metaphorical bouts between illnesses in which the black dog always wins. “It’s a piece of cake in comparison with depression,” said Majella O’Donnell, of breast cancer.

20 Reminders Every Feminist Needs (But No One's Telling Us) Back in 2013, my friend (and would-be lover, if not for our pesky current monogamous relationships) Jes Baker wrote an incredibly important blog post called “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls… So I Will,” in which she details 14 affirming reminders for a group that is always torn down. The piece was so wildly popular (and rightly so) that she turned the concept into a book – “a handbook for unapologetic living” – due out in October. (Psst. Pre-order it.) Why You Should Prioritize Free Time Instead Of Money If You Want To Be Happy Working ever-longer hours to bring in more cash might make your life more comfortable, but it isn’t going to make you happy. Instead, we should value our time as the precious resource it is. That, says a new study published in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

5 Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms 1.Triceps Dips You will need a stable chair to perform this exercise. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the chair, while your bum is in front of the chair. Your legs should be bent on the floor about hip-width and your back close to the chair. Now straighten out your arms but always keep the elbows slightly bent. Not a Typical Before and After Fitness Journey Nope, this is NOT a mistake! You are seeing these photos labelled correctly! Stunned? Yes, the BEFORE photo is what you would typically see as an AFTER photo. Create Your Own 'Happiness Folder'  Natalie Portman dropped some serious knowledge in her interview with James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio. Lipton brought up something Portman had mentioned in a previous interview -- how she had no clear memories from before 12. She elaborated: "I realized that so much of memory is rehearsal. You get so much of it from your friends, your family, just going over things with you. I had no siblings, and I didn't have friends from when I was little.

How to Exercise and Prevent Weight ReGain By WeightWatchers - SkinnyPointsRecipes │ Eat smarter, Eat Healthy ! How to Exercise and Prevent Weight ReGain By WeightWatchers Exercise is one of the best predictors of weight-loss maintenance. Studies have established exercise’s role in preventing initial weight gain and preventing regain of weight that has been lost. While exercise alone as a weight-loss method is of limited value, its role in preventing initial weight gain and preventing regain of weight that has been lost is well established. Many studies have suggested that the amount of exercise needed to prevent initial weight gain and the level of exercise needed to sustain a weight loss are different. In addition, the amount of exercise required for weight management appears to be greater than the amount needed to achieve general health benefits. 1.

Want to Exercise Out of Self-Love and Not Self-Hate, But Have No Clue Where to Start? Try These 4 Suggestions I’ve written previously about the challenges I face while exercising as a kind of curvy lady. I’ve shared with you all that it can be really tough to exercise in a world that assumes that exercise for women is for weight loss only – and for a kind of fat lady, there is no space for an alternative narrative. That’s fucked up. And I think a lot of you Everyday Feminists know that, too. I received a lot of e-mails and notes after publishing that article, asking how exactly I came to a place where I could feel confident and comfortable building an exercise routine out of self-love instead of body shame. How exactly did that process unfold for me?

Be nice and you'll be happy - Features - Health & Families But this morning, I'm hoping things might be different. In my hand, I have a flyer promoting the UK's first-ever Close the GAP (Give Appreciate Participate) day. The idea is simple: today on 13 November (also World Kindness Day) spend a day being nice to people. The card claims "doing good does you good" by boosting your immune system, reducing stress hormones and increasing "well-being" hormones, such as endorphins. Really? 4 Effective Arm Exercises You Can Do Anywhere Holding ends of band in each hand, step on center of band with right foot. Step back with left into lunge position; lean torso slightly forward toward front knee. Arms should be straight down in front on either side of right knee. Keep arms shoulder-width apart, pull in core, and inhale. Exhale and pull band up toward chest, elbows flexing out to side.

The Cognitive Symptoms of Depression The cognitive symptoms of depression tend to receive less attention than other symptoms of this difficult illness. Namely, symptoms such as sinking mood, fatigue and loss of interest garner more recognition. Yet cognitive symptoms are quite common. “[They] are actually significantly prominent in depression,” said Deborah Serani, Psy.D, a clinical psychologist and author of the book Living with Depression.