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Do You Use the Bechdel Test? | Movie Center Although I’ve been familiar with the fact that Hollywood is full of morons who don’t know what it’s like to be a woman at all and generally make and sell movies that cater to a male-centric audience since I was a child and noticed that most of my beloved characters, unless they were princesses, were not female, I’ve only recently become aware of the Bechdel Test. When I first heard of the test, I thought it must have been something contrived by a media think tank, or maybe a woman’s issues group of some sort (NOW, maybe?). But it turns out that the simple test actually came about when it was mentioned in the Dykes to Watch Out For comic strip, which was written by Alison Bechdel from 1983 to 2008 (hence the name Bechdel Test). The movie has to have a minimum of two women in it (more is fine, too; just no less than two)The two women have to actually talk to each other in the movieWhen they talk about something, it has to be about anything BUT a man

Toronto 'slut walk' takes to city streets - Toronto Participants in Sunday's Slut Walk marched from Queen's Park to Toronto police headquarters. ((Ivy Cuervo/CBC)) A group of Toronto marchers took to the streets Sunday afternoon in what they’re calling a "slut walk" in response to controversial comments made by a police constable earlier this year. In January, Toronto Police Const. Sanguinetti apologized for his comments, but his apology failed to satisfy walk organizer Sonya Barnett. "It was evident that if you're going to have a representative of the police force come out [and say that] then that kind of idea must be still running rampant within the force itself and that retraining really needs to happen to change that mentality," she said. A statement on the event's website says: "Toronto Police have perpetuated the myth and stereotype of the slut, and in doing so have failed us." Barnett said she wants to use the walk to reclaim the word and also demand that victim-shaming change.

make/shift Godchecker - your guide to the Gods s Magazine Winter 2011: The Rise of Enlightened Sexism by Susan J. Douglas Is the ‘F’ word co-opted by conservatives & consumerist media? Where are real icons & core values? On The Issues Magazine, Winter 2011, considers feminist icons, feminist values and feminist cons. The Rise of Enlightened Sexism by Susan J. Today, we once again have what Betty Friedan famously called "a problem with no name." At the same time, these young women get the message loud and clear that the absolute last thing they should embrace is feminism. After reviewing the media fare geared to girls and women since the early 1990s, I came to see a rather large gap between how the vast majority of girls and women live their lives, the choices they are forced to make, and what we see -- and don't see -- in the media. What the media have been giving us then over the past fifteen years are fantasies of power. Today many young women regard feminism as the ideological equivalent of anthrax A New Brand of Sexism With women's equality supposedly won, sexist stereotypes are considered amusing

SlutWalk SlutWalk is a transnational movement[1] of protest marches which began on April 3, 2011,[2] in Toronto, Ontario, with subsequent rallies occurring globally.[3] Participants protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman's appearance,[4] and call for an end to rape culture.[5] The rallies began after Constable Michael Sanguinetti, a Toronto Police officer, suggested that "women should avoid dressing like sluts"[6][7] as a precaution against unwanted sexual attention. The protest takes the form of a march, mainly by young women, where some dress as "sluts" in revealing attire. Inception[edit] Constable Michael Sanguinetti[edit] "We are tired of being oppressed by slut-shaming; of being judged by our sexuality and feeling unsafe as a result. Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, ON., where Michael Sanguinetti spoke the words which sparked Slutwalk Barnett considered the apology was not enough, since the officer's stereotypical idea still exists in society. Iberia prerromana The Difference Between Sex Appeal and Sexual Objectification by Lisa Wade, PhD, Feb 11, 2013, at 12:00 pm Over at Feministing, Maya Dusenbery made a great observation about the conservative response to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show. Conservatives widely criticized her for sexually objectifying herself. She made her “sex appeal the main attraction,” said one commentator, who said that Beyoncé “humping the stage and flashing her lady bits to the camera” made her “sad.” Dusenbery notes that the definition of sexual objectification is the reduction of a person to their sex appeal only. [Objectification is] watching Beyoncé’s show — where she demonstrated enormous professional skill by singing live, with an awesome all-women band I might add, while dancing her ass off in front of millions of people — and not being able to see anything besides her sexy outfit. Indeed, these conservative commentators are arguing that Beyoncé’s talent can only be fully be appreciated in the absence of sex appeal (whatever that might look like). Right on.

El río perdido de Estambul | Turquistán Toda ciudad que se precie debería tener uno o varios ríos ocultos en sus entrañas. En muchas ocasiones se trata de ríos humildes de los que las propias ciudades se avergüenzan, ríos que han sido condenados a vagar bajo tierra por no tener suficiente entidad, por no poder esgrimir un nombre poderoso como “Tíber”, “Támesis” o “Tigris”. En esos casos lo que tenemos son ríos cabizbajos, ríos desahuciados de sus lechos milenarios y encorsetados en cárceles angostas de hormigón o de aluminio. Londres cuenta con más de una docena de estos ríos perdidos. París se jacta de haber convertido a varios de los suyos en parte fundamental de su célebre red de cloacas. Y también Estambul, que no se priva de nada, tiene varios de estos ríos fantasma discurriendo por sus profundidades. Recorrido del Lykos por la ciudad de Constantinopla [mapa de Emanuel Nicolescu y Linda Safran] Su nombre no deja de llamar la atención, ya que “Lobo” es un hidrónimo bastante frecuente en muchas partes del mundo.

Why Slutwalk? a href=” posted on BroadSnark By: Mel One morning, when I was in eighth grade, I got dressed for school and went outside to wait for my father to drive me. I was wearing a long knit skirt, sweater, and some boots. You have to understand that, when I was a kid, my father and I were as close as two people could be. There was nothing slutty about what I was wearing (if you believe in that sort of thing). One of my friends at the time had the misfortune of having huge boobs. It really didn’t matter if my friend found that perfectly chaste t-shirt. The idea that girls and women are in some way responsible for other people’s action, for the sometimes truly awful things that people want to do to them, is pervasive. My teen-aged reaction to this bullshit (and a whole lot of other bullshit) was a big, punk rock Fuck You. So I did. “You know, I think we’re beating around the bush here,” the officer said, according to Hoffman. Or maybe not.

The Egregious, Awful and Downright Wrong Reactions to the Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict I've not commented either way on this case or any other case like it but I, personally, feel that the media circus surrounding rape cases, (In the UK and USA, at least,) is too much. The punishments are arguable as they vary from too short (a few weeks/months) to 1/3 of a normal life span, but the media circus is what is truly unfair. These people have their faces plastered across the news for days/weeks (Even before they are proven guilty,) and, as a result of that, these guys will be much harder to employ. People might avoid them. It really can ruin their life. This isn't so bad in the cases where they are actually guilty but... A lot of people will, nowadays, read/see the latest blame article in some popular media format and instantly create an opinion on that without actually reading into the article. Also, since I'm on the topic of media circuses, I really hate it whenever there is a mass-shooting in the States. What they should really do is focus on the real tragedy.

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