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DIY Homemade Tesla Coil

Check our facebook page for updates and special offers The aim of this design was to get the highest voltage (or longest arcs) possible from a single self contained unit. Check out the new 1kW Tesla Coil! WARNING: High Voltage Device! This coil operates from 12V or 24V SLA batteries. A pipe from a hole in the top of the sphere and down the inside of the secondary coil is used to supply gas to form a type of plasma electrode. Using Butane gas and air, a blue flame can be used as an interesting discharge terminal. More Plasma Photos The output from the ignition coils is rectified (converted to DC using diodes) so that can charge the capacitor bank C1 shown b elow.

Tesla_Downunder Jamie Oliver's Tesla Coil Demonstration Outline Talk Page Two Talks: I have two outlines, one is for a talk with technical adults at a higher level and one is for a general audience with children as low as age 4 up to senior citizens. The outline below is the general audience outline. If you have any suggestions or commentsfor items that you have found that interests any age group, please mail them to me ( I'd appreciate it. I worked hard to make this list and refine it over the years. You must make sure it is safe for you and everyone else. Starting Off: Intruduce yourself Tell about how long you have been involved with electricity and what qualifies you to talk about Tesla. Suggestion for Talking with Kids: One general presentation hint I learned from my friend Calvin is that the best way to ask kids question about anything is to ask them "what do they feel is...." Some History of Tesla: Tesla's Inventions: Some of Tesla's inventions are: The induction motor () fluorescent lights AC Power transmission. The GRAND FINALE:

The Basic Components of a Coil The Tesla coil is in simplest terms an air core transformer which operates in a resonant mode. The coil contains only five main components. Also necessary is some electronic filtering to protect the coil parts and reduce the effects of radio frequency Interference (RFI). The power transformer This component is often the hardest to obtain. The Safety Gap The safety gap is placed across the HV leads of our supply transformer. RF Chokes Rf chokes offer a high impedance to the high frequency RF energy generated by the coil. The Spark Gap There are many gaps useful in Tesla coils. The Capacitor This may be the most difficult of all the components. The Primary Coil The primary of a Tesla Coil doesnt operate like that of a normal transformer where the degree of coupling is high to insure the greatest transfer of energy to the secondary. The Secondary Coil This is the part of the coil that people put the most emphasis in. The form for the coil is usually PVC plastic pipe. The Discharge Electrode

sea : events : pdstweii The second annual dorkbot-sea exhibit of works by local and national artists that use electricity as a significant component of their creation and/or display. Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) JANUARY 22nd 2005 to MARCH 3rd 2005 OPENING PARTY JANUARY 22nd Accompanying the exhibition will be a SCREENING OF RARE AND UNIQUE 1960’s ELECTRIC ARTS curated by media arts historian ROBIN OPPENHEIMER. The 2005 dorkbotsea PEOPLES’ CHOICE AWARD of $1,000 was won by San Francisco artist RYAN WOLFE for ‘Sketch of a Field of Grass, Pacific Coast, 2004’. See exhibit press release.

Micro Tesla Coil, five dollars NEEDS A 6-VOLT AA BATTERY PACK. Try 270-409 batt holder from Radio Shack Red wire goes to red, black to black. That RS holder has a tiny on/off switch, nice. YOUTUBE VIDEO TO COME! (Working on it right now, Mon 9/24 2012) ITTY-BITTY CLASSIC TESLA COIL DEMO: In a dimly-lit room, power up your TC. On these 5-volt devices, if you crank the input higher than around 6Vdc, the coil will become warm. However, on the CXA2090 this problem can be cured. Or, perhaps disconnect that wire so it no longer extends across the coil, then sandpaper the varnish from the end of the tiny wire and solder it to a different ground location.