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Understanding Motivation and Consciousness The counsellor explained my Meyers-Briggs (MBTI) and Strong Interest (SII) Inventory scores. “INTJ, well suited for leadership,” she said. I would do well in marketing or advertising, something senior, she continued. What came next was like listening to a fortune-teller, especially as I consider where I am now, 20 years later. Tools, tools, tools, they all seem the same. Leadership Tomorrow To begin, I shall clarify what I mean by leadership tomorrow, in the New Social Paradigm (Forbes Öste, 2012). In the past, leaders might have been able to survive in the egocentric bubble of the third level of consciousness (Kegan, 1994) and even thrive in the fourth. Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Fig.1 Porter’s Themes in Relational Awareness Theory One follows or leads based on gratification. The relating style of individuals is driven by their MVS (Fig.1, Theme 1). Full disclosure: I charted in the “hub,” in the middle of the chart: Flexible-Cohering Motivation. SDI Applied Conclusion

How Behavioral Science Propelled Obama's Win For the last couple of weeks, pundits have been analyzing why Obama won the 2012 election, not to mention how Romney’s strategies led to a loss. One area that has received scant attention is the use of behavioral science and consumer persuasion techniques in the Obama campaign. A group that calls itself “COBS,” for “consortium of behavioral scientists,” was one part of Obama’s winning marketing strategy. Benedict Carey of the New York Times reports that a “dream team” of behavior researchers offered input and even helped create scripts for the Obama campaign. The team was organized by Craig Fox, a behavioral economist at UCLA. One example of applied research in the Obama campaign drew on technique well-documented by Cialdini – the power of a written commitment to alter behavior: Simply identifying a person as a voter, as many volunteers did — “Mr. Another research-based technique was not to simply deny negative or false rumors. + show more + show more CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 06: U.S.

Social and Visual Leadership The paradigm has shifted, and the learning curve is steep. Some will rise and some will fall. Social media marketing is only a small piece of the picture. Understanding that social is people, and people are not just our customers is a start to the journey. Organizations are made up of people in many different roles. Their jobs require people both internally in the organization and externally in partners, product & service providers, new hires, investors, and so on. Each person has a story that contains knowledge, experience, passions, interests, skills, and people. Social Optimization, the building and maintaining of MUTUALLY beneficial and effective relationships, is a key behavioral shift when mastering the Art of Social Strategy. Social technologies are tools that help us optimize this change in behavior when we learn how to best apply them. Understanding who we are and who is part of our story is the first step of the journey.

Results showing strong argument for Visual Practice Visual Practice compared to Traditional Meetings Research results The Value of Visual Practice survey has been live for a month and the overwhelming response is very positive. Respondents (72 as of this post) are all over the world, with a wide range of organizational roles and levels, ages and exposure to the visual practice. The one thing that remains consistent is more the 80% of respondents find using Graphic Facilitators in meetings more effective or excellent in comparison to traditional meetings. In conjunction with the survey, I am conducting interviews from leading practitioners and gathering testimonials from clients to get an understanding of where the field is going, and how to help that journey. As practitioners, please take and share the survey with your clients. For those of you considering whether it is worth the investment to use graphic facilitators, let the data speak for what your instinct knows already.

Cisco Sees and Hears Social Media at New Listening Center Networking technology provider Cisco has opened a Social Media Listening Center where interactive touchscreens offer visual data about the social media conversations Cisco “listens” to in real time. See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me The center, which Cisco says will be open to employees, partners, customers and visitors, features six large interactive touchscreens displaying a wide variety of data about social media conversations around Cisco and its brands, services and products. The Linux- and cloud-based proprietary Cisco Interactive Experience Solution creates the data visualizations and loads them onto the screens via an enterprise-grade browser. The data itself is generated by Cisco SocialMiner and Radian6 analytical solutions. The Tip of the Iceberg The new center, which is located in the Cisco Executive Briefing Center in San Jose, CA, serves as a customer-facing example of Cisco’s ability to track relevant social media conversations in real-time. Customer Care in the Modern Era

Research on the Value of Visual Practice Click on the image to open the report on the research on the value of visual practice. In the midst of my state of buried in books, research, work and (well) life, I was asked by a colleague where the link to my research on the value of visual practice could be accessed. The data was posted, but my process and finding were written up and I have posted the pdf here to share. In the 6 months between when this was submitted and now, there have been several great books and articles that further strengthen the argument for the visual practice. My research with the visual practice, focusing on how it supports leadership and global teams using social technologies, continues as piece of my dissertation. Rock the Monkey: RESEARCHING the VALUE of VISUAL PRACTICE with HEIDI FORBES ÖSTE | Alphachimp University When we launched the Rockstar Scribe course in May of 2011, we had so many amazing people appear in our lives. Heidi Forbes Öste (@ForbesOste) is definitely one of those people. A Boston native, Heidi now lives in Sweden with her husband and children, and has a passion for humanizing technology and strategic use of social tools for individuals & organizations both online & face-to-face. In her practice as a Global Social Strategist and Visual Practitioner, Heidi provides workshops, strategic visual harvesting and consulting to clients worldwide. Somehow, she is also pursuing a doctorate through Fielding University. As part of her wider research into the tools and methodologies used by the next generation of global leaders, Heidi has started down the path of researching the value of “visual practice” (visual facilitation, graphic recording, mindmapping, sketch-noting, etc.) For more information about Heidi’s work, visit The Art of Social Strategy ( 00:00 | Introductions

Social Readiness: How Advanced Companies Prepare