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 The Happy Movie

 The Happy Movie

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World Wide Fund for Nature says nearly half the world's marine animals wiped ... Drones deployed to monitor turtle eggs Mexican authorities have deployed drones and marines to Mexico's southwestern beaches to protect turtle eggs from poaching. Seal rides on the back a whale Humanity's mismanagement of the ocean has led to the loss of almost half the world's marine mammals, birds, reptiles and fish in a single generation, a World Wide Fund for Nature report says.

Welcome to Ahimsa Sanctuary Welcome to, the internet home of Ahimsa Sanctuary Ahimsa Sanctuary is a nonprofit educational retreat dedicated to peacemaking, sustainability and healing. Located on 25 acres of coastal rainforest bordering the Mary's Peak Watershed, Ahimsa Sanctuary seeks to foster community and bring balance to our culture. 40 more maps that explain the world Maps seemed to be everywhere in 2013, a trend I like to think we encouraged along with August's 40 maps that explain the world. Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world and how it works, but they show only what you ask them to. You might consider this, then, a collection of maps meant to inspire your inner map nerd. I've searched far and wide for maps that can reveal and surprise and inform in ways that the daily headlines might not, with a careful eye for sourcing and detail. I've included a link for more information on just about every one. Enjoy.

6 Stories That Will Make You Believe In the Power of Your Mind To Heal You By Lissa Rankin MD Guest Writer for Wake Up World My book Mind Over Medicine is full of data scientifically proving that the mind can heal- or harm- the body. But data can be dry, and sometimes what resonates most deeply within our souls are stories. Cropping YouTube Videos to Create Activities Using YouTube videos with students can be really great, but finding a video with the exact language you want and at a suitable length with too many other distractions around can be really difficult. That's why SafeShare.TV is so useful. SafeShare.TV is a tool that has two primary functions. An Open Letter to Ninth Graders Dear First-Year High School Students, I am one of the co-editors of What Is “College-Level” Writing?—a 2006 collection of essays that focuses on the difference between high school writing and college-level writing. Because of my work on that book, I’ve spent a great deal of time in the last five years thinking about what students need to make the transition from high school to college. Many studies and reports in recent years have argued that there’s an important “expectations gap” between the skills students are typically bringing to college and what college teachers like me think students should be bringing with them to college. This letter is an attempt to state those expectations clearly, at least from my perspective.

"Killer Germs" Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke Smudging, Study Reveals By Sayer Ji Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The ritualistic use of plant smoke stretches back to the prehistorical era and is still used, the world over, as a way of ‘cleansing’ the spirit. Now modern scientific research reveals that the practice may actually have life-saving implications by purifying the air of harmful bacteria. The burning of herbs and plant resins for medicinal and spiritual purposes – so-called ‘smudging’ – is an ancient practice among indigenous people around the world; one increasingly adopted by Westerners.

Teaching film Why film? Film, le septième art, has long held a high status within French culture. It is worth incorporating in an A-level course for several reasons.