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FotoFest International - The United States' Oldest and Largest International Photography Festival

FotoFest International - The United States' Oldest and Largest International Photography Festival

FILE Magazine - Unexpected Photography. Seoul International Print Photo Art Fair 2009 Archive Back to Home Page » Seoul International Print Photo Art Fair 2009 서울국제판화사진아트페어 2009 | SIPA 2009: Seoul Inter­na­tional Print Photo Art Fair 기간 | Date 2009 Sept 12 –2009 Sept 16오프닝 | Open­ing 2009 Sept 11, 5pm장소 | Venue Seoul Arts Cen­ter Hangaram Art Museum주최 | Ini­ti­ated by (사) 한국판화사진진흥협회 Korea Print Pho­tog­ra­phy Pro­mo­tion Asso­ci­a­tion주관 | Orga­nized bySIPA 2009 COMMITTEE 참여갤러리 | Exhibitors

Festival de la Photographie Amateur de Toulouse Time Lightbox On April 19, when the FBI announced that two brothers from southern Russia had bombed the Boston Marathon, the world’s attention quickly turned to where these brothers had come from — a lush strip of highlands called Dagestan, which stretches along the western shore of the Caspian Sea. The elder of the two suspected bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had spent half of last year in this region of Russia, visiting his parents and reconnecting with his relatives. He also spent a lot of time hanging out with local adherents of Salafism, the fundamentalist brand of Islam that Tsarnaev also seems to have embraced. Since the bombings in Boston, TIME has spent three weeks in Dagestan trying to learn what, if anything, the region’s Islamists had to do with Tsarnaev’s radicalization (to read the article, which is available to subscribers, click here ). The region’s insurgency and counterinsurgency have killed thousands of people over the last decade and shaped the lives of many more.

Juried Art Services **English translation is below the French section** **英文,法文之下有中文說明。 Art Olympia 2015 est un nouveau concours international d'art contemporain. Son objectif principal est de découvrir des artistes talentueux et de les aider à s'épanouir dans leur carrière artistique à l'échelle mondiale. Art Olympia attribuera le montant total de $ 500,000, réparti en plusieurs prix à 240 artistes sélectionnés à travers le monde. About PICS & PLOT, is an International Photo-Collectives Encounter which was born in 2012. This photography event is focused on promoting new and emerging documentary photography. We aim to bring together different collectives from around the UK and other countries, that are promoting photographers using multimedia photography as a medium to tell stories. We want to offer a platform in mixed media for emerging talent to showcase and promote new work. Pics&Plot will be an event focused on photography and multimedia but will be open to anybody with an interest.

The Atlantic Last month, reports surfaced, later confirmed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has been delivering bags of cash to Karzai for a decade, in part to buy continued access and cooperation during the war. The New York Times reported that the payments had not resulted in the influence the CIA sought, and had instead fueled corruption and empowered warlords. A further report by the U.N. stated that opium cultivation across Afghanistan had increased for the third year in a row. As Western troops continue the long process of preparing for their December 2014 withdrawal, evidence of significant progress in Afghanistan remains elusive. The photos below are just a glimpse of this conflict over the past month, part of the ongoing series here on Afghanistan. [39 photos]

Frequently Asked Questions « The New York Photo Festival 2012 What is the deadline for submissions to The New York Photo Awards? All entries must be received no later than 11:59pm on Friday, August 17, 2012. Who is eligible to submit to The New York Photo Awards? Submission to The New York Photo Awards is open to all persons over the age of 18. Is there a submission fee to have my work reviewed and judged by the New York Photo Festival curators?