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Hello people, it’s a new year! If you are a fan of Eat That Toat then you may have noticed that comics haven’t been updating as frequently. This is for a myriad of reasons, some being that I’m busy with other work and some that I just can’t think of anything good. I’ve been doing Eat That Toast comics for over three years now and each year end up producing fewer comics than the one before it. I still like drawing it and don’t feel like this well has run dry, but I think it’s time for a change. So the comic is going on a hiatus for now with potential spotty updates throughout the year.

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Projet Crocodiles “Mi-Juillet, donc 5 mois après avoir porté plainte et 9 mois après l’agression, deux enquêteurs du Comité P m’ont contacté, ils voulaient me rencontrer pour éclaircir l’enquête. Tout d’abord, ils ont insisté sur le fait que j’avais fait le pire parcours imaginable, qu’ils étaient surpris que ça soit possible, que la procédure ne s’était pas du tout déroulée comme prévue et qu’à chaque fois qu’un professionnel aurait pu me venir en aide ça n’a pas été le cas. Ma plainte a donc permis de cibler plusieurs fautes graves et pas seulement le comportement de madame S. Notamment, le policier qui s’est occupé de mon procès verbal le matin même, qui a oublié de me lire mes droits, de m’informer de la possibilité de me déclarer « personne lésée » et de bénéficier d’aide, d’être mise en contact avec un bureau d’assistance policière aux victimes.

Things Could Be Worse I am back and rested from ECCC 2014. Nice to meet so many fine people. This comic-illustration might be of use for those of you who find yourselves in a similar situation wishing to avoid offense. Please visit me at Emerald City Comiccon, table 1214, this weekend! Two Sexy Geeks Looking For Group Advertisement News Latest Archive Comics Looking For Group Non-Playable Character Tiny Dick Adventures Community Forums Facebook Reddit Shop Books Clothes Stuff Mondays & Thursdays Looking For Group Tuesdays & Fridays Non-Playable Character

Loïc Sécheresse Filter: comics view all illustration character design Professorial Density Function Coming Soon - Stay tuned for a BIG announcement about an awesome project Jorge is working on! PHD Store - Our store was down for a while, but now it is back! Free excerpt from The PHD Movie 2! Web comic, podcasts, and other junk. Manga Fox: Ichi the Killer Manga Series Status: Completed Rank: 1291st, it has 52,509 monthly views. Vincent Caut 30 activités pour créer sa bande dessinée. Textes : Aymeric Jeanson & Rémi Chaurand Bayard Jeunesse, 2016. Tout au long des pages de ce livre chevalet, Charles Crayon te donne plein de conseils pour réaliser ta propre bande dessinée ! De la définition du projet au story-board, en passant par les techniques de dessin, les cadrages, les plans, bulles et encrage, sans oublier le scénario et la mise en couleur !

comiques Summer Song I actually first sketched out this comic last summer but didn’t end up drawing it until now. (& maybe I’m posting it prematurely but idc!!) 3 weeks agoMarch 20, 2014 Well I’m not exactly sure what this is all about but once the idea occurred to me I couldn’t help but to draw it. Humor Image Formal Sweatpants - A webcomic written and illustrated by Josh Mecouch updated every Monday. gemma correll's tumblr of things and stuff i'm a big fan of your work, but one of your pieces is anti Semitic. "the many faces of a woman at rest" features "resting witch face" and the witch has been depicted with a large nose. the idea of witches having large noses is actually a link to the stereotype of jewish people having large noses, and therefore depicting witches like this is anti semitic due to it's connotations. i love what you do, but please could you alter the witch? I appreciate your respectful response, but as far as I can tell, the witch appearance in European folklore comes more from a fear of aging (particularly female aging) and misogynistic sentiment than anti-Semitism. The large nose was a sign of aging which signified “ugliness” (as well as the green colour of the face and general appearance of the witch in comparison to the young, virginal idealised woman) and therefore “evil” - because of course, old=ugly=bad (so not much has changed, really). - comics by joe list I know it’s been a while since I posted up a load of comics, and for that I’m truly sorry. But I have been drawing comics, a bit. Since my last update I’ve been involved in three glorious publications, pictured above: To Be or Not To Be – Ryan North I am so excited to be in this book, it did so well on Kickstarter that Mr.