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Herriott Grace —

Herriott Grace —

DIY Gear: Create Your Own Awesome Believe it or not, Do-It-Yourself isn’t just the realm of Bob Vila and that dude Ty on all those Discovery shows. You can, in fact, do it yourself. With a helpful bit of inspiration and an almost complete lack of instruction (exactly how we like it), you can combine found items and a bit of know-how into some seriously awesome stuff for your home – without the obscene price tag that high designers and big box stores would charge you for similar items. Like any good vacation, the planning of any project starts with the destination. So here you go, here are your destinations. Disclaimer: Real life DIY doesn’t have a standby emergency team. This Hyundai sponsored post is about snapping out of the norm and creating your own awesome. Wall Lamp Like the functional Erector set cranes you used to build as a kid, this lamp combines a few pieces of wood, some nuts and bolts and electrical hardware to create one of the cleanest wall or desk lamps that you can save roughly $250 building yourself.

Moss Acres - Gardening with moss and growing moss The DIY Gods of Spanish Harlem | Apartment Therapy New York Take a good look at the lovely things in the photos of this NYC home. What if I told you they were the handiwork of two young roommates, created on the cheap, in the middle of their rented apartment, with the use of ONE (and only one) power tool, a drill? Impressive? Yes! Welcome to Jeremy and Ralph's House of DIY … The Project: Handmade Reclaimed Wood Dining Table The Materials: Church floor joists from Build it Green NYC, legs from IKEA. The Story: Having never made furniture before, we lacked the resources and experience to join the three large pieces of wood. The floorboards "before" The finished table The Project: Pipe Fitting Bookshelves The Materials: Gas pipe from Home Depot, 1x12" 8' planks of pine from local lumber yard, stained to look antiqued. The Story: Trying to build furniture with no prior experience, without proper tools, and inside a poorly ventilated apartment. Staining the shelves Assembly of the pipes The finished shelves Origami Tessellations Wall Art Finished credenza

Old School Nature Tree Wood Blocks by MonkeysOnTheRoof Reclaimed Cedar Wall Table Cottage Decor 3 Foot by TRUECONNECTION Wallmount soap dish reclaimed cedar wood and by andrewsreclaimed Large Reclaimed Wood Cabinet by TRUECONNECTION Handmade scrap metal and wood console table by jreal Carpenters Dream Coat Rack / Wall Hanging by urgestudio