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Writing Life – Self-publish eBooks with Kobo

Writing Life – Self-publish eBooks with Kobo
Kobo Writing Life is where it all begins Do you have a story to tell? Are you an author with a bestseller just waiting to be discovered? Want to reach out to millions of readers in over 190 countries? How does it work? Publish! The Kobo Ebookstore and you Once you hit publish, your eBook will be available to Kobo customers around the globe (or in the regions you've selected). Dashboard dynamics Kobo Writing Life makes monitoring your sales quick and easy. Track by region Track by eBook Beautiful visuals keep it all front and centre. Frequently Asked Questions Does Kobo Writing Life cost anything to join? Related:  martyroddyBuy 16Business Tools 8

Crop Rotation Thank you | Inspired Messengers Network Carole Maureen Friesen Carole Maureen Friesen is the Founder and Visionary for “The Lightworkers Institute”, based in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Lightworkers Institute specializes in empowering Conscious Entrepreneurs like Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and Workshop Leaders to make a MASSIVE IMPACT by taking their stage with Power through Sacred Body Language! Carole Maureen Friesen is the North American Spokesperson for Psychosomatic Psychology; she is the most renowned teacher of BodyMind Analysis & Sacred Body Language in North America having changed the lives of many people on this continent with her revolutionary training. Carole has been empowering people to fully embrace their BodyMind and release their habitual muscle patters. She teaches you how to use your Body with Consciousness, release the issues in your tissues and look years younger! Carole has shared the stage with New York bestselling authors T.

Social Media Marketing Society - Social Media Marketing Society Babelio - Vos livres en ligne - Connectez vos bibliothèques Why Runners Need to Strength Train For most runners, the time spent on the road is very rarely in pursuit of big guns and a killer six-pack to match. But that doesn’t mean strength training shouldn’t complement all of those miles for other beneficial reasons. Experts say incorporating just 20 minutes of strength training a few times a week can help runners prevent injuries, aid recovery and reach their full athletic potential. So why don’t all runners strength train? “It’s a combination of feeling like you don’t have enough time and simply not valuing the non-running activities as much as you do the running activities,” says Jay Johnson, a former Division I track coach, expert on strength training for runners and founder of “With that in mind, I think runners of all abilities need to be doing some sort of general strength and mobility training every day.” The first step toward integrating strength training into a runner’s workout is to understand why it shouldn’t be viewed as something “extra.” 1. 2. 3.

Join Authority Pub Academy | Authority Self-Publishing This is the struggle we hear from so many aspiring and even established authors. You’re drowning in information and advice. You have no idea where to begin. Sometimes it feels like you’re just going around in circles without any specific, actionable direction that leads you to your goal, a published book with lots of sales. We’ve definitely felt this way too. When you search the web for answers about writing, publishing and marketing, you get conflicting advice from so called "experts" who've only published a couple of books....and that was years ago. If you're like a lot of writers, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out all the steps needed to have a successful book launch.

Blog LinkedIn may not be your first choice with you think about promoting a podcast and getting listeners, but done correctly you will see an increase in listens, downloads and overall user interaction via this widely overlooked platform. I’m sure you’re curious; how do I upload a podcast to LinkedIn? I’m glad you asked. LinkedIn added a feature in 2014 that now allows all its users to publish blog style content directly to their LinkedIn profile. To learn more about LinkedIn Pulse head over to LinkedIn Help. For the purposes of this post, we’re going to pretend you already understand the basics of LinkedIn Pulse. Let’s navigate over to your Spreaker episodes listing: Next choose a file to edit and look over to the far right side of the screen where you’ll see the link for “Automatic Share”. Next click on the red “Publish” button: That’s going to publish your episode to YouTube. From here is where the fun happens on LinkedIn that will lead to more people listening to your podcast. Related

The ABCs of e-book format conversion: Easy Calibre tips for the Kindle, Sony and Nook By John Schember Welcome to TeleRead’s newest contributor, John Schember, a member of the team behind the wonderful Calibre program for managing e-book collections. His bio appears at the end. E-book readers are becoming more and more common. Unfortunately the two different brands don’t read the same kinds of e-books. If you are only buying from the store designed for your reader—for example, Amazon’s Kindle Store or Sony’s Reader Store—you don’t need to worry about any of this. But there are a very good reasons why you should know about the major formats, what you reader supports and how to convert between formats. Many Web sites offer legal and often free books. Often you can download these e-books in a variety of formats, but you won’t always find them in the format your e-book reader supports. Why are there different e-book formats? Just why do so many different formats exist? Another major reason is exclusivity. Tools for conversion Many easy-to-use tools exist for converting e-books.

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Opher Brayer, My Links Opher Brayer | LinkedIn View Opher Brayer's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Opher Brayer discover inside ... Opher Brayer (@opherbrayer) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Opher Brayer (@opherbrayer).